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Can Hamsters Eat Apples?

Hamsters are interesting animals and great pets, simply because they are amazing and they look adorable.

On the other side, most owners believe that these animals can eat everything, so they feed them with different types of foods. Keep in mind that hamsters are sensitive animals, so they should eat only the food that is great for them. You can read why hamsters should not be fed with too much bread here on our site.

In any case, you should offer different type of food to your pet, in order to make sure he gets all the nutrients he requires. When it comes to fruit and vegetables, hamsters can eat a lot of different fruits and vegetables, but there are some that shouldn’t be taken into account.

Apples as a food for your hamster

When it comes to apples, the situation is simple and complicated at the same time. Keep in mind that your hamster can eat apples and there won’t be any issues. However, you must feed him with apples without skin or seeds, simply because they are something a hamster doesn’t like and should avoid.

On the other side, apples are treated as strong food, so your pet should get smaller pieces of apples during the first few weeks. After that, he can get more and more of apples. The reason why is simple as well. Hamsters will store and collect their food so apples will stay for a longer period of time in their home. You already know that if apples stay for a long time, they can get rotten and also bad for eating.

In addition, some hamsters may get diarrhea as the result of apples, so it is mandatory to introduce this fruit gradually.

Feeding cycle

At the beginning, you should feed your pet once or two times per week with apples, only smaller pieces are allowed. On the other side, after that time, you can feed him once per day. Don’t forget that you must feed him with small pieces without the skin or seeds. If your hamster gets diarrhea, you should stop feeding him with apples and wait until he recovers. Then, you can start again to feed him with apples. In addition, apples are healthy and have a lot of benefits for your pet, but they must be given in smaller amounts.

Another fact that should be known is that hamsters don’t stand pesticides and other chemicals, so it is mandatory to wash and clean the fruit, before addition to your pet. Most experts recommend organic apples, simply due to the fact they are grown without using of pesticides and chemicals, so they are a lot safer for you and your pet.

In addition, this applies to any type of food and organic food is much better, but it isn’t healthier, because it has the same nutrients as conventionally grown food. Even more important, wash any fruit that is going to be given to your pet, in order to remove dirt and anything that can have a negative effect on your pet. This is mandatory because hamsters may look tough, but they have sensitive stomachs, which can be upset easily.

Don’t feed a hamster only with apples

As you may know, apples are a great addition to the diet of your hamster, but they should be mixed with other fruits and other food. If you feed him only with apples, a hamster won’t get all needed ingredients, so he may develop certain issues. The proper diet of your hamster must be versatile, in order to hamster to get all proteins and other nutrients that he usually finds in the nature. Keep in mind that he eats meat as well, so once a week you should feed him with chicken. In addition, adding eggs and cheeses to his diet is more than recommended, due to the fact these foods are rich in protein and a hamster requires a lot of it.

No matter how and what type of food you use, don’t forget that it must be sliced in smaller pieces, in order to get the most benefits. In any case, this is mandatory fact that must be taken into account and has to be used every day, in order to get the best diet for your pet.


If you provide an excellent diet to your pet, supplements are something a hamster doesn’t need, but of you feed him with the same type of food, a mineral block is something you should use. At the same time, this block can be a useful addition to any hamster, simply because it offers a lot of minerals, and it has been recommended by the experts.

On the other side, make sure your pet has a lot of fresh water, so you can be sure he doesn’t dehydrate. The last fact you should know is that hamsters shouldn’t eat sweets, simply due to the fact they will get fat.