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Pomsky puppies are adorable breeds that every dog lover would like to have as a companion. While this breed is increasingly becoming popular, finding a top-notch breeder that guarantees their health in Texas has become an immense issue to many.

If you are looking for Pomsky puppies in Texas, you are in luck. Our animal experts have found the best breeders to choose from. 

Top Pomsky Breeders in Texas

Not all breeders have a clean facility for housing these puppies and are knowledgeable about the various Pomsky puppies in their care, such as the genetic health of their parents, pedigrees, etc. It is important that you do your research before contacting a breeder.

Fortunately, our puppy trainers have done all the hard work of validating various breeders in Texas. Let’s look at some of the top Pomsky puppies breeders in the state. 

1. PuppySpot Pomskys

puppy spot

PuppySpot Pomskys is a reputable platform for those that need a Pomsky breed. It is a community of dog lovers dedicated to connecting properly trained and healthy dogs to responsible customers. This platform has all sorts of puppies, and their availability is almost always guaranteed. 

The puppies have been screened, validated, and strictly adhered to PuppySpot’s guidelines. You can browse the various puppies and dog breeds in their possession without having to sign up on their website. If you can’t find the dog breed you are looking for, check out other breeders on the list.

PuppySpot Pomskys is an online marketplace with no physical address. Their contact details are; (866) 269-1056

2. Hill Country Pomsky Puppies

Hill Country Pomsky Puppies is one of the best places where you can find Pomsky puppies for sale in Texas. They breed healthy dogs that are AKC standards. All the puppies are tested before making it to the breeding program.

The breeder offers a two-year genetic guarantee on their Pomsky puppies. In addition, customers receive a copy of the genetic testing results of their puppy, a copy of the contract, a microchip number, etc. Their dew claws are removed before they are placed in your home. 

If you live outside San Antonio, you may want to opt for their shipping services. Hill Country Pomsky Puppies use various means to deliver the pet to their customers. 

3. Dallas Pomskies

Dallas Pomskies started to breed adorable and loyal puppies and share them with the world. They spend quality time with each puppy and train them to live freely instead of restricting them to a room. 

They also train their puppies to socialize with animals and humans from an early age and introduce different sounds to help them familiarize themselves with their environments. Like our pet experts earlier mentioned, they spend quality one-on-one time with each puppy, ensuring that they have the best experience.

Puppies are seen by the vets twice – after birth and before they are taken to their new homes. This is done to verify the dog’s health status and the parents’. All Pomskies come with a clean bill of health.

4. The Painted Pomsky

The Painted Pomsky is relatively newer than other breeders on the list but already gaining traction. Their journey began in 2017 when Gary and Niki (husband and wife) teamed up with Tracy Raye to start breeding Pomskies. They aim to ensure that customers are satisfied with their puppy purchases. 

This breeder raises healthy Pomskies in an astonishing nine-acre facility. When you buy from The Painted Pomsky, you receive a two-year health guarantee. The animals have no issue transitioning to their new home because they have been trained to socialize with other animals and children.

5. Ponderosa Pomskies

ponderosa pomskies

Ponderosa Pomskies prioritizes health above every other thing. The puppies under their care are dewormed and vaccinated. Vets examine each of the puppies, most especially after birth and before they are delivered to their new owners. 

Unlike The Painted Pomsky and Hill Country Pomsky Puppies, they only offer a one-year health guarantee. However, if the puppy should develop a serious medical or genetic condition, Ponderosa Pomskies will replace the puppy with an equal value. 

Each customer is required to sign a clause that includes spaying your pet no later than six months old. If breeding interests you, you should reach out to Ponderosa Pomskies to make inquiries.

Pomsky Breeders Near Texas

If you can’t find a Pomsky puppy for sale in Texas, you can opt for any of the alternatives below[1]:

1. AKC Marketplace

AKC Marketplace is a trusted platform with an exclusive list of puppies that meet AKC standards. You can choose a breeder here with confidence.

2. Puppies For Sale Today

Puppies For Sale Today is experienced in connecting dogs to customers. They have been doing so since 2008. Providing customers with a healthy Pomsky has always been their objective.