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Can Dogs Eat Hummus?

Sometimes we feed our pets with different foods, thinking they will provide him more energy or nutrients. Since not every food people eat is also good for the dogs, we have to be careful about our choices. Although, dog food contains everything a healthy dog needs to get him through the day and keep him healthy, from time to time we can feed our furry pets with a healthy snack. When it comes to hummus, we will be clear from the start and say that dogs shouldn’t eat hummus. And in this article, we will explain why. You can also read our article on why lobsters are not good for dogs.

Hummus – nutritional information and ingredients

This delicious food originates from the Middle East, and today we can see it in kitchens around the world. There are different ways of preparation but the usual ingredients are chickpeas, tahini, garlic, virgin olive oil, coriander. Like I said there are variations of this dish, and different ingredients can be added for taste. Hummus is used as a side dish, in which you can dip bread or pita. Due to his rich ingredient content, hummus is very healthy. Combination of peas, olive oil, and other components make it highly recommended for our health. Chickpeas are the base of hummus, and they are very high in fiber and manganese, as well as other vitamins and protein. Hummus doesn’t contain a lot of calories, so that is another advantage. Sugar and protein are also low, and the biggest part of hummus is water. Low sugar content makes it a great choice for your dog, but due to the fact that it contains garlic, it should be excluded from his diet. Lemon juice is also very beneficial for dogs, so all of the ingredients, besides garlic, you can give to your dog without any problems. Just make sure to avoid garlic.

Why can’t dogs eat hummus?

Although hummus sounds like a pretty healthy dish, it is not safe to give hummus to dogs. The main reason behind this, is that hummus contains garlic and as we know he can be toxic for dogs. Hummus ca also contains onions, which again are not safe for your canine friend. Onion and garlic act as poison for dogs. They release threatening toxins and should be avoided in your dog’s diet. They cause Hemolytic Anemia, a condition that is life- threatening, and also destroy red blod cells inside their organisms, which deliver oxygen to the brain. This is a well-known fact, but it is always important to know what to do when a situation like this happens. If your dog has eaten a small amount of onions or garlic, then he should be okay. Contact your veterinarian if you notice anything different about your pet, or if he starts to act strange. Diarrhea and vomiting are also signs of food poisoning. Other ingredients of hummus are not life-threatening to dogs so you can feed him separately, or if you prefer, give your dog an onion and garlic free version of hummus. Another thing is very important, and that is the fact that dogs get their nutrients from dog food, so additions are not that necessary. You might think it will do him good, but you can even make the situation worse, so always ask for advice before feeding your dog with certain types of food.

When your dog enjoys it

If you happen to have a dog, that enjoys eating hummus, then you can make a version that doesn’t contain garlic or onion. Also, make sure to avoid other ingredients that can possibly be dangerous for your dog. You can dip his treats in your hummus, or you can give him your bowl after you finish eating so he can lick it. This way he won’t eat too much, and he will get his delicious treat. You can also try to mash chickpeas for him, and give it to him like that without the rest of the ingredients, this way it is both safe and tasty for your little furry friend. In conclusion avoid giving hummus to your dog. This dish is very tasty and health beneficial to humans, but not at all for dogs. Their bodies can’t process onions and garlic, which are the two main ingredients of hummus. To treat your dog from time to time, offer him version of hummus that doesn’t contain garlic, and see if he enjoys it. Chickpeas are really healthy, and contain a lot of fiber, only make sure not to give him too much. If your dog has eaten hummus, and you notice something strange about his behavior, then make sure to inform the vet right away or take him to the vet. The problem is, that you don’t know how much he has eaten so it is better to be safe than sorry. So, hummus in our diet is highly recommended, but should be avoided from your canine’s friend diet.

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