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Can Rabbits Eat Peaches?

All rabbit owners know that the diet of their bunnies should be based on fresh hay, grass and water. But, rabbits also enjoy vegetables, fruits and other plants that can be served as occasional treats. Rabbits can eat fruit, but too much fruit can be bad for them, because of its high sugar content. In fact, many kinds of food including pumpkins should only be given in moderate amounts.

In this article we will say something about peaches and their impact on a rabbit’s health. If you are not sure whether peaches are safe for your bunny or not, this article will be useful for you.

More about Peaches

Peaches (Prunus persica) are the fruits of deciduous tree which comes from Northwest China, but today peaches are produced all around the world. Peaches are the same species as nectarines, but commercially they are regarded as different fruits. Peaches are characterized by the presence of fuzz on the skin.

Peaches are also closely related to almonds and they have corrugated seed shells. Peaches contain acid, as well as calcium, phosphorus, sugar, fiber, sodium and fat.

Are Peaches Safe for Rabbits?

The answer is yes. You don’t have to worry if your rabbit has eaten peaches. A small amount of peaches won’t do any harm to your rabbit. Peaches are on the list of foods that are safe for rabbits. It means that these fruits are not poisonous and you can use them for feeding your rabbit. But you have to be careful with the amount of peaches that you give to your rabbit.

What Amount of Peaches Should be Given to Rabbits?

As you have already seen, peaches are rich in sugar, so they should not be eaten in large amounts. A few small pieces of a peach are more than enough for your rabbit. It is recommended to feed your rabbit peaches two or three times a week.

Due to their high sugar content, peaches would cause many health issues if served in large amounts. The excess sugar can throw off the balance of microorganisms in a rabbit’s stomach and these microorganisms are necessary for proper digestion. Because of that, peaches should be served to rabbits only as an occasional treat. They should not substitute rabbit’s regular food. In other words, peaches can be only an addition to your rabbit’s diet and should not be served to rabbits daily.

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Side Effects

If peaches are consumed in large amounts, they can cause many health issues with your rabbit. If you feed your rabbit peaches every day or if you give him large amounts of this fruit, it can lead to many digestive problems. Your bunny may suffer from diarrhea, bloating and gas, which can be very painful for him.

If you notice any of these symptoms, be sure that you have given too large amount of peaches to your bunny. Apart from gastrointestinal problems, large amounts of peaches can also cause diabetes and it can lead to many serious health problems with your bunny. And while we’re at it, peanuts which are rich in fat aren’t suitable for rabbits as well.


In this article you have learned something more about peaches and their health benefits. We have shown you the impact that peaches have on a rabbit’s health. Now you can be sure that peaches are good for your rabbit and you can use them occasionally. The most important is the amount of peaches that you give to your rabbit.

Also, there is a question how often you feed your rabbit peaches. You have seen that small amounts of peaches are what your rabbit needs. Larger amounts of this fruit would certainly be harmful to your rabbit, so be careful. Remember that you have the responsibility for you rabbit’s health and that you have to take care about your rabbit’s diet. You are the only who decides what your rabbit can eat and which food is not good for him. So, it is best to be well informed before introducing any new food in your rabbit’s diet. You have to be sure whether this food is safe for your rabbit or it can be harmful.

At the end, we can say once more that you can feed your rabbit peaches but only as an occasional treat. If you want to keep your rabbit healthy and lively, have in mind that moderation is the key.

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