Can Hamsters Eat Grapes?

If you have a cute little hamster, then you perhaps often try to make the pet excited with some new treats. Obviously, your hamster is likely to become bored, if it is provided with the same diet every day. One of the new foods that you can choose for your little hamster is grapes. Also, you can read on the site if guinea pig food can substitute your canned goods for hamsters.

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In fact, our body has no problem in consuming grapes daily and it is quite delicious fruit to us. But, we do not know whether hamster’s body is also ready to accept grapes and their benefits.

Hamsters are generally able to consume various kinds of fruits and also vegetables. However, the major types of fruits, which you should never give to hamsters, include citrus fruits, as they have high level of acidity, and it means that you must skip oranges and lemons. In case of grapes, most of the experienced vets have stated you may allow your hamster to eat this fruit.

How to feed grapes to hamster?

Though you will find no problem in offering grapes to your hamster, still you have to be much careful on the way you treat your pet, while giving food. It is not good to give them a large number of grapes at a time because your pet will not be able to eat all those grapes easily. Rather, make certain that you have removed the thin skin of grapes, and then try to cut each of the grapes into smaller bits, which are very simple for your pet to digest. Slicing the grapes into three parts is the best option; however, you may also cut them in half.

Another issue, which may be seen, is caused with seeds, found in some kinds of grapes. Thus, you have to give much focus on those seeds, and take them out. It is also better to purchase seedless grapes particularly for the diet of a hamster. In this manner, you may get assurance that grape seeds won’t lead to a choking risk for the pet.

All hamsters cannot eat and digest grapes

Though grapes may not cause any severe problem to most of the hamsters, these fruits seem to be problematic and challenging for some hamster species. Most of the hamsters will not face problem after the consumption of these fruits; however, some of them may show distress while eating them or after some period of consuming them.

Before trying to add grapes to the diet of your hamster, you have take a very small piece at first, and then, feed these fruits to them to know whether they are really able to consume and digest it. You should also check if your hamster likes the taste of grapes. When all the things seem to be right, you may carry on providing your hamster the fresh grapes. However, if your hamster becomes ill or reveals symptoms of discomfort or disinterest, it is better not to force your for eating the fruits.

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Test your own hamster

Though many experts have the same views that hamsters usually do not have any problem in having grapes, you need to be aware that all species have different habits.

Some hamsters may become ill after too much consumption of grapes, while some others may not do so. Just as the preferences of all humans are different, the same thing is applicable in case of hamsters. It is a good reason for which you must test the taste of your own hamster before giving them grapes.

After doing this test, it is better to allow the hamster to eat grapes. However, still, you need to be careful, particularly at the initial stage. Just offer it little bits of grapes or any new other fruits, which you are adding to your hamster’s diet. A huge number of fruits will lead to diarrhea that is obviously an unpleasant condition to you and your hamster. To stop it from occurring, you must increase the fruit consumption very slowly. Begin with only a small portion a week, and after that, increase this quantity bit by bit.

Remember that grapes are not much small. Thus, when you boost the amount, a single fruit is enough, particularly when it is the early stage of consuming grapes. But, keep in mind that if you have some other pets (like dogs) in your house, grapes may not be for them. For instance, these fruits are poisonous for canine animals. On the other hamster, no adverse effects can be seen in hamsters.

Which grapes are suitable?

Many hamster consumers have some questions regarding the type of grapes that are better for their pets. Grapes are available in red and green color, but both of these varieties are completely safe to your pets, only if you consciously of amount and the seeds that have to be removed. You do not have any reason to keep away from any kind of grapes.

Obviously, your pet hamster may have theoretically a choice for a particular type. It may prefer both of them or refuse to consume any grape. There is, in fact, no common reaction that is shown towards grapes by your hamster and everything depends on hamster’s individual preferences.

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Thus, in conclusion, it may be said that you may give your hamster the fresh grapes with no concern. If it eats the fruits, there is no problem. But, if it does not like to eat grapes, never give it with force.

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