Best Dog Nail Grinders For Easier Grooming in 2021

Nail trimming might be the toughest part of dog grooming. Lots of pets are terrified of the clippers. Some might even be so afraid they need to be partially sedated to endure this process.

It is also nerve-wracking for us pet parents because one slip of a hand could cause them immense pain. Especially if you accidentally nip their cuticles, it might even cause them to bleed. However, there is now an alternative to this scary process, and the answer is nail grinders.

What are nail grinders exactly? They are a less scary alternative to nail clippers and are a safer choice since they trim the nails slowly, allowing you to control the amount. They grind the nail away at a high speed, like an automatic nail filer.

The rounded nail grinder is often seen at nail salons too (although for humans). Let’s take a look at some of the best options on the market.

Top 7 Dog Nail Grinders – Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder Upgraded

We love it when items come in different color choices. You get your pick of the classic white or the edgy dark blue. Nail grinders are a safe and effective way for precise trimming of your dog's nails.

This particular grinder utilizes an advanced diamond bit grinder, one of the hardest grinders to ensure safety and comfort. Vets, and professional groomers all suggest using such trimmers as an alternative to nail clippers.

There are two-speed settings and three different grinding ports. For heavier jobs, opt for a higher and more powerful setting. It's a one size fits all grinder with three different ports to choose from for small to large dogs.

Also, take note of your dog's breed and nail hardness as this will affect which port you use.

What scares pups the most about nail clippers and hair trimmers is the noise and vibration. Seek out a product like the Casfuy dog nail grinder that minimizes both. It will help keep your pet calm and have a more pleasurable experience.

You can also learn how to sedate your dog for easy nail clipping yourself.

Take the grinder with you anywhere you go. This cordless model is rechargeable with a built-in battery that lasts about 2 hours. It’s lightweight and the ergonomic design fits left-handed or right-handed users.

Your purchase is protected by a lifetime replacement guarantee! Only manufacturers confident enough in the quality of their products would be able to offer this. You know you’re getting a quality good with this Amazon’s Choice product.


  • The fast and hard diamond bit grinder offers precision, safety and effectiveness.
  • There are two adjustable speeds and 3 different grinding ports depending on the nail hardness and size of your dog.
  • Low noise and low vibration make this a less scary option for squirmy fur babies.
  • Take the nail grinder with you everywhere. It’s rechargeable, cordless and portable. Just make sure you give it a full charge before leaving the house.
  • The lifetime replacement guarantee makes this a risk-free purchase.


  • Your dog might still fear the low noise and vibration.
  • Might be too weak for large to giant breeds.
  • The charging port may malfunction.

2. Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Cordless Grooming & Grinding Tool

The rotating grinder is safe and effective. Made from high-density plastic (the body) with a nickel-cadmium battery, the Dremel pet nail grinder can sustain heavy -duty nail clipping.

The two speed settings allow you to grind your pet's nails in different stages. The higher speed can be used to get the nail down to a preferred length and the lower setting is for finalizing the details.

The body is lightweight and cordless. The multiple sanding drums that come with your purchase have 60 grits, giving you full control. The battery and the rotary tool have a two-year warranty in case anything goes wrong.

To change the accessories, it requires screwing and unscrewing, locking in the bit securely.

4.8 volts is powerful enough for most nails and most sized dogs. It’s fast and easy and gives your pet a relatively stress-free grooming session.


  • 60-grit sanding bands are 0.5 inches wide, giving you full control without the risk of slipping.
  • The 4.8-volt battery pack supports 2-3 hours of grooming.
  • The battery charges fully after just three hours.
  • The cordless model is easy to take with you on trips.
  • Variable speeds allow you to adjust between high and low.
  • Each accessory needs to be screwed on securely before operating the nail grinder, making it a safe option.


  • It might be noisy.
  • The battery will hold less charge over time.
  • The speed might be too slow.
  • The product may come with improper configuration of the nuts and bits.

3. I-Pure Items Dog Nail Grinder

Aside from the high ratings and being an Amazon's Choice product, the beautiful cyan blue color really caught our eye. Choose from the blue or the standard grey, this nail grinder from I-Pure Items is a 2020 upgraded design built with more power and has a longer service life. In other words, you get the deed done faster!

It’s another one size fits all option with three different sized ports and two speeds. Identify your pet’s nail hardness to find which works best. Not to mention grinding your pet’s nails at home will save you a ton of dough in the long run.

The quiet motor is less than 50 dB (decibels), ultra-low noise and therapeutic for your pup. The low hum of the motor isn’t triggering and it alleviates all your dog’s fear and anxiety. The less afraid he is, the easier and safer the process will be

This model also adopts the diamond bit grinder that makes that adds to the safety. It reduces the risk of slipping and over-grinding.

