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Can Rabbits Eat Mint?

Apart from fresh timothy hay, fresh water and high quality rabbit pellets, vegetables are also essential part of a rabbit’s diet. They provide all necessary nutrients to your rabbit. But, it is important to introduce vegetables and other plants in your rabbit’s diet slowly.

Before introducing a certain food in your rabbit’s diet, you should be sure whether this food is safe for your rabbit or it can be harmful. For example, it’s worth knowing that rhubarb isn’t safe for rabbits. If you are also a rabbit owner, this article may be interesting and useful for you. We will deal with mint and its impact on a rabbit’s health. But, first we will tell you basic information about mint.

More about Mint

Mint, also known as menthe, belongs to the mint family (Lamiaceae). Mint is an aromatic perennial herb that is native to the regions of the Old World. Several kinds of this herb are used in culinary purposes.

The mint leaves have aromatic, sweet and fresh flavor and they are used for making teas, syrups, beverages or even ice creams. They are also used in many dishes all around the world, especially in American and British cuisines. The most important substances that give the mint its characteristic aroma and flavor are menthol and pulegone. Mint is traditionally used in medicine and cosmetics. Mint is a medicinal herb that is used for treating stomach ache, gastrointestinal problems and chest pain. Due to its essential oil, mint is used as an ingredient in many perfumes, body lotions and other cosmetic products. Mint essential oil is also used in aromatherapy.

As you can see, mint is a medicinal herb that is very useful for people. But, can we use mint for feeding our rabbits? Read on and find out.

Is Mint Safe for Rabbits?

If your rabbit has eaten a certain amount of mint, you don’t have to worry. Mint is one of the herbs that are safe for rabbits.

Actually, all types of mint are fine for rabbits, except Pennyroyal. Fresh mint contains vitamins and minerals that rabbits need in their diet. This herb is on the list of leafy greens that are low in oxalic acid and that can be fed to rabbits. Mint can be a healthy snack for your rabbit. The menthol can relax walls of the gastrointestinal tract in people but also in animals.

Also, mint can help with some digestive problems. But, it is known that rabbits have unique digestive system and too much mint could have some negative effects. Because of that it is best to limit the amount of mint that you give to your rabbit. It means that you should feed your rabbit small amounts of mint and you can also mix this medicinal herb with some other herbs. Too much mint is bad for rabbits and it can lead to many health issues.

If you give your rabbit large amounts of mint, your rabbit may suffer from diarrhea or vomiting. You should always have in mind that mint should never be a substitute for the core of your rabbit’s diet that should be made up of fresh water, fresh and high quality timothy hay and rabbit pellets.


As you have seen in this article, you can feed your rabbit mint, but only as an occasional treat. Timothy hay and pellets should be a priority, while the mint should be used in moderation.

Feed your rabbit small amounts of this medicinal herb, in order to keep your rabbit healthy. Remember that you are responsible for your rabbit’s health and you are the only one who decides what your rabbit will eat.

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