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Can Cats Eat Chicken Bones?

“I thought I saw a pussy cat!”, says Tweety, that little yellow canary bird from popular cartoon series. Sylvester and Tom are probably some the most popular funny cat characters in popular culture. There are also charismatic and cool ones, such as charming Thomas O’Malley from “Aristocats”, crazy Cheshire Cat from “Alice in Wonderland”, those two cunning Siamese from “Lady and the Tramp”, cute little Oliver from “Oliver and company” and many more. All of these characters had won our hearts back in our childhood days and we still love them!

Yes, cats are truly inspiring beings. They have been praised and adored since the earliest days of human culture. Cats are both cute pets and our protectors. They are appreciated for their hunting skills, preventing all kinds of pests of entering our homes and spoiling or stealing our food supplies. Cats are also beloved family members in many people’s homes. They can be sweet and cuddly; they love to play and like to spend time with their owners.

If you’ve just got yourself a cat, you should know it is not a toy to play with. It maybe seems easy to take care of it, but you really need to be well informed. Cats are curious by their nature, so prepare for a lot of hide-and-seek games around the house. Cats are intelligent and your pet can be efficiently taught to obey the house rules, but be ready for its quite self-willed character. A cat can be kind, dear and loving pet, but it surely has its caprices.

However, if you treat your beloved feline gentle and with all your love, you’ll surely make yourself a wonderful pet and friend.

What do cats eat?

Since we started with a cartoon line, let us think of what do cats eat in cartoons. We’ve seen them hunting mice and birds and that’s a good reflection of reality. Yes, they are natural hunters, originating from wild cat alike prehistoric species, as well as its big cousins, such as lions, tigers, panthers and other. Cats eat meat and that’s almost all they really need. Their body is made for hunting and digesting food of animal origin, particularly meat.

A cat needs meat proteins in order to keep its body and all of its organism functions working properly. Proteins supply essential amino acids, which are the most important nutrients for cats’ healthy and normal growth and development. Back to cartoons, cats can also be seen drinking galloons of milk. Well, let us surprise you – that picture is wrong. Cats are usually lactose intolerant and they don’t need diary products’ proteins, since they are unable digesting and using it. Certain fruits and vegetables are better, but most like carrots are eaten by cats as treats.

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Benefits from raw chicken bones for cats

Since cats are hunters, you can imagine they eat the whole prey, along with bones. They eat small prey animals, such as mice, birds, maybe rats and a few more. Those creatures are tiny and their bones are fragile, so they are not difficult for a cat to crack them and eat them. If you cook some meat for your cat, you probably wonder do you always have to remove the bones or could they be a good, crunchy treat for your cat? Just to remind you – whatever meat you prepare for your cat, always choose only high quality food and serve it cooked. Raw meat has greater nutritional value, but the risk of contamination is really high.

Cats love chicken meat, but what about the bones? Yes, they can eat it and they enjoy it! However, you need to be extra careful on this matter. You can give your cat only raw chicken bones. Yes, you heard it right. While meat needs to be cooked, because of possibility of some parasites or bacteria organisms that can be found in raw meat, bones are to be served raw.  It has nothing to do with nutrition. Cooked chicken bones can be very dangerous, because they become brittle after cooking. A cat will enjoy crunching and chewing it, but they can hurt it, actually.

Cooked chicken bones would splitter in a way dangerous to your cat’s body. It could get your pet serious internal damages. It could harm its mouth and throat, not to mention the worst scenario possible – damage of your cat’s intestines and stomach and dangerous internal bleeding.

A cat is a natural hunter and birds are its natural prey and food. Cats’ organism is designed to process that kind of food, so it has no problem with raw birds’ bones. Chicken bones are not too thick or hard for cats, so you can safely give it to your cat from time to time. In addition, chicken bones contain calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and few other useful elements. Bone marrow is especially good for your pet. Due to its good concentration of red blood cells, it provides considerable amount of iron.

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