Best High Fiber Dog Food for Anal Gland Problems

It’s a smelly situation we have on our hands. Anal glands are small scent glands that can excrete a smelly (to say the least) liquid. In order for a dog’s anal glands to function properly, your dog’s diet needs to consist of high fiber dog foods. The fiber content not only helps with digestion but also firms your pup’s stool, especially for those with anal gland problems. Firm stool helps push the anal gland when your pup does his business, and this helps push out the foul-smelling liquid. The anal gland is where dogs produce a unique scent, unique to each individual. Do you see dogs sniffing each other’s butts upon their first meeting? Well, this isn’t unlike us shaking hands. It’s their way of greeting each other.

The anal gland is usually emptied naturally when your dog defecates, but if it isn’t and becomes clogged or too full, it could become infected or in some more serious cases, it can even rupture. You can go to the vet to have it checked, but generally, high fiber dog foods will help firm the stool and expel the liquid naturally. As such, we’ve narrowed the search and listed the best dog foods for anal gland problems to help your dog have a healthy digestive system and recover from any anal gland issues.

7 Best High Fiber Dog Food for Anal Gland Problems

1 – Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

The fiber in dog food usually comes from vegetables and fruits, and sometimes grains. However, grain free dog food is the new trend due to lots of pups experiencing stomach and skin sensitivities. It’s also suitable for dogs who have issues with their anal glands.

The Coastal Catch recipe from Earthborn Holistic is a grain and gluten-free dry dog food that comes in a resealable bag for easy access. We consider it a very good contender for the top High Fiber Dog Foods for Anal Gland Problems.

The first ingredient in dog food should always be a protein, an identifiable and clearly labeled animal source being the preferred choice. For this blend, it contains fish like herring and salmon, which are rich in omega fatty acids that help with skin and coat health. Having fatty acids in a diet also helps your pet fight infections.

All the natural vegetables and fruits like peas, blueberries, cranberries, apples, and carrots are packed with adequate fiber (for healthy stool) and antioxidants to boost your pup’s overall immune system. Overall, it is amazing for every dog that has unmanageable food allergies and anal gland problems.

Earthborn Holistic looks out for the environment and other animals as well by packaging their dry dog food in BPA-free bags that are recyclable through their specific program helping to plant more trees. With that, it does not only help your dog, but it helps the environment at the same time!


  • With fish as the first ingredient in this dog food, herring and salmon are rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids to help with skin and coat health.
  • A grain-free and gluten-free blend created in USA kitchens.
  • Packed with antioxidants and fiber to help anal glands function properly
  • This dry dog food contains nutrients that boost your pup’s immune system
  • BPA-free packaging helps plant trees through Earthborn’s Reborn/Terracycle Program.
  • Only contains trusted and natural ingredients.
  • Rich in fiber which aids digestion and weight management


  • When buying dog food, it is always possible it may not sit well with your dog.
  • Earthborn has had some recalls.
  • Your dogs may not like the flavor.

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2 – Taste of the Wild High Protein real Meat Recipe

The roasted bison and venison are the first on the ingredient list in this dog food. Sourced from around the world, this will surely be palatable for your dogs. Not the usual meat he or she is used to, your dogs will be begging for more!

The meat contains rich protein that aids strong and healthy muscle development. Micronutrients such as the added vitamins and minerals will bolster the recipe and provide your dog with an overall nutrition boost while ensuring the function of his anal glands. Plus, there are probiotics to further aid digestion.

The fruits and vegetables this recipe contains are digestible wholesome superfoods that provide antioxidants and sufficient fiber into your dog’s daily diet, making it a great choice for dogs with anal gland problems.

It doesn’t contain harmful ingredients like corn, wheat and artificial flavors and additives, so it would only be beneficial for your dog’s anal glands.

Your dog’s skin and coat will also be cared for with the added fatty acid blend of omega 3’s and 6’s. Of course, every dog deserves that.

The family-owned company is located in the USA and produces all its food in compliance with scientifically advanced food safety regulations. Feel safe giving this high protein and high fiber blend to your dogs.


  • It contains a balanced blend of superfoods packed with nutrients like antioxidants and fiber. This formula is highly suitable for dogs and will be beneficial to help push their anal glands upon defecation. 
  • It contains omega fatty acids to help support coat and skin health through this grain free product
  • Roasted bison and venison are delectable raw meats sourced from around the world
  • High protein builds strong and lean muscles in your fur baby, thereby promoting healthy weight
  • This dog food has proprietary probiotics that help with digestion and bowel movement — important for expressing glands
  • Made in the USA under strict food safety protocols.
  • Rich fiber content to aid digestion and weight management


  • When buying dog food, it is always possible it might not sit well with your dog.
  • Your dog may not like the flavor.
  • FDA warning that it might cause heart disease.

