Avoderm Dog Food Reviews 2017

The nutrition of dogs plays a significant function in building up a healthy body of your pet. That is why every dog owner needs to be much aware of what is to be eaten by their dogs.

To keep your dog fit and free of any disease, there is obviously a need of nutrient-enriched food. Protein and other significant minerals must constitute a dog’s diet. Older dogs have more specific needs, which we have detailed in our best picks for senior dog food list.

So, you should be careful, when you like to purchase dog’s food. AvoDerm is a dog food making brand, which supplies reliable product to several canine pet owners. We also have our review of the best dog food from Nature's Recipe available.

Chicken Meal and Brown Rice Formula from AvoDerm

This food for adult canine pets gives a good result.


Brown and white rice present – Both these kinds of rice are incorporated in this meal in order to prevent any stomach disease of your pet. Besides, they have also the ability to increase the weight, when your dog is extremely lean. White rice may also clear the intestinal system of your dog because this rice has fiber.

Make the skin lively with avocados – Avocados have lots of useful nutrients along with Vitamins E and A. Niacin and potassium are also present in them. And as avocados are added to make the special food for dogs, these benefits may be gained easily.

Chicken Meal and Brown Rice Formula from AvoDermNo detrimental substance – Preservatives, artificial tang, wheat and corn- these are thought to be unsafe for dogs. Thus, they are totally avoided in dog food.

Favorable taste – Tomato pomace and chicken meal offer a luscious taste to the food.


  • Gives glossy hair
  • No harmful flavor
  • Delightful taste


  • Some dogs do not like it
  • Slightly pricey

Natural Chicken Meal and Brown Rice Formula from AvoDerm

This formula is made for adult dogs, which are mainly of the smaller species.


Natural Chicken Meal and Brown Rice Formula from AvoDermNo corn included – Corn isn’t included in the list of components, used for manufacturing this dog food. It has been seen that many doggies have shown allergic reaction towards. However, in most of the instances, it happens mainly the dog has a change of his diet plan or when he is not accustomed to eat corns. No matter whether corn suits your dog’s body, it is best to avoid it.

Convenient kibble size – In many dry foods, the size of the pieces is so big that the dogs feel discomfort, while gobbling them. Besides, the large kibbles may also cause the risk of choking. That is why Avoderm has made the kibbles’ size reasonable, considering the dog’s convenience.

Ingredients with high health benefits – Every ingredient of this food is extremely beneficial. Avocados that is responsible for bringing a shiny look to the coat contain Omega fatty acids. Besides, protein content of this dietary item is also remarkable. Among the major components, brown rice and chicken meal have a lot of contributions to make the food nutritious.


  • The food formula is digestible for dogs and cats also
  • Restores polished skin
  • No filler and corn


  • Minor stomach issues
  • Itchy feeling 

Natural Triple Protein Meal Formula

This is a package of thirty pounds, made for all dogs.


Natural Triple Protein Meal FormulaMaximum utilization of every kibble piece – Optimal level of nutrition may be achieved from each of the kibbles because the kibble sizes are made in such a way that your dog will not want to waste it. At the same time, you won’t have any problem in feeding your small cute dog.

Simple recipe – Lamb and chicken meal has made the food more nourishing. Chicken meal contains a huge amount of protein, a vital nutrient, which has a significant function to play for immune system and growth of muscles.

Corns not added – Corns do not have tryptophan that is essential to produce serotonin. In fact, Tryptophan can be found in turkey, which may give a sleepy feeling to your dog after having dinner. If there is a high amount of corn in dog’s diet, there may be very low level of tryptophan that causes a reduction of serotonin. So, corn has been avoided in this recipe.


  • Nutrient enriched food
  • Chicken meal and lamb meal present for providing protein


  • Cause gases in stomach
  • A bit pricey

Lamb Meal and Brown Rice Formula

It’s a fifteen pound-package, sold for only adult canines.