The rechargeable cordless nail grinder comes with a USB wire for easy charging anytime, anywhere. You even get a free bonus nail clipper and filer with your purchase, along with a 1-year satisfaction guarantee.


  • The upgraded motor is more powerful than all past designs.
  • The diamond bit grinder is safer and the brass shaft is more durable.
  • It’s a one size fits all model with 2 adjustable speeds and 3 size ports.
  • The quiet motor doesn’t exceed 50 dB, making this a less stressful time.
  • Rechargeable, the nail grinder is easily portable and cordless. The included USB charging wire fits into power banks and car chargers easily.
  • A one-year satisfaction guarantee is included with your purchase. You get your money back 100% or a replacement.


  • Might not do so well on larger dogs.
  • Some sellers claim it doesn’t work as advertised.

4. Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder

The diamond bit grinder is all the rage with dog nail grinder manufacturers. They are safer and give the user more control, therefore reducing the risk of over-grinding.

Instead of supplying you with three different bits, the Hertzko pet nail grinder has size openings for the grinder area. Again, they provide you with three different openings for different sizes. For those with larger dogs, you can forgo the entire cover to use the whole bit.

The quiet motor and low vibration design will help with more anxious puppies. The squirmier the puppy is the more dangerous nail trimming can be.

It also includes a USB wire charger that fits into any USB port for easy charging. Take it with you in your car or on a trip.

It’s also important for the nail charger to be easy to clean. A dirty nail clipper/grinder could develop bacteria giving your dog infections. The piece over the grinder is easily removed for cleaning.


  • It has the option to remove the cover entirely for even more grinding power. Consumers have claimed that this is much better for larger dogs.
  • The utilization of the diamond bit grinder ensures more safety than the other generic designs.
  • The three size ports (removable covers) make it easy to find the perfect one for your dog.
  • The low vibration and quiet motor doesn't strike fear into the heart of your fur baby when you turn it on.
  • The wireless nail grinder comes with a USB charging cable for easy portability and uses away from home.
  • Easy to clean, the cover over the grinder can be easily removed for cleaning.


  • It might not be strong enough for some breeds.
  • It might not last.
  • It doesn't hold a charge after a while.

5. Bousnic Dog Nail Grinder

Another dog nail grinder that uses the diamond bit, the high-quality material used makes this a safe alternative to nail clippers. Control the precision it takes to trim your dog's nails safely, reducing the risk of over-grinding.

The whisper-quiet motor and low vibrations emitted keep your pet calm. The powerful motor also reduces the time spend on grooming; grind away quickly and efficiently with the sanding tool.

The 2 variable speeds and three grinding tools will help you find the right fit for your pet.

Also rechargeable and easily portable like the above options, the lightweight and cordless model hold a 2-hour charge after being fully charged. The battery indicator light will turn on automatically when you plug it in.

With the lifetime guarantee, this is another safe purchase, safer than options that only provide a warranty for a few months to a year.


  • Also adopting the diamond bit grinder technology, this is an effective and safe alternative to nail clippers.
  • The superior motor offers low vibrations and a near soundless motor to not scare your precious fur baby. It will also be easier to acclimatize your pet to the nail trimming process.
  • The two rotation speeds and 3 grinding bits included suits dogs of any size and nail hardness.
  • The rechargeable and portable wireless design has a built-in battery that lasts for 2 hours.
  • The lifetime guarantee offered gives you a full refund or free replacement.


  • Some claim the diamond bit grinder still isn’t tough enough to go against a large dog’s nails.

6. Peroom Dog Nail Grinder

The two speed settings come with a high-speed option for larger dogs, a low speed for smaller ones and two grinding wheels. You can choose which speed setting and grinding port are suitable for your dog.

Don’t get anything that will stress out your pet even more, isn't that the reason why you looked into a nail grinder in the first place? The low vibration and low noise motor is of high-quality and greatly relieves your pet's anxiety.

Take it with you on trips. The USB charging port is compatible with most device charging ports including your computer and your car. The built-in battery light turns green when the device is fully charged.

To back up the product quality and support your trust, the Peroom dog nail grinder comes with a one-year warranty. The exceptional customer support will be at your beck and call 24/7.


  • Choose from the two variable speeds and grinding wheels to find the best fit for your pooch.
  • The durable nail grinder is built to last and tackle the hardest of nails.
  • For the extra-tough jobs, remove the cover to use the entire wheel for extra power.
  • The low noise and low vibration motor is of high quality, giving your dog a stress-free experience.
  • Portable and rechargeable, the cordless design is compatible with most charging ports.
  • The easy to decipher battery light turns green when fully charged.
  • Your purchase is backed by a one-year warranty.