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3 – Purina Beyond Simply 9 Natural Limited Ingredient Adult Dry Dog Food

If you want grains in your dog food, you must choose whole grains. This recipe contains barley that provides enough fiber to help with digestion and produce firm stool for easy anal gland secretion. This best high fiber dog food for anal gland will give ease and comfort to dogs that have anal gland problems. 

The limited ingredient recipes (only 9 in this case), aim to solely provide dogs with the nutrition he needs without over-complicating the formula. They leave out what is unnecessary and keep all that’s important. 

You can take your pick of lamb or chicken as the main protein and choose from 7 different sizes. If your dog is crazy for chicken, then that’s a good choice for his protein boost.

This food doesn’t contain potatoes, corn, wheat or soy included in the ingredients of this dry dog food. Nutritionists are involved in every step that goes into creating this well-balanced blend. With everything produced in-house, Purina has full control over what exactly goes into your dog’s food.

Purina works hard on their limited ingredient diets and tries to make the most savory formula without sacrificing nutrition. That said, this is one of the best dog foods for anal gland issues that will also help your dog achieve a healthy weight.


  • Healthy wholesome ingredients (less processed foods) are digestible and will ease any anal gland issues
  • Rich in fiber for digestion and weight management
  • This dry dog food for anal gland problems doesn’t contain potatoes, corn, wheat or soy, so it only has advantages to anal glands
  • The limited diet formula only leaves in what’s necessary.
  • Nutritionists are very involved in the manufacturing and development of Purina’s pet foods
  • Produced in their own facilities, Purina has great control over the quality of their food.
  • Contains ranch-raised lamb as the main protein source.


  • When buying dog food, it is always possible it might not sit well with your dog.
  • Your dog may not like the flavor.
  • Whole barley may cause allergies in some dogs

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4 – Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Puppy, Chicken Meal & Barley

We always try to provide options for every breed at every age on our list. The next best high fiber dog food for anal glands is meant for puppies. Puppies are in their developmental stage and what goes into their little bodies has a huge impact on the healthy dogs they become.

The main purpose of this blend is to support the growth and immune system of puppies. It contains DHA and omega fatty acids acquired from fish oil not only helps with skin and coat health but also supports cognitive development in young pups.

This also contains high quality and large amounts of protein from the real chicken. It aids in healthy and lean muscle growth and the minerals promote strong cartilage and bones. The whole grains also provide a high fiber content to help with digestion and healthy stool. It can also ease the pup’s pain, especially it has anal gland problems.

Made with natural ingredients in USA facilities with many global ingredients of high quality, there is a reason Hill’s Science Diet is the number 1 vet recommended brand. Of course, if a vet recommends it, you don’t need more proof. 

The delicious recipe does not contain any artificial flavors or preservatives. All your puppy will get is an all-natural and savory taste. A healthy diet is important to a growing pup especially if one has problems in the anal glands, and Hill’s is a globally trusted brand when it comes to dog foods for anal issues.

If you have a small dog or toy breed, Hill’s Science has a separate product for that.


  • Aside from the fiber content for resolving anal gland problems, the formula contains the necessary nutrients for puppies’ overall health.
  • Promotes healthy weight and boosts immune system with high fiber content
  • Rich in DHA and essential fatty acids that aid in skin and coat health as well as brain and eye development.
  • The rich protein from chicken supports healthy muscle growth.
  • Contains minerals that strengthen teeth and bones
  • Whole grains and fiber help with healthy digestion and function of the glands
  • All made in the USA with many high-quality ingredients.
  • #1 vet-recommended brand.
  • Delicious and healthy.


  • When buying dog food, it is always possible it might not sit well with your dog.
  • Your dog may not like the flavor.
  • Hill’s Science Diet has had recalls.

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5 – Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Dog Food Chicken & Veggies

The best things about Rachael Ray’s dog food line are the delicious flavor and the wide variety of needs each recipe meets. In just this one chicken and veggies flavor you can find options suited for large, small, puppy or all breeds. You also get different sizes and the choice of chicken and brown rice.

Farm-raised real chicken is the number 1 component without the use of any by-product meals, fillers, wheat, or gluten. Aside from the chicken, the added vitamins and minerals work together with the rest of the recipe to produce a wholesome diet for dogs.