Lamb Meal and Brown Rice FormulaBest protein source – As brown rice is included in AvoDerm recipe, your dog can have the positive effects from protein. Especially senior doggies are highly benefitted, when they have any stomach disorders. This rice can be digested very easily. Besides, if you like to increase the weight of your dog, this rice meal may enable you to do so.

Make your dog’s fur glossier – Like any other best formulated canine food, Omega acid is evidently present in AvoDerm’s food. It is mainly avocados that offer healthy looking coat or skin.

Detrimental elements not included – No by-product of animals, soy and corn is used to prepare the food. These things are not much suitable for any pet. Some are hard to digest, while others are the causes of allergies.


  • Best ingredients applied for maintaining dog’s health
  • Antioxidant features, found in the food
  • Important element- protein is present


  • Lamb meal causes allergy to some pets
  • Leads to itching in few cases 

Grain Free Formula Dog Food

This twenty four-pound package offers wonderful benefits to several dogs.

Grain Free Formula Dog FoodGrain-free food – This grain free meal may be extremely valuable to a dog. It offers huge energy and nutrition to your pet. However, it is recommendable only for the active canines, which make use of excessive energy. In fact, your vet may decide on the kind of food, which is perfect for the pet.

Ingredients added in the best form – The ingredients, which have been used to create the formula, are pressure cooked in order to make sure that the dog gets utmost amount of nutrition. Besides, the constituents are also of best quality. All the minerals, vitamins and other essentials are utilized to make this formula.

Make a dog’s immune roles effective – Antioxidant components are introduced to add more strength to the immunity system. And obviously your doggie will also become much more potent to prevent many diseases and bacteria. Besides, the avacados with antioxidants make improve your dog skin’s look.


  • Good ingredients without side effects
  • Give luster to skin
  • Antioxidants helping the immune structure


  • Cause scratching in tummy
  • Not much effective for curing hair loss issue

Natural Revolving Menu Dog Food

It is another AvoDerm product with twenty two pounds of food.


Natural Revolving Menu Dog FoodBest combination of nutritious ingredients – Avoderm has created the product by choosing avocado as the major ingredient. Lots of pet owners have observed incredible result in their dogs’ health. The formula truly offers a properly balanced nutrition to make sure that you’re presenting the best possible food.

Gluten-free diet – Many of the foods, which are highly processed, contains gluten that is not healthy for your body. These foods have artificial chemicals or harmful flavors. However, as the product from Avoderm has no gluten, your dog has no risk.

Treat your dogs with protein – You can now plan to modify your dog’s recipe to give him more proteins with the meal. Avoderm allows you to do so with no risk of stomach problem in your fuzzy dog.

Healthier looking skin – Avocados has another function to make a canine’s skin shinier. You little dog will turn out to be much cute.


  • Provides healthier body
  • Never causes digestion problem
  • Formula created carefully


  • Not suitable to those, having inflammatory disease
  • May not create much enthusiasm among dogs

Chicken Meal and Brown Rice Formula

It is also a healthy food for doggie, with a weight of nearly 15 lbs


Chicken Meal and Brown Rice FormulaHigh percentage of protein – Protein content can be much favorable to a dog’s body. Since chicken meal has been comprised in the food, your dog can obtain high protein.

Absence of corn and wheat – Wheat and corns are completely excluded from the composition of the product to stay away from all the possible allergies.

Safe for puppies – No matter whether your puppy is sensitive, this AvoDerm’s dog food can be extremely nutritious.


  • Riskless ingredients
  • Huge protein percentage
  • No possibility of some allergy


  • Not enough for large dogs
  • Caused loose stool in few cases


The above foods are created with high-standard ingredients, and are expected to make your dogs active and strong. There may be different brands, producing dog’s food. But, you can try AvoDerm that depends only on natural constituents. Or you can also choose from the highest-rated grain-free dog food for allergies available in the market.

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