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VCA CareClub Reviews (2021) — Are Their Wellness Plans Worth It?

As a pet owner, you want to ensure that your pet is happy and healthy. There are lots of pet wellness plan providers and VCA CareClub claims to be one of the best. However, the last thing you want is to be ripped off and get disappointed. Thus, here is our VCA CareClub Review.

VCA Careclub



History and Experience

VCA CareClub started in 1986 as Veterinary Centers of America, a veterinary clinic network, in Los Angeles. Over the years, Veterinary Centers of America grew into a large, publicly-traded firm known as VCA, Inc. with the symbol “WOOF”. VCA later brought on additional services like diagnostics, medical technologies, daycare and boarding, and many more.

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VCA CareClub has over three decades of experience. This vast experience has helped the company to provide excellent coverage for wellness care among pet parents. The VCA CareClub wellness plan is not only about preventative vet care but also other treatments and services for pets.

VCA CareClub Features

Generally, the VCA CareClub offers the following services:

Just like other wellness plans, the VCA CareClub wellness plan covers microchipping and a one-year membership to Home Again – the microchip management service. 

Wellness Plans Offered for Dogs and Cats

VCA CareClub offers three wellness plan options for both dogs and cats depending on their stage of life.

For Puppies and Kittens

The Junior Paws and Junior Paws + Plans are for puppies and kittens up to 12 months. This plan features annual wellness exams and deworming treatments, all recommended vaccinations, microchipping and a one-year membership to Home Again, neutering, spaying and others.

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Our team finds this plan comprehensive enough to cover all the additional care a young puppy or kitten needs. If you’re a newbie pet parent, this is a good plan to help you plan and grasp basic care for your pet.

For Adult Cats and Dogs

The Adult Paws and Adult Paws + Plans is for adult dogs and cats of ages seven months to six years old. Under the plan you can get an annual wellness exam, dental cleaning plus anesthesia, all recommended vaccinations, unlimited examinations for health issues, heartworm testing and diagnostic testing. 

The coverage of this plan is sufficient to help detect health issues early and ensure your pet stays healthy for this age range. 

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For Senior Cats and Dogs

Finally, the Senior Paws and Senior Paws + Plans is for senior dogs and cats seven years and older. Other than the usual wellness exams, vaccinations and dental cleaning, the plan also covers chest and X-ray exams, diagnostic exams, blood pressure tests and heartworm testing. 

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This plan covers all the exams and tests you need for an older pet who is more likely to have health issues, so you can detect diseases early which increases the effectiveness of care.

Overall, VCA CareClub plan options also include potential savings on products that you usually use for your pet and a reward program to save more.

Coverage for Chronic and Hereditary Illnesses

All of VCA CareClub plans are preventative and they can be used towards any hereditary illnesses that your pet might have. However, for chronic illnesses, the plans only cover illnesses specifically identified in the applicable membership agreement.

Claiming of Benefits

With VCA CareClub, there are no claims to fill out. Instead, choose any of the 750+ VCA pet hospital choices [1], book an appointment and you’ll be covered.

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Mobile Application

VCA CareClub also offers a mobile application called “MyVCA.” The app gives you 24/7 vet on-call service, medical records, and healthcare reminders. 

Our professionals found the app to be very user-friendly. It was easy to access medical records and plan details and the healthcare reminders were also very useful.

Customer Support

You can reach the VCA CareClub customer support via an online contact form and telephone. Customers have reported being satisfied with the support provided and our team of professionals got a response in a timely manner.

Prices and Value For Money

VCA CareClub plans start at $50/month, although the detailed pricing isn’t listed. You may have to commit to annual plans for the best pricing. Though you won’t receive any discount if you register multiple pets, you’ll get some discounts on some common pet products.

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Is VCA Careclub worth it?

Yes, VCA CareClub is worth it because it helps to prevent serious and chronic health concerns from developing later in your pet’s life.

VCA CareClub Review Conclusion

From this VCA CareClub review, our experts found that VCA CareClub is a bargain and is worth it to keep your pets happy and healthy. It is affordable and you don’t have to worry about setting aside money for unexpected vet care costs for your pet.

VCA Careclub

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