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Can Birds Eat Raisins?

Feeding birds isn’t an easy task. They are different than humans and animals, so they have specific needs. On the other side, they are amazing while they eat, due to the fact they do this in a completely different and unique way.

On the other side, feeding birds with human-related foods may not be a great choice, because they require different nutrients. You can learn here which food can cockatiels eat.

In general, it is important to feed the birds with food that won’t have a negative effect on their health. The biggest question at this moment is, should they eat raisins?

Harmful or Good?

When it comes to feeding birds with raisins, the situation can go in both directions. The thing is, if you feed them with ordinary raisins, they can have a negative effect on your birds, simply because they are very hard to digest.

On the other side, giving too much of this food to them is equally bad. However, if you boil raisins in hot water, they will become softer, so feeding birds with this food is possible. In fact, it will have a positive effect, simply because they will provide nutrients to the birds. The same can be said for giving rice as bird food.

Birds don’t like and they shouldn’t eat salt and sugar, simply because it is harmful for them. This also means that salty raisins must be avoided at all cost. Pay attention to the nutrition chart on your food. The lower amount of the salt and sugar, the better. Keep in mind that you can make raisins by yourself or buy it in a grocery shop.

However, those bought is pet stores are the best and the safest choice. In any case, do not give too much of raisins to birds. The bottom line is simple, you can feed birds with raisins, but only if it is boiled and without salt of sugar.

Which Birds Can Eat Raisins?

The main food of most birds are insects. In addition, those birds also eat fruit, so raisins are not strange to them. Due to the fact most bird pets and backyard birds are species that eat the aforementioned food, they can be fed with raisins.

All you need to do is to place them in a hot water and wait for a couple of minutes in order to get soft. After that, give raisins to the birds and enjoy while they are eating. The amount of the food should be determined by the number of birds you are feeding.