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We all know that pets can be really exciting and that they are basically family members. But, imagine having a pet that can actually talk to you and imitate all of your sounds and behaviors. Well, some species of bird keepers know what we are talking about since birds are the only animals that can actually learn how to talk since there are species that have intelligence equal to the intelligence of a seven years old child. 

Before you set yourself on the adventure of adopting a pet bird, you must be aware that it is more than just a cage and a full pack of different foods. Most of the new owners find bird-keeping more demanding than they originally expected, hence you need to be well-prepared, and educated before you decide to adopt a pet bird, and here are the four things you must bear in mind. 

1. Unsafe Cookware

It might be surprising that this is the first instance to talk about, but for this reason, it is one of the most important. Some materials used for cookware manufacturing such as Teflon and nonstick pans can be fatal for birds. The coating of these dishes has toxic matters that have the leverage to kill your pet bird within seconds. 

This usually occurs when these dishes are heated at high temperatures and they radiate these chemicals in the air causing your pet bird to face a fatal outcome and using these is definitely worth your pet’s life. Instead, if you are planning on adopting a bird, then it is mandatory to get rid of these unsafe cooking tools and replace them with ones made of stainless steel or some other bird-friendly materials. 


Additionally, beware when buying your bird pet food since different breeds have different preferences and you need to be well educated about this. Some bigger birds such as parrots can eat various foods such as seeds, nuts, and fruit, while some smaller breeds have specialized seed-based foods providing them with the necessary nutrients. 

If you are confused about where to get them then you can find them on websites such as and see whole different varieties of foods made exclusively for birds. You have to handle their water feeder as well since good hydration is one of the most important elements for your bird’s well-being, especially during the summer season. 

2. No More Air Fresheners, Scented Candles, and Smoking In the House

All of the previously listed instances will stay in the past once you get your bird home. Just as the previously mentioned cookware fumes, chemicals released by air fresheners, cleaning supplies, oils, scented candles, and tobacco smoke will present potential health hazards to your bird pet. Believe it or not, birds have immensely sensitive respiratory systems which are incredibly sensitive to the fumes and chemicals released into the air. 

Unfortunately, this can result in fatal endings depending on the amount of the chemicals being released and how long your pet was exposed to them. On the other hand, exposure to bird health hazards can create long-lasting and ongoing health problems that will make your bird suffer for a long period of time. So, it is important to consult your vet and discuss safe cleaning options and how to freshen your home without giving your bird a hard time. 


Now let us skip to the tobacco smoke. Besides presenting health hazards for your own health, it will also have a negative impact on your bird’s health as well. If you are willing to drop cigarettes for your bird pet, congratulations, it is a perfect decision, but if you decide to stick to this passion of yours, then it is best to use it outside your home and at a safe distance from your pet. 

You need to remember to always wash your hands if you have recently smoked before you handle your pet bird again. The same goes for your clothes, lingering scent on your clothes will have a negative effect on your bird’s health as well. So, dropping your cigarettes is not such a bad idea anymore? 

3. Be Prepared to Alter Your Sleeping Schedule

Birds LOVE waking up early, and if they are awake, so are you. If you do not cover their cage with the dark cloth, they will be up as soon as the sun rises, and you will be offered with long and melodious sounds of their songs which can be immensely annoying in the dawn. 

However, even if you do not cover them, they will still be up early since they react to the slightest noises, especially to the noises of the birds out. And, just as we previously said, if they are up, you are up as well. 

Blue and green parrots

If it happens that you have a talking bird,  be prepared for the nice and long conversations from the previous day or even the imitations of your alarm tone. This means that you are not in control of your sleeping schedule anymore, you will have to adapt your sleeping schedule to the ones of your feathered friend. But do not be worried, you will get used to it.

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4. Remove Toxic Houseplants

Loads of things can be a potential health hazard to your bird and you need to be educated well before you decide to adopt one and to make sure that you remove all the potentially hazardous home objects. The same goes for the houseplants. 

The thing about them is that most houseplants are toxic and birds are extremely curious and they absolutely adore biting on things. So, it is the best option to remove these plants to the places where your bird will never fly, or choose some birds positive plants such as African violet. 


Adopting a bird pet is quite a thing in your life and you need to be aware of the fact that you will not need some time to adjust to future circumstances. It is worth it since the amount of charm, melody, and refinement that birds have, other animal pets cannot match.