The 7 Best Dog Harness to Stop Pulling on The Lead

Our pets are the source of our happiness, but that isn’t to say they don’t cause their fair share of frustrations. Their bodies can accumulate dirt, which is why it is important to groom them.

Another frustration is the constant pulling and yanking on their leash. When you’re all dressed up and ready to go on a nice day’s walk with your pooch, you definitely don’t want to be the person pulling your dog in one direction and him trying to yank you in the other.

It’s a funny sight, but it’s also harmful to your dog’s chest and trachea. It can be a difficult habit to break and be really tough on your arms. So if you aren’t keen on getting a major workout, look into this kind of dog harness.

Stop pulling harnesses will discourage your dog from the constant tugging he is used to. This gives your arms the break they deserve and more of a chance to train loose leash walking.

7 Best Dog Harness to Stop Pulling

1. Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull Pet Harness

This beautiful design comes in a variety of colors and sizes for the perfect fit. Make sure you measure your dog for a harness correctly, the neck and chest girth are the key measurements to take.

Hearing your dog whining and wheezing from pulling on the harness is quite heartbreaking, but this no pull and no choke harness is made with two metal leash rings to disperse his weight throughout.

The chest clip stops your dog from pulling and the one on the back is for jogging or hiking and other such activities.

The 2 buckles make this harness easy to slip on and off your dog. After fastening it securely, adjust the straps to the appropriate lengths and you’re ready to go.

The top handle is added for extra control and emergency situations (if your dog needs a lift).

The lightweight and straightforward design is easy to use and fully adjustable. Find the perfect size for your dog, as the harness has more than enough room for him to grow into.


  • The multiple color and size choices give owners lots of options.
  • Easy to use and adjustable, it’s okay if the sizing is slightly off.
  • The no-pull design is great for pups still in training.
  • It’s a safe and comfortable option compared to collar leashes.


  • The material might break after vigorous pulling
  • The stitching needs to be reinforced.

2. Juxzh TrueLove Soft Front Dog Harness

This anti-pull harness is also equipped with two leash attachments. Depending on the type of walk, the two options could give you an easier time on the road. Ranging from XS to XL, all dog breeds including hybrids can find their size and color.

The material is incredibly durable. Made from scratch-resistant oxford cloth, the lightweight leash comes with large buckles. Paired with the ergonomic design putting it on and taking it off your dog will be a breeze.

To keep your pooch safe, the nylon webbing with reflective trim improves visibility at night. It also allows you to keep a close eye on where your pooch is. Add a color light if that helps.

The chest pad is strongly padded to prevent gashes and skin irritation if your dog does decide to pull.

The aluminum and stainless steel rings on the chest and back can hold your dog safely and take the full brunt of his or her weight.


  • Coming in a wide range of sizes and colors, it gives dog owners more freedom and pick the right one.
  • Oxford cloth is known to be sturdy and durable. This tough material makes up the majority of this dog harness.
  • The reflective material adds another layer of safety, keeping your dog visible at night to oncoming traffic.
  • The breathable padding and mesh material is easy to slip on and off your dog with the large buckles.
  • Comfortable and lightweight, the two leash attachments on the back and chest are designed to hold your dog.


  • Sizing is a little off with some products.
  • May cause sore spots near the armpits and other skin irritation.

3. WINSEE Dog Harness No-Pull Pet Harness with Dog Collar

This no-pull pet harness sets itself apart from the rest with the extra dog collar gift. It’s should be used more for identification purposes than for walking if you’re trying to eliminate pulling behavior.

The two color options of orange or black is a great choice just in time for Halloween. Measure your dog’s neck and chest carefully to determine the right size. Although the harness is adjustable, the right size is still important in regards to the chest pad.

To curb your dog’s pulling habits, use the front leash attachment. For more relaxed walks, the back leash loop will do. Since your dog must have pulling tendencies for you to purchase this product, WINSEE reinforces the leash loop attachments to make sure they won’t rip easily.

The buckles and locks make this harness very easy to use. The enhanced tough and durable oxford fabric is also resistant to chewing and tearing for those naughtier fur babies.

The handle on the back is for control and assisting your dog during emergency circumstances. For an added touch of safety, the reflective straps keep him safe in low light conditions.


