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If you’re in search of Pomsky Puppies for Sale in Kentucky, then feel free to read on as our resident fur-parents list down the most trusted and top-rated breeders in the area. Although it can be tough finding a legitimate dog breeder nowadays, rest assured that we’ll only be recommending reputable ones with verified information. 

Top Pomsky Breeders in Kentucky

1. Husky Heaven

Husky Haven Kentucky

If you’re located around Eastern Kentucky and searching for the cutest purebred Pomskies and Siberian Huskies, then getting in touch with the team of Husky Heaven can be a great option to consider. 

Driven by the love of dogs since childhood, Daniel, the owner of Husky Heaven, decided to become a proud breeder of the American Kennel Club (AKC) and Continental Kennel Club (CKC). Their team is regularly active on social channels, so our resident fur-parents recommend reaching out to them via the accounts provided below. 

2. Curve Hill Pomskies


For dog lovers looking for new Pomsky companions around Nicholasville and Danville, you may want to check out Curve Hill Pomskies. They have been breeding AKC and CKC puppies for many years now. 

If you check their Instagram and Twitter accounts, you’ll see that they regularly post adorable photos of the Pomskies under their care and those available for adoption. They follow careful health procedures to ensure their pups are healthy and perky. 

3. Kentucky Hill Poms and Pomskys

Kentucky Hill Poms and Pomskies

As a member of the International Pomsky Association, we wouldn’t miss the chance to recommend the friendly breeders of Kentucky Hill Poms and Pomskys. They are formed by close family members raising AKC and CKC registered dogs in Verona, KY. 

United by their love for dogs, these breeders ensure that the fur babies under their care were never locked in cages or kennels.  

4. KY Pomsky Paws

KY Pomsky Paws

Raising Pomskies with no crates [1] is also the passion for a small family of breeders in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. Their fluffy companions are also AKC & CKC certified and health tested. If you scroll through their website, you’ll be able to meet the parents of their adorable furbabies, Akena and Onyx.  

Pomsky Breeders Nearby

1. Beastly Beauties Huskies & Pomskies

Beastly Beauties Huskies & Pomskies

If the puppies for sale in Kentucky didn’t stir your interest, you could take a closer look at the offerings of Beastly Beauties Huskies & Pomskies. This family of Pomsky breeders, located in Monroe, GA, is a proud member of the International Pomsky Association (IPA) and Pomsky Owners Association (POA). 

Extensive health checks and testing were regularly done on their parent dogs to ensure that they’ll be only producing healthy pups.

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2. Angel’s Creek Pomskies

Angel’s Creek Pomskies

Another member of the International Pomsky Association (IPA) & Pomsky Owners Association (POA) that you can consider is Angel’s Creek Pomskies. This breeder is located in Bradley, Illinois, and abides by the standard and ethics of both organizations.

Rest assured that their Pomskies are vet checked and given appreciative shots based on their current age. If you can’t drive to Illinois, they provide shipping services to deliver your new furbaby to your doorstep in a weekend timeframe. 

3. Hatz Off Pomskies

Hatz Off Pomskies

Here’s another family of breeders you can check out if you can’t find puppies for sale in Kentucky. Residing in Redkey, Indiana, their breeding program aims to produce not only a healthy Pomsky but one that is socialized and perky. They also offer lifetime breeder support to help you with your fur-parent journey. 

With an extensive industry experience of ten years, these breeders make sure that the pups are vaccinated and dewormed before sending them to their new fur-ever homes.