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Donut dog beds make a great sleeping pad for your pet, but your dog may suffer long and uncomfortable nights if you get the wrong one. Meanwhile, a great donut bed will make it feel safe, cozy, and warm, but only if you know what to look for. Our team of experts reviewed the best donut dog beds to find what’s suitable for your furry friend.

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Reviews of the Best Donut Dog Beds

1. Original Calming Donut Bed - Best Friends by Sheri

This best donut dog bed is manufactured by one of the leading brands in pet comfort. It comes in four sizes and will most likely accommodate your pet. While examining the product, our team of experts was impressed by its soft polyester exterior and comfortable stuffing.

This donut bed’s round shape helps make your dog more comfortable, promotes cuddling and a sense of security. The Original Calming Donut Bed also easy to maintain with water and a dirt-resistant bottom that prevents messes from staining your floor. The bed also has a removable shell for easy cleaning. We love that the bed is made of non-toxic nylon faux fur.



2. Original Sound Sleep Donut Dog Bed

Our team fell in love with this donut bed because it comes in various colors. We could easily find one that matched your pet’s fur. The bed also comes in sizes ranging from small (S) to double extra-large (XXL), and it’s perfect for nearly every dog breed.

The fur is made of synthetic and non-toxic materials that are easy to clean and great for the environment. We also love how the donut forms around our dog’s body when it lays on the bed, promoting a feeling of safety and warmth. The Original Sound Sleep Donut Dog Bed has a removable cover that can be cleaned, reused, and replaced.



3. MFOX Calming Dog Bed

The MFOX Calming Dog Bed is great for large dogs like German Shepherds who need a lot of space. It comes in sizes ranging from L to XXL and is great for calming your pets and promoting sleep. This dog donut bed is made of durable synthetic materials that can hold dogs up to 100 lbs.

Our team also loved that the external shell is machine washable. It made maintenance much easier for us. Other features include a non-slip bottom, orthopedic padding, and warm insulation. It’s also quite affordable, and that makes it one of the best dog donut beds around.



4. MIXJOY Orthopedic Dog Bed

Our team loved the MIXJOY Orthopedic Dog Bed immediately after we got it. Our pet felt right at home with its cozy shape and soft padding. The bed also has synthetic shag fur that feels ultra-soft against the skin. We loved that it only weighs 2.3 pounds, making it easy to move around if you need to.

Other features include a donut design that lets your pet curl up and a water-resistant base. The entire bed can be machine washed and dried, giving you less work to do. Unfortunately, the dog bed doesn’t have a removable cover.



Donut Dog Beds Buyer’s Guide

Size and Weight Capacity

Bed size is critical to your dog’s comfort. Most manufacturers offer sizes ranging from S to XXL. These sizes also come with their weight limits, so you can quickly tell which is best for your dog. The weight of the bed itself doesn’t matter since it will mostly be in one spot. But don’t worry if you need to move it because most of them weigh less than 3 pounds.

Material and Comfort

The best dog donut beds are made of a faux shag carpet. They are environmentally friendly because of their 100% synthetic nature. Additionally, they have a soft, plush texture that most dogs can’t resist. The donut shape ensures that your dogs can curl up to feel safe and cozy, thus improving their comfort factor.

Age and Weight of Your Dog/s

Donut beds are rated according to the weight of your dog. For example, many brands rate their medium beds at 25 pounds and double extra-large beds at 100 pounds. If you don’t have a scale at home, you can check your dog’s expected weight based on its breed and age [1].

Ease of Washing

When shopping, go for beds that are machine washable. With some brands, you can unzip the outer shell and wash it in the machine. With other brands, the entire bed can be machine washed and dried. Be sure to check the product packaging for proper instructions.


What is the best donut bed for dogs?

The best donut bed for dogs is Best Friends by Sheri’s Original Calming Donut Bed. It is machine washable, soft, plush, and comes in several sizes. It also has a water-resistant base that keeps your floor dry and clean.

Are donut beds good for dogs?

Yes, donut beds are good for dogs. They allow them to curl up into a safe and comforting position. They are also designed to keep dogs warm on cold nights.

Our Top Pick For a Donut Dog Bed: Original Calming Donut Bed - Best Friends by Sheri

Our team of experts hail Best Friends by Sheri’s Original Calming Donut Bed as the best donut dog bed. It has features that make both dogs and owners comfortable. Some of them include a soft and cozy interior and water-resistant base to keep your floors clean.