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A Pomsky can be hard to find, and the worst thing is to spend a hefty sum on a puppy without pedigreed parents. This guide contains a list of reputable breeders that offer Pomsky puppies in Washington and near the area.

Top Pomsky Breeders in Washington

1. Running Spirit Kennels

Running Spirit Kennels

The Running Spirit Kennels is one of the top breeders in Washington when it comes to Pomsky puppies. Our expert team liked that they offer different Pomsky puppies with varying sizes, eyes, and coat colors at affordable prices.

Pomsky puppies from the Running Spirit Kennels come with a health certificate, vaccination certificate, and CKC registration. The breeder also offers same-day shipping. 

Schedule a visit with the Running Spirit Kennels through the following: 

2. Bowtie Pomsky

Bowtie Pomsky

Bowtie Pomsky has lots of photos and videos of Pomsky puppies on their social media page, making it easy for you to see all the Pomsky puppies available and choose the one that best suits you. 

Our professional dog experts also found their breeders very transparent about their entire sales process. They are very selective and require an application and phone call before the sales process can be approved.

You can contact Bowtie Pomsky through the following channels:

3. Howdee Kennels

Howdee Kennels

Howdee Kennels is another reliable platform where you can purchase Pomsky puppies in Washington. They have a filter option so you can narrow down all available puppies for easier search, which is convenient for a prospective owner.

You can contact Howdee Kennels through:

4. Star View Kennels

Starview Kennels

Star View Kennels has been breeding puppies since 1991 in the Washington State. This breeder focuses on the breed standard, a sound body and mind, proper environment, socialization, and proper nutrition for their Pomskies. All the puppies from Star View Kennels come with a three-year health guarantee and shots for life.

You can contact Star View Kennels through through the following::

Pomsky Breeders Near Washington

If you can’t find suitable Pomsky puppies for sale in Washington, there are Pomsky breeders nearby that can cater to your requests or requirements. Some of them also have CKC registration [1]. Here is a list of breeders in the neighboring states:

1. Ocean View Pomskies


Ocean View Pomskies is dedicated to providing healthy, beautiful, happy, and friendly Pomsky puppies. All Pomsky puppies from this breeder are raised with lots of socialization and love. Ocean View Pomskies is located in Coos Bay, Oregon.

You can contact Ocean View Pomskies through the following:

2. Midnight Sun Pomskies


Midnight Sun Pomskies is located at Bettles Field, Alaska, and produces the finest Pomskies possible from purebred Pomeranian males and Siberian Husky females as evaluated by our experts. This breeder breeds beautiful, healthy, and fluffy Pomskies that can easily socialize with adult and child visitors alike. Midnight Sun Pomskies also offers shipping to major airports across the US.

You can contact Midnight Sun Pomskies through through the following::

3. Meraki Moon Pomskies

Meraki Moon Pomskies

Meraki Moon Pomskies is home to the most adorable, kindest, and highest quality Pomsky puppies. Our team was impressed by how this breeder ensures the highest quality Pomsky puppies for your ease of mind. Pomskies from this breeder are well taken care of physically, mentally, and emotionally. Meraki Moon Pomskies is located in Lebanon, Oregon.

You can contact Meraki Moon Pomskies through through the following::

4. Acacia Pomskies

Acacia Pomskies

Acacia Pomskies is a small family breeder located in Oroville, California. This breeder’s goal and responsibility are to produce healthy, high-quality, and happy Pomsky puppies that have good temperaments and are loyal and loving in character.

You can contact Acacia Pomskies through through the following::

Are you ready to purchase your Pomsky puppies? Contact any of the top breeders to find Pomsky puppies for sale in Washington or near you listed above. This will allow you to get updates about new litters every time a Pomsky is available.