About Us

Do you have a pet-related concern? Have you decided to adopt a furbaby but do not know where to begin? Do you want to be the best dad or mom to your animal companions? Petsolino is here to the rescue!

Petsolino is your one-stop source for everything there is to know about your pets. And we do know what we are talking about. After all, the website was started by a fellow fur mommy, Sherry Morgan, who has been around pets very early.

The eldest of three siblings, Sherry had her first animal buddy who went by the name Kelly. A Collie, she was brought to the family by Sherry’s parents because they thought a pet would make for a happier and livelier home. As a result, there are plenty of memories and pictures to help Sherry reminisce, from random walks to the park, afternoon naps, and trips to explore the great outdoors. Kelly is long gone now and she is missed everyday, but Sherry’s love for animals never waned. Today, she has a cat, guinea pigs, and even more dogs — and she’s devoted to give them the very best, just as she is committed to sharing what she knows so you can do the same.

Being a pet owner isn’t easy despite how pictures look. It is a responsibility, being in charge of another life, and Petsolino is here to help. It is our promise to be here every step of the way, and that we will do with our credible articles and other content that aim to inform and encourage.

Besides Sherry, you will also benefit from the advice given by professionals, such as veterinarians and trainers. There will be fun bits, of course, such as coverage on the hippest fashion accessories for your animals, may they be dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, birds or guinea pigs, as well as events you can participate in. Want to connect with other like-minded individuals? There’s a place for that on here, too. And then there’s everything else, all aimed at helping you establish a meaningful relationship with your furry companion.