Can Cats Eat Pasta?

Cats are being worshiped and appreciated since the ancient times of human civilization, from glorious Egyptian empire up to modern times. Nowadays, cats are still amongst the most popular pets all around the world, along with dogs and small rodents like hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs. They have very strong individuality and character and they always make clear what they want. Cats love company of their relatives, but also very well tolerate loneliness. As a pet, cat is easily adapted to household. Since it is intelligent and quite skillful animal, you should not have problem taking care of a cat.

Make your cat feel safe and secure in our home and carefully build its trust and confidence. Although cats prefer to be masters of the house, they could be very grateful and obedient pets. Just give it what it wants and be a good owner!

Jokes aside, you should provide your cat good living conditions and a proper nutrition, in order to have lively, satisfied and healthy pet. Cat needs to have enough space and physical activity, they are clean and not extremely demanding in terms of food.

Healthy diet for cats

Of all domestic animals and pets, cats are the most pronounced meat eaters. Every responsible owner should know that if you disrespects cats biological needs, you could seriously damage your pet’s health. The best advice for all pets’ diet plans is simple. It is all in moderation. Cats are carnivores and meat should take up most of their regular menu.

However, you could add small portions of other food once in a while. Consider it as an occasional treat and there should not be any problem. Of course, if your cat even wants to eat it.

When it comes to balancing cats nutrition, do not keep just to one sort of food, meat in particular. You shouldn’t feed your cat only chicken, red meat, fish or else. Feed it variety of food in order to provide it all the necessary nutrients. The base of every cat’s diet are red and white meat, liver, heart and fish, but it should also include some eggs, unsalted cheese, and some rice.

If you decide to feed it commercial food, you should also make variations and never give the same type of product long term. A combination of homemade food, commercial servings and granulated food could be the best solution.

If you consider giving your cat remains of your food, make sure to keep to extremely small amounts, especially when it comes to wheat or similar products.

Pasta on cat’s menu

Cats mostly eat meat, but they should also eat small portions of other food once in a while. When it comes to grains, some cats like it and some not. However, corn polenta, oats, brown rice, wheat and barley contain protein, fiber and other nutrients which can be good for your pet’s health. Make sure they are well cooked, so your cat could digest it without any difficulty.

However, you should be very careful feeding your cat any type of human food, especially food made from wheat, such as pasta and bread. Some cats are almost omnivores and they simply love to eat everything. Domesticated cat, used to human environment would most likely eat anything you give it, but its natural needs are based on meat. Pasta is not good option for your cat, because it contains no necessary nutrients it needs for normal development and growth.

Some owners do give their cats pasta, even macaroni and cheese or other complete pasta dish.

On the other hand, experts say that it is not recommendable, especially if you feed it pasta dishes that contain too much salt, spices, fats or other. Plain pasta is also not advised, because too much of it would certainly not get your pet any health benefits and it just leads to sickness and obesity.

So, the verdict is clear. Pasta is not good for cats. You can feed it very small amount of it as an occasional treat, with no negative side effects, but there is no particularly strong reason to do that. There are plenty of other options to satisfy your pet. On the other hand, your cat may not like it at all.

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