  • Padded chest and sturdy oxford fabric makeup.
  • The design is to curb pulling behavior without harming your dog.
  • The straightforward and easy to use design will make it easy to slip on and off.
  • For safety, the handle on the back and reflective straps will keep your pup out of traffic.
  • Each size and color is customizable and adjustable for maximum comfort.
  • The extra pet collar included for identification purposes.


  • Some claim the material is cheap and breaks apart easily.
  • Some claim they got different products than what was advertised in the photos.

4. Sporn Dog Harness – No Pull and No Choke Humane Design

To give you a different design option, since all of the above look strikingly similar, we have the Sporn dog harness. It also comes in a variety of sizes, so make sure you measure your dog correctly and carefully.

Instead of being constructed of oxford cloth, they choose a durable nylon mesh material with nickel-plated hardware. This pairing is weather-resistant and tough.

Built to last, this dog harness offers optimum comfort. The elastic webbing fits and stretches with your dog’s body movements and is breathable as well.

Don’t forget about the padding. Dog harnesses without padding add the risk of cutting and chafing your pet’s soft skin.

This heavily padded harness won’t hurt your dog even if he does decide to pull. One he does, the pressure he will feel under his torso will stop him from continuing.

Of course, the administration of this helpful tool needs to be as easy as possible. The better the fit, the more comfortable and accepting of the device your fur baby will be.


  • The material is a nylon mesh that is very lightweight and breathable against your pup's skin.
  • For maximum comfort, make sure you get the size right. With the padding and elastic webbing, the harness will fit like a glove.
  • The safe design is to prevent any sort of choking, chafing or digging. The only irritation your dog will feel is the urge to stop pulling.
  • The product is easy to put on and take off, your dog won’t resist this option like he would others.


  • Avid chewers might get through the material easily.
  • Might not have the no-pull effect.
  • Hurts some dogs due to their stature.

5. PetLove Dog Harness

This looks like a mighty comfortable option if we do say so ourselves. Coming in 5 different colors and an array of sizes, this dog harness from Petlove has more size options than any other brand.

The soft and heavily padded material is designed to withstand pulls and improves tensile strength. Scratch-resistant with a safety handle sewn into the back, you can lift your dog’s full weight without fear of it ripping.

You also won’t need to worry about your teething or resistant pup from chewing through it.

The material is tough but the mesh lining with soft padding on the torso area makes it comfortable. Not to mention the adjustable straps for a custom fit.

Across the chest is a whole strip of reflective material to keep your pooch safe on nights with low visibility.

As an Amazon's Choice product, it's almost guaranteed to be good, and if it's not, you are covered by Petlove’s three-month warranty.


  • The wide range of sizes (more than other manufacturers) and five different colors.
  • The durable, chew and scratch-resistant material is strong and reinforces tensile strength.
  • The safety handle on the back and the reflective strip of material across the chest keeps your dog visible.
  • Extra padding on and lightweight mesh are breathable to not cause any rashes and allows for a comfortable fit.
  • Each harness is adjustable for a custom fit.


  • The strap may not stay taught and tight.
  • Might not be a match for determined chewers of a larger size.
  • Might not suit short-bodied pups like the English Bulldog.

6. URPOWER Dog Harness Durable Dog Leash

Not only is this an anti-pull design, but it’s also anti-twist for those canines that love to squirm. The nylon and PVC cotton material padding intertwines into a harness that provides you with maximum control and maximum comfort for your pet.

The double layers are fit for any type of walk, whether you’re going for a quick run or challenging hike.

The not one but two D-rings give you a secure hold wild evenly dispersing your dog’s weight throughout the harness. If your dog does pull, his neck will be exempt from any sort of discomfort.

The adjustable settings allow you to find the perfect size for dogs with any body type. The extra cord on the front of your dog’s chest prevents the harness from slipping, sliding or twisting.

You will get the best control over your dog with this sleek and lightweight design. Anything that’s uncomfortable will put your dog off and keep them from attempting to use the product again. This won’t happen with the high-density nylon layers.


  • The heavy-duty and durable yet comfortable nylon layers can withstand active dogs.
  • The anti-twist design will keep it from snagging your dog’s skin or fur if he squirms and tries to wriggle out.
  • The cotton padding will add to the comfort of his anti-pulling training process.
  • You get a 180-day warranty period with your purchase with Urpower.
  • The double cord on the front of the chest area will keep the harness from slipping and sliding.
  • The design is pretty stylish and the bright color will stand out.


