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If you’re living around the Great Lake state and planning to welcome a Pomsky pup into your home, chances are you’re looking for breeders in the area. And while they’re easy to locate via the internet, you’d want to consider ones with reputable profiles. Read along as our team lists the top Pomsky breeders in Michigan to ease your new fur parent journey.  

Top Pomsky Breeders in Michigan

1. PomskyWood Kennels

pomskywood kennels

For a new pup owner, it’s great to consider a breeder with an extensive experience like PomskyWood Kennels. This breeder house is composed of a husband-and-wife duo caring for dogs since 2012 and started to raise adorable Pomskies in 2017 in a healthy environment until they get adopted. 

Once you decide to adopt from this breeder, our resident fur parents suggest checking out their site as they have all the info about their dogs listed for breeding transparency. 

2. Petland Novi

petland novi

Another breeder located in Michigan with an impressive puppy catalogue is Petland Novi. Besides Pomskies, they also care for different breeds such as Maltese, Beagle, and many more. 

If you scroll through their website, you’ll notice that you can browse according to breed types. We’re also reassured to see videos and pictures that show the current condition of the puppies.

3. JC’s Mitten Pomskies

JC’s mitten pomskies

If you prefer adopting pups that aren’t kept in cages or kennels, JC’s Mitten Pomskies is a Pomsky haven suited for your adopting needs. Their dogs are treated like family and can roam around the house. 

Our team specifically hand-picked this breeder in this recommendation because their dogs are Embarked tested. With this DNA test, one can confirm the pup’s breed and genetic conditions[1].

4. The Barking Botique

the barking boutique

Another source of Pomsky puppies for sale in Michigan is the west-side local breeder called the Barking Botique. Unlike big breeding facilities, they’re founded locally and not franchised. 

They advocate raising healthy and happy pups, so wide yards, housing, and social plans are part of their puppy care program. More than anything else, what impressed us the most is how they provide packages that include de-worming, lifetime AKC training support, and many services to ensure a thoroughly assisted adoption experience.

Pomsky Breeders Near Michigan

1. PuppySpot’s Pomskies For Ohio

puppy spot

If you want to find all Pomsky puppies listings in one place, PuppySpot’s Pomskies For Ohio is the platform to consider. While some pet lowers may cast doubts with the reliability of such websites, our team can assure you that they only include listings from reputable breeders around Ohio. 

This breeder website listing is especially efficient if you can’t find available Pomskies for adoption in the Michigan area. We advise you to check their website to see their breeder standards and health guarantees. 

2. True Pomsky Kennel

true pomsky kennel

Another option you can consider if you can’t find Pomsky puppies for sale in Michigan is the True Pomsky Kennel located in Ohio. Raising second-generation of the said dog breed, this team boasts 20 years of industry experience of caring for different pups. 

Their dogs are fully vaccinated and dewormed with the assistance of a certified veterinarian. If you’re not living around the Ohio area, no need to worry because they have delivery services available for the whole US and Canada. 

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