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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cilantro (Coriander)?

Yes, Guinea pigs can eat cilantro. Coriander is one of the best food to spoil your cavy and they may even like to consume it. However, because it contains phosphorus and calcium, it’s better you won’t feed your guinea pig with cilantro every day.

As one of the owners of an amiable guinea pig, it is very important to ensure that you have offered the cavy a completely proper diet on a daily basis. Every guinea pig wants hay, pellets of super quality, and unpolluted water regularly.

Apart from providing the water, hay and pellets, the fresh fruits and green veggies may be offered occasionally. And you have to do it not merely for curing the cute animal, but also for giving additional quantity of the vitamin C. While you want to provide the guinea pigs with green treats occasionally, can you choose cilantro?

Cilantro is also called as coriander leaves, and most of the experts say that guinea pigs like to have cilantro, and at the same time, the vegetable is valuable for their physical condition.

Vitamin contained in cilantro

Chinese parsley or cilantro is one of the fragrant herbs, which may be applied to cook all type of the tangy dishes. Coriander is obviously a good green component that can be added to the meal. However, your small piggy may also like to chew on the leaves of the cilantro.

You possibly know the fact the body of the cavies requires vitamin C, and for this reason, the cilantro is quite a necessary treat for your guinea pig. This vegetable may not have huge level of vitamin C. The same is the case for peas.

However, any quantity of the vegetable may be still useful for the pets. The cavies are not able to formulate vitamin C on their own. But, you must not go above the amount while feeding them. It is better to offer cilantro a number of times every week.

Coriander has also phosphorus and calcium and all these substances are not highly helpful for the health of your small buddy because they may cause kidney stones. So, a high of phosphorus and calcium should be restricted for feeding your guinea pigs.

Cilantro stems – Are they beneficial?

The cilantro stem is also another part that is enjoyed by the pet piggy. Possibly, you know the fact that the furry buddy likes to have something inside its mouth in order to make it full all the time. The surface of the cilantro stems is not must rough. If you slice them in average size parts, they may be completely safe option for the piggy to eat.

In fact, every portion of cilantro is suitable for eating, such as, the leaves, floral part and also the stem.

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Preparing meal with cilantro

Now you have understood that coriander is the safe food for the cavy. You are possibly thinking of how to do the preparation of the coriander-based meal. First, make certain that you have cleansed the veggie with water to take out the grime.

After cleaning it, you must never be concerned on the extra water, which is on leaves because this may offer further hydration to the cavy. You may cut the coriander into some medium pieces, including the stems. Serve this to the cavy as an appetizing and alluring snack.

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