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High-energy breeds like Pomskies require lots of attention and care, so it’s only natural that you’re especially careful in choosing which breeders to trust. But with a ton of options looming on the internet, how can you tell if they’re legit or not? If you’re living in Virginia, here’s a list of top breeders in the area that raises Pomskies in a sociable and nurturing environment. 

Top Pomsky Breeders in Virginia

1. Purely Pomskies

It’s not every day that you can find a breeder who treats their dogs as their home pets. As you know, Pomskies are incredibly social, so not being raised in cages is crucial to their nurturing. The fact that Purely Pomskies ensure a healthy environment for their puppies greatly impressed our team. 

Before their pups get adopted, this family-owned breeding house ensures that all the dogs are initially vaccinated with three full visits to the vet clinic. If you’re in doubt, you can ask for their records. They also do DNA testing, and you can obtain results from it via request.

2. Pomsky 4 Dayz

Another reputable breeder from Virginia is Pomsky 4 Dayz. When our dog experts bumped into them, we immediately took notice of their enriching breeding program. From birth, the pups are not kept in a cage. The Pomskies are also allowed to socialize with other pets in the house. 

Besides providing potty training, this breeder closely monitors the health of their puppies. In fact, they have an on-call professional vet to check the growth progress of the puppies in their care. If that’s not enough, you’d be pleased that they also have a health guarantee covering genetic issues. 

3. Capital Pomsky

This breeder with Pomsky puppies for sale in VA knew how important it is to socialize a new puppy [1], which is why they begin enriching them at birth. As a natural dog lover and expert in the field, it’s no wonder that Capital Pomsky utilizes different enrichment techniques like potty training, sound simulation, and many more. 

And did we mention that they have a two-year health guarantee for their pups? That’s right. If the dogs you adopted started to show signs of genetic problems, this breeder assures you that you can return them because the pups’ well-being is more important. 

Pomsky Breeders Near Virginia

1. Beastly Beauties Huskies & Pomskies

beastly beauties

If you can’t find your new pup in Virginia, our resident pet owners suggest checking out  Beastly Beauties Huskies & Pomskies. Widely known in the area for producing healthy and good temperament dogs, we’re sure you’ll like the members of their little breeding home. 

As a member of the Pomsky Owners Association and International Pomsky Association, rest assured that these pups are raised while following strict health and enrichment standards. 

2. Hemlock Pines Pomsky

As early as three weeks old, Hemlock Pines Puppy starts exposing their newborn pups to enriching activities like potty training. You also don’t have to worry about the temperament of your new buddy because they make sure that all dogs under their care are well socialized and treated as part of the family. 

Unlike some Pomsky puppies for sale in VA, their parent dogs only produce a few litters per year, so they’re pretty hands-on when it comes to caring for them. Besides being genetically tested, rest assured that the pups you’ll adopt from them are CKC and IPA registered. 

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