The fiber content from the veggies which include peas, carrots, and beet pulp support smooth digestion and healthy and firm stool. It is definitely one dog food that makes it easier for dogs with anal gland problems. For added digestive help, this product does contain prebiotics to promote healthy flora and avoid stomach issues. If your dogs’ anal glands are not functioning well, this dog food is a great choice. It will also promote healthy weight.

Only natural ingredients inspired by real recipes concocted by Rachael are used in this Chicken & Veggies dog food. It’s a delicious and feel-good recipe that sounds good enough for your pet or even you to eat!


  • No matter what size or age your pet is, if you like the recipe, you can find a suitable option.
  • Farm-raised chicken with healthy amounts of rice, fiber, vitamins and minerals and prebiotics work together to create a digestible and well-balanced meal to aid your dog’s digestive system and help address anal gland problems
  • Rich in fiber for digestion and healthy weight management
  • Only natural ingredients are used.
  • The flavors are delicious and inspired by real recipes from Rachael Ray.
  • Nothing artificial or harmful is added to keep your dog safe


  • When buying dog food, it is always possible it might not sit well with your dog.
  • Your dog may not like the flavor.
  • Glyphosate (a pesticide) could be included. It was a lawsuit filed in 2018.
  • It contains a small number of ingredients that aren’t the best for your fur baby.

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6 – Orijen High Protein, Grain-Free, Premium Animal Ingredient Dry Dog Food

You can choose from the original chicken flavor, the Regional Red (which is red-meat focused), or Six Fish (made with fish as the main protein).

Orijen believes that our dogs have a high need for quality protein to satisfy their biological needs, and they aim to do that with 85% of animal ingredients in each recipe. 

Using a blend of fresh and raw meat with necessary fruit and veggies for a source of fiber, each formula is biologically appropriate for dogs. Not only does your pup get red meat, but there is also a mix of cartilage, organs, and bone to give them as close to a natural diet as they can get. As such, your dogs will have healthy digestion and regular bowel movements. With this many ingredients, you will have peace of mind that anal gland problems of your dog will be gone soon. 

All the ingredients are obtained from trusted sources and delivered to Orijen kitchens in their fresh and natural form for maximum nutrition.

All regular dog food is made in their kitchen in Kentucky, no part of the manufacturing process is outsourced. Orijen is proud to be involved in every step to ensure your dog only gets the best and safest food, especially if there are issues with his anal glands.


  • Three different natural flavors to choose from, depending on your dog’s focus.
  • High-quality ingredients are sourced from trusted sources
  • Everything is made in their state-of-the-art kitchens in Kentucky and nothing is outsourced.
  • The formula contains 85% quality animal ingredients, with the rest being other vital micronutrients. This recipe is sure to provide nutrition and heal your dog’s anal gland problems
  • Grain-free and rich in omega fatty acids
  • Cartilage and bone are used aside from meat
  • No plant proteinsor artificial additives. Orijen only uses ingredients that are dog-safe.


  • When buying dog food, it is always possible it might not sit well with your dog.
  • Your dog may not like the flavor.
  • It is slightly pricey.
  • May have an unpleasant odor.

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7 – Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet, Grain Free Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

The grain-free line from Blue Buffalo has four different flavors with potatoes and one pure lamb. Blue Buffalo contains real animal protein and the potatoes, peas, and pumpkin provide sufficient fiber to aid digestive system processes. Fiber also helps with weight management since it promotes digestive health, which in turn results in a healthy weight. With animal protein and other nutritious components, Blue Buffalo Basics is one of the best high fiber dog foods for anal gland problems.

The basics line only contains necessary ingredients for a well-balanced diet, therefore reducing the risk of food allergies. Not having many things in a diet ensures complete absorption.

What’s extra about Blue Buffalo is they offer LifeSource bits. These are added ingredients with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to round-out the recipe. These nutrients will benefit your fur baby if he has problems expressing his glands.

Poultry and grain, as well as by-product meals, corn, wheat, and soy, often cause more allergies and sensitivities in dogs. You won’t find these or any artificial preservatives and flavors in this blend, so your dog’s anal gland problems will be relieved without causing any more health issues.

The wholesome ingredients used are digestible and specifically engineered to fit your dog’s needs. There are also added sources of DHA to support healthy cognitive development and added levels of glucosamine and chondroitin to help with joint issues in larger dogs.