  • Some say it didn’t stop their pups from pulling.
  • The material is defined as cheap by some.
  • Some say the cord at the front didn’t help with the positioning of the leash and it doesn’t sit properly.

7. Barkbay No Pull Dog Harness

The bright and vivid colors appeal to us the most. The lightweight no-rip nylon material makes this a great everyday go-to harness. It's suitable for all sorts of walks and activities and prevents chaffing.

The extra padding makes wearing the no-pull harness burden-free. It's good even for seniors! For more dog needs, here's our list of the best food for senior dogs.

The front ring on the chest pad will help train your dog and curb pulling behavior. Once your dog has caught on, the D-ring on the back can be used more frequently on casual walks.

The padded chest piece distributes your dog’s weight evenly which also helps with the comfort.

It also comes with two leash rings to help with training. The one on the chest pad is for pullers, and once your dog eases off this behavior you can graduate to the back D-ring.

The pretty and heavy-duty strap and buckles will give you an easier time slipping this harness on and off your dog. All it takes is a step-through motion. No more chasing him and begging him to keep still!

For extra safety, the reflective strips improve visibility and the top handle gives you easy and immediate access in emergencies.


  • The beautiful and vivid colors attract people and make your dog stand out.
  • The no-rip or rip-stop nylon withstands chewers.
  • The material is lightweight and soft enough to not irritate your pup’s skin.
  • The straps and design will not snag fur (be careful with the buckles though).
  • Reflective strips and extra safety lift handle on the back allows you to intervene when the situation calls for it.
  • The padding will make this dog harness a comfortable fit
  • The D-rings on the front and back will reduce pulling behavior and help with training.


  • Not as durable as advertised.
  • The material can be flimsy and might not last.

Our Top Pick: Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull Pet Harness

Not only does this product have the best rating, but it also has the best features.

It encompasses everything a dog parent would want and has all the safety features and aids in training.

The material is soft and breathable, giving your dog a comfortable fit. There are different sizes and colors to choose from for those who care about aesthetics.

It does its job, is easy to use, is fully customizable and adjustable and safe! Not to mention the affordable price!

What to Look for When Buying a Dog Harness to Stop Pulling?

Before you choose the best dog harness, there are things to consider, one of which is the size. You must make sure to measure the girth of your dog’s neck and chest correctly to find the right size.

If your dog falls between two sizes, opt for the larger one. Let’s look at what else to pay attention to before pulling the trigger.


This is the definitive feature of comfort. A harness without padding is the same as a collar, it will choke, chafe and irritate your pooch to no end. It might even cause bruising and scraping.

Don’t worry about the padding encouraging pulling behavior because it protects your dog from discomfort. The harness will still do its job with extra padding for safety.


Something that covers that much of your dog's body can easily cause rashes if the material isn't breathable. First and foremost you want a fabric that is durable and tough, such as oxford cloth or nylon the former being the more preferred option.

It’s the balance of soft and comfortable yet tough and durable that will keep your puppy secure in this harness.

Ease of Use

By ease of use, we mean putting it on and taking it off your fur baby. Here's our article on how to secure a dog harness properly on your pooch. I'm sure we have all tried to get collars, harnesses and even jackets or booties on them and it's a real struggle.

There are two main types of harnesses – one that requires your dog to step through the leg loops, and one that can be done all on your own with buckles.

The buckle straps are easier because you need zero cooperation from your pooch. They are both equally strong and sturdy, but if we had to pick we would choose the step-through design as the more durable one.


Safety features on a dog harness include reflective trim for enhanced visibility at night and a top handle for easy control of your dog.

Leash Loops

Anti-pull harnesses should have two leash loops made of either aluminum alloy or stainless steel. The one on the chest helps with training and the one on the back is for more casual walks or for when your dog has completed training.

Final Thoughts

An anti-pull leash not only discourages your dog from this unwanted behavior, but it is also infinitely more comfortable compared to dog collars.

Pick one out of our 7 choices for best dog harness and see the change in your dog’s attitude in a matter of days!

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