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Whimzees VS Greenies

Whimzees VS Greenies

With many market brands, choosing your furry baby’s dental treat may be daunting. They all promise good oral health, nutrition and tastiness, not excluding Whimzees and Greenies. 

But sure enough, some would be preferred by your dogs than others. So today, we will be comparing and contrasting Whimzees VS Greenies, which are two of the most known manufacturers of dental treats out there. 

Hopefully, this should take off some minutes from deciding and would allocate the time saved for other important things, like bonding with the pup and being given puppy kisses. You choose, they chew, and the rest is history!

But first, here is a brief on the strengths of the two brands:

Criteria for Choosing Dental Treats


Ingredients may be the last thing in mind because these are supposedly dental treats (with emphasis on “treats”), but that is an ill-advised way in choosing what your pooches should consume. Some things, like fat and sugar, can come in large portions among these treats, and can cause health problems along the way.

That should not be a problem with Whimzee. Made with the eco-friendly, cruelty-free-minded dog pops and moms, Whimzee products are vegetarian and gluten-free [1]. The brand is also known for skipping preservatives, artificial colors, flavors and ingredients.

The ingredients are kept at a minimum across Whimzee dental treats. There are six main parts listed: glycerin, potato starch, malt extract, powdered cellulose, lecithin and yeast.

These treats are completely edible, while also packing antioxidants, vitamins and fiber. That’s hitting two birds, which in this case are dental and digestive health, with one stone!

Meanwhile, Greenies’ claim to fame is not being all-natural. Instead, it is having their products available in all sorts of flavors and shapes. To the brand, dental health does not have to be straightforward all the time, your dogs deserve to have some fun — these are “treats”, after all!

Fun does not equate to junk, by the way. Greenies’ are just as healthy, prioritizing general canine health with added vitamins and minerals. And even though they are not 100% natural, some of the main ingredients like fruits or poultry flavor are.

A quick look at ingredients across Greenies’ products reveals that there’s a lot more than Whimzees. Wheat gluten, gelatin, oat fiber, and minerals like calcium carbonate, zinc amino acid chelate and manganese amino acid chelate are just among the new names.

This is important to take note of because the more ingredients there are, the more likely it is that your dog is allergic to one. There is always a grain-free pick from the brand, but it might take a couple of tries before getting the most appropriate choice.


Not all dental treats are easy on your pooches’ teeth.

Hardness is not a major problem for both Whimzees and Greenies, however. Both are easily soluble and will not cause further dental problems for your dogs. Their products also have glycerin that ensure moisture of the treats even when they are not consumed right away.

Owners should still practice due diligence and monitor their dogs when consuming these treats. Elderly dogs reportedly have trouble chewing Whimzees products because of the dogs’ fragile teeth.


Hardness is not the only factor to be considered when it comes to teeth, texture also is another. When your dogs like how their dental treats feel, they are more likely to sink their teeth and reap promised cleaning benefits.

In putting Greenies VS Whimzees, we noticed that both brands promote healthy teeth and gums but in different ways. 

With Whimzees, you have a hollow center and then grooves that are supposed to make it easier getting into the spaces between your pets’ teeth to prevent bad breath and plaque. They also gently rub into gums for comfort and blood flow. 

Greenies now have bendier treats that promote the same things, but some dogs might be inclined to swallow them whole instead of chewing them.

Variety of Choices

Greenies is an obvious winner as there are more flavors available for your pets to enjoy. 

The ingredients differ depending on the dental treat. There’s the original Greenies, blueberry, pumpkin spice, and gingerbread, among others. You also have different sizes and shapes as well as dental treats aimed towards aging canines and pups.

Whimzees is limited by their goal to keep the ingredients to a minimum and completely natural. But what they lack in flavors, they make up in different, fun shapes. Their dental treats come in the form of hedgehogs, alligators, and even a toothbrush, besides the usual sticks.

Previous Recalls

There’s not much to say about Whimzees in this regard, because these dental treats made from the Netherlands have never been recalled before.

Meanwhile, Greenies has a history of being corrected. Back in 2006, dog owners reported that the formula used by the brand makes the treats insoluble. Dogs who have swallowed the treats had problems with esophageal or intestinal blockage.

The brand has since reformulated their treats. Greenies’ products should dissolve in case dogs swallow them.

Dental Health

Both Whimzees and Greenies promise periodontal health. They remove buildup of plaque and tartar while also ensuring proper blood flow and fresh doggie breath.

By using dental treats, dogs are not required as much to maintain their teeth. Owners generally do not also have to deal with gum disease which, when left untreated, could make eating highly uncomfortable for canines and can even destroy bone.

Greenies has the added support of the Veterinary Oral Health Council and the stamp of approval from American veterinarians. It is preferred in the US by those who want local products while Whimzees is popular in Europe.

The absence of sugar for both brands as well as minimal fat ensure not only good oral health but also great overall health. Both brands cater to dogs in need of weight management.

Conclusion: Whimzees OR Greenies?

Both dental treat brands are good in their own way, but depending on your dog’s needs or even personal preferences, one might be better over the other.

Whimzees is best if your pet has allergies. The ingredients in their products are all natural and gluten-free, while also being highly nutritious. Most dogs will enjoy chewing these treats because of the unique design that Whimzees has, although those with fragile teeth may not find it as much fun.

Greenies is best if you want your dog to enjoy more flavors and shapes for their dental treats. The ingredients are not all-natural and some are potential allergens, but they are healthy, promoting dental and general health at the same time. The bendy, now soluble treats have the glowing recommendation of the VOHC and veterinarians from the US, so you shouldn’t go wrong choosing Greenies.