Another great Blue Buffalo pet food is the Blue Buffalo Wilderness. Like the Basics formula, Blue Buffalo Wilderness is also a great source of fiber and protein for digestive health and weight management. Another great brand you can try for weight management is the Instinct Raw Boost. Although not that rich in fiber, this raw dog food is high in protein and low in fat.


  • Get the best nutrition for your pet with this grain free basics recipe that only includes necessary nutrition.
  • Animal sources of protein are the first ingredient in each recipe.
  • The LifeSource bits balance and round-out the recipe.
  • All-natural, nothing irritating or artificial is included.
  • Added DHA levels, veggies for protein and amounts of glucosamine and chondroitin.
  • Limited ingredients reduce risks for food allergies that some regular dog foods cause
  • There are so many flavor choices you are bound to find one your pet loves.
  • Great for the relief of anal gland problems


  • When buying dog food, it is always possible it may not sit well with your dog.
  • Your pet may not like the flavor.
  • Was hit with a lawsuit claiming to have high levels of lead in their food in 2018. 

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Our Top Pick: Orijen High Protein, Grain-Free, Premium Animal Ingredient Dry Dog Food

For your dog’s anal gland issues, search no further than the Orijen High Protein Dog Food. It’s our best high fiber choice. There is no perfect dog food out there, and manufacturers try their best. Most regular dog food lines have had recalls so you can only try to find one that has most of what your dog needs.

Orijen uses 85% animal ingredients in their recipe, so for the most part, it’s natural. Only ingredients they trust and are sourced from a reliable supplier are used and all made in their Kentucky kitchen. No process in the development and manufacturing of the food is outsourced. Orijen has full control over what goes on in their facilities.

They make sure they throw in all the needed ingredients to provide your dog with a biologically appropriate and balanced meal. Nothing our dogs aren’t evolved to eat is used. You only get the freshest ingredients in the best ratios supported by digestible fresh fruits and veggies for a product that’s high in fiber. Overall, it helps a lot with alleviating anal gland problems and also promoting healthy weight.

Need something more specific for your pet labrador? We have our top recommended list of labrador dog food ready for you!

What to Look for When Buying the Best High Fiber Dog Food for Anal Gland Problems?

High fiber dog food aids in healthy digestion, firming up your dog’s stool to help the expression of the anal gland. If your dog is obese, high fiber dog foods will also help them achieve a healthy weight. There are two types of fiber: Soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber helps deep within your dog’s gut and digestive tract. Insoluble fiber helps bowel movement. If you see your dog having soft stool or diarrhea but he’s somewhat healthy, your vet will suggest that maybe it’s time to switch to high fiber dog foods. Pumpkin is a good source of natural fiber in these dog foods. Sometimes fiber supplements can also be added to help firm up the stool. Other than soluble and insoluble fiber, what else should we look for in high fiber pet food?

Healthy Sources of Fiber

You don’t want anything synthetic, especially for dogs with anal gland problems, so it’s important to be able to identify what constitutes healthy sources of fiber. Vegetables and grains that are high in fiber are blueberries, apples, pumpkin, spinach, beet pulp, carrots, potatoes, flaxseed, psyllium husk, dried peas and beans, oats and barley. Remember that if you include grain in your dog’s food, make sure it’s whole grain.

Insoluble: Insoluble fiber cannot be digested, instead they work to firm up your pup’s poop for easy passage through the intestines.

Soluble: Soluble fiber increases the number of healthy bacteria in your fur baby’s digestive tract to help with digestion.

To have the benefits of both fibers to healthy digestion and weight management, you must choose a formula with both soluble and insoluble fiber. Increasing your dog’s fiber intake must be done gradually though.

Now, if you look at the dog food label and find the Guaranteed Analysis part, you may notice the words “crude fiber”. Don’t be alarmed, as “crude” only refers to how the fiber is measured and does not pertain to quality. The average crude fiber of dry dog food is at 2.5 to 4.5 percent, but it can go as high as 9-10 percent in products with less calories.


Whole ingredients are digestible and thus important for relieving anal gland issues. Aside from that, you should choose recipes with animal protein as the first ingredient. This protein can be from chicken, fish, turkey, or others. The first labeled ingredient on the list is the main ingredient. It’s good to avoid grains in the meal if your dog has a sensitive tummy or sensitive skin, and these are the greatest grain-free picks for skin allergies. Also, keep going for natural and/or organic ingredients if you can. Fatty acids are also important. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids soften the coat and help fight infections. Search for the list as it will be able to tell you if the dog food is high in fiber as well.