  • Might produce a burning odor when grinding down the nails.

7. RUCACIO Dog Nail Grinder

Are you sick of seeing your dog wincing in pain? Is he afraid of approaching when he hears the sound of regular nail grinders? If the above are true, turn to Rucacio. They use the diamond bit grinder that reduces pain and prevents over-cutting.

You only need to invest in one grinder to take care of all your pet’s paws. The three parts included can tackle small to large breeds regardless of the nail hardness.

A USB wire is included for your convenience. You can charge the nail grinder via your computer, power bank, or with your car. It will never run out of battery on the road.

The motor, emitting less than 50 dB, makes the process easier for both parties. It also makes it easier to familiarize your pet with the sound. A quiet motor with low vibration doesn't compromise the power of this dog nail grinder.

Also supported by a lifetime money-back guarantee, if you aren't happy with your purchase you get your money refunded in full, no questions asked.

Say goodbye to over-cutting, destroyed furniture and scratching with a dog nail grinder.


  • The rechargeable and portable wireless design is convenient and easy to use.
  • The adjustable speeds and grinders work with all dogs, you get your moneys worth with just one purchase.
  • Low noise and low vibration, your pup will no longer be afraid of grooming time.
  • The pet nail grinder is easy to clean. The cover is removable to reveal the surface of the grinder. Gently brush away dirt and powder with a brush or eraser.
  • This is a painless option compared to the traditional nail clippers.
  • Don’t worry, your purchase is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • It might take a while for dogs who can’t sit still.

Our Top Pick: Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder Upgraded

An upgraded design means improvement of the older models. Anything consumers claimed made older models more difficult to use, Casfuy successfully eliminated.

To be an Amazon’s Choice product, you need to have a high rating and a massive following of satisfied customers. The 2 adjustable speeds and 3 grinding port options don’t hurt either.

The super-low noise and diamond bit grinder is the newest technology for dog nail grinders. It offers higher precision and safety and prevents from over-grinding. Your dog will be surprisingly comfortable and adapt well to this new device.

It’s easy to carry around and if you aren’t happy with your purchase, you have a lifetime replacement guarantee!

There is more stuff you'll need to ensure that you're taking care of your pooch properly. You can peruse our greatest choices for anti-pulling dog harnesses next.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Dog Nail Grinders?

Nail grinders aren’t only good for your pup, but for those with unsteady hands too. It also allows you to obtain the shape you want easily and won’t leave unseen sharp edges. Not to mention it relieves anxiety in fearful pups. What else should we look for?

Adjustable Speeds

Adjustable speeds mean adjustable power. This is necessary for one device to have to be able to accommodate different dogs with different nails. Most devices come with at least two speeds for those extra-tough jobs, switch to the higher speed.

Interchangeable Bits

Similar to the above point, interchangeable bits means more options. They have different grits, usually, the smaller one is suited to smaller dogs with softer nails and so on. Check to see if the product includes more than one grinder.

Battery Life

Is the nail grinder rechargeable? Does it come with a USB cable? How long does it take to charge fully? These questions along with how long the battery life lasts are important. This is imperative to its overall performance and convenience. Look for a battery that can last for at least 2 hours.


Not that this is that important, considering most of us do the grooming at home, but a lightweight design will be easier on your hand. If you do decide to take it with you on trips, a USB cable included in the package allows you to charge it anywhere anytime.

Ergonomic Design

Your comfort rival's your pup's when using a dog nail grinder. It should be lightweight and easy to maneuver and hopefully made out of strong material with an easy to grasp design.

Low Noise and Vibration

The purpose of using a nail grinder isn’t just the ease of use, but it’s also a safer alternative to nail clippers. More anxious and fearful pups do better with nail grinders, so it’s imperative that you find one with minimal noise and vibration. Dogs have a much greater hearing ability than we do, what you think isn’t very loud could be deafening for them.

Easy to use and Approved

The device should be rather easy to use and straightforward. If it's vet-approved or approved by other friends and family members then it should be a relatively good choice. Remember that the breed and size of your dog contribute to which nail clipper works better. Don't settle for the cheapest option, because your dog deserves the best. Something like a nail grinder should last for a good long while and is worth putting money into.

Final Thoughts

Before you start using a nail grinder you need to give your pooch some time to adapt to the new equipment. You can do so by letting him sniff it, be in its presence and rewarding him afterward.

Owning a dog is a big responsibility, and it's on you to take care of them the best way possible. Sometimes that means switching out a pair of nail clippers for a trusty nail grinder.