Can Dogs Eat Cherries?

Dogs have been living with us since ancient times. Once upon a time, deep into the past, there were wolf-like wild dogs. They were domesticated by some of the first human cultures, millenniums ago. In those days, dogs lived inseparably with humans, guarded their homes and helped them hunting wild animals and herding flocks. That was the union of two equal beings needing to support each other in order to survive in the world as it was in the dawn of civilization. Since then, dogs have been our faithful companions.

Nowadays, we live in a completely different world. However, dogs are still by our side. They are our loyal friends and our dear pets. Dogs are probably the most favorite pets all around the globe. They make us smile; they make us calm and bring joy to our life. Every person who love dogs would tell they are the most lovely and kind animals to have as pets. They are indeed loyal and helpful pets, but they are not just for fun.

It seems pretty nice at the first sight, to have a dog. However, it is not simple as it sounds. Dogs are demanding pets. They need to be treated as our family members. Before getting yourself a dog, make sure you’re ready to fully commit yourself to your new friend. Taking care of a puppy is quite complicated. It needs proper nutrition, living space and medical care. It needs your constant attention and dedication. In order to have a healthy and joyful pet, you need to take good care of all of its needs.

Feeding a dog

Beside other important things in dogs’ care, nutrition is of the major concern. You should know your dog cannot eat everything. Jalapeno is an obvious choice, but you would be surprised at others that shouldn't be even given as a treat. Despite dogs are originally carnivores, they got used to other food. That does not mean it’s good for them to eat your food, but to pay attention and carefully select best viands possible. You can prepare food for your dog by yourself. Every meal should consist of a good proportion of proteins in the first place, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Purchased dog food is also good option for your pet. It is formulated and balanced so it meets your pet’s nutritional needs. They depend on many dog’s individual characteristics, including age, breed, gender, health condition and so on. You could also mix homemade food and ready made products on your dog’s menu. It also eats some plant food, so include fresh fruits and vegetables (read our article on bell peppers as part of dogs' diet) once in a while.

Fruit on the menu

Dogs can eat some fruit. In fact, it is good for their digestion. Fruit is full of fiber and it is juicy, so it promotes their bowels functions and prevent constipation. On the other hand, fruit contains sugar, which is not beneficial to any of our pets, including dogs. Too much sugar will make them sick and they will most likely get diarrhea or other stomach problems.

The other thing about fruit is that most of it contains poisonous pits. Most of fruit seeds contain cyanide, which is poisonous both for us and our pets. If taken in larger amounts, it can make serious damage. So, always remove pits if you feed your dog some fruit.

Sweet cherries for a healthy dog

We find cherries delicious and healthy and we can eat them in larger amounts. Can dogs also enjoy their benefits and flavor? The answer is yes, but moderately. They cannot have as much cherries as we do, but they can be good for our pets’ health.

If you serve small portions of cherries in a right way, your dog will be happy and healthy. Your dog could experience great health benefits of this flavorful fruit if given properly and not so frequently. Cherries are known for their antioxidant properties. They can help reduce inflammation processes, heart rate and arthritis. Their melatonin content is good natural remedy for sleeping issues and it can help in regulation of sleeping cycle, both in humans and animals. Cherries are also good for maintaining weight and joint flexibility in dogs.

On the other hand, their seeds are poisonous. As we mentioned before, they contain dangerous cyanide, as well as seeds of most fruits. Well, your dog needs quite a lot of them to get life threatening poisoning, but you surely won’t to risk. Sugar content also makes cherries food you should give with precaution.

A couple of raw, well rinsed and pitted cherries once in a while could be a delicious treat for your dog. In addition, it will have good effect on its organism. Serve it in moderation and there should be no problem.

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