Nothing Artificial

Artificial preservatives, flavor, and coloring are among the worst things your dog can ingest. These substances are mostly for your benefit. Your dog wouldn’t notice the dog food blue, pink, or even purple. If made with high-quality ingredients, your dog’s food won’t need any unnatural enhancers. Not only are these substances unnecessary, but they can have a harmful impact on your dog especially if he has anal gland problems. Keep your dog safe by using only good and even natural recipes.

Avoid These Ingredients

Avoid any unidentified ingredients or those with unclear sources. Meals and by-products aren’t as good as the real thing, but they aren’t inherently bad. If meals and by-products are a part of your dog’s diet, make sure they are from a specific animal. For example, chicken meal or pork byproducts are ok, but not poultry by-products or meat meal. Anything that leaves you questioning what kind of raw meat it is is not a good sign. If you want an expert opinion, consult your veterinarian.

Health Enhancing Nutrients

Extra added benefits like wholesome fruits, veggies, vitamins, and minerals are important to your fur baby’s diet. You need antioxidants to help boost overall health and the immune system of your pup. Omega fatty acids help support skin coat health and also reduces inflammation. Probiotics are also another component that your dog needs. Your pet food to be a great source of all these. 

Where Is It Manufactured?

Unfortunately, where a brand of dog food is made does impact the quality. Countries such as the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and certain parts of Europe are countries with stringent food-safety standards. Therefore, food manufactured and sourced within these countries will pose less of a risk. You need to know where it’s made.

Probiotics and Prebiotics

It’s not new that probiotics and prebiotics are essential for good digestion. They coat your pup’s intestines with healthy bacteria that will leave your dog feeling good after every meal, and able to poop smoothly. Probiotics and prebiotics help regulate the digestive system too. When added to a high fiber dog food, probiotics and prebiotics only help strengthen the effect. So, if your dog is having anal gland problems, choose something with probiotics in it. 

Benefits of a High Fiber Diet for Your Dog

Your vet will tell you that fiber is needed for healthy digestion. But other than that, a high fiber diet as an array of other benefits. 

  • Obesity – Healthy bowel movements and limited calories in a high fiber diet can decrease weight gain. This is important as obese dogs have a high risk for anal gland problems. Fiber is heavier and satiates your dog faster than calories. A high fiber diet will not only help express glands, but also help obese dogs achieve a healthy weight.
  • Irregular Intestinal Functions – If your dog’s poop rarely holds shape or he often has diarrhea, these symptoms are considered irregular bowel movements and a high fiber diet can surely put this to bed.
  • Anal Gland Issues – The main purpose of this article is to tackle anal gland issues. Located outside their anus, these glands secrete your dog’s unique scent. They need to be expressed regularly (which usually happens when your dog goes doo doo), but if they aren’t it could lead to infection problems and a lot of pain. Do you see your dog scooting his butt around the house? It may be time for some expelling.
  • Diabetes – Fiber, in humans as well can help regulate blood sugar levels.  Having fiber in a diet is important for healthy digestion. Still, consult a vet if your dog is experiencing any symptoms.

When Do My Dog’s Anal Glands Need to Be Expressed?

A healthy pup should be able to take care of this problem when he or she poops. However, there are some factors that could lead to problems with expression, and one such example is anal glands located too deep within the rectum.

Although you can secrete his or her anal glands yourself (if they cannot do so themselves), it’s still advised to seek professional help if it happens often. You may not know how much pressure to use on the glands and you might damage the anal gland and causing more problems for your pup. Seeking help from a veterinarian is advised if your dog is often unable to empty his anal glands naturally.

If anal gland emptying is done too regularly, the gland muscles will weaken and damage the glands and prevent them from being emptied naturally. Leave them be if you can, but if you see him or her in pain or scooting across the floor, then it’s time to visit the vet.

You can also see our most recommended ear cleaners for dogs, because anal glands are not the only parts that can smell when left unattended.


We do love our dogs very much, hence we want the best food for them as well as other stuff on this list. Although you can talk to a veterinarian for a tailored diet, there are actually alternative ways to add fiber to your dog’s normal diet. Our list of best dog foods for anal gland problems should narrow down the search and steer you in the right direction.

If you found a dog food he loves and you’re hesitant to switch it out, try supplements. There are food toppers you can purchase from most brands that can transform their diet to one that’s high in fiber. If you want to take a more natural approach, you can add some human ingredients to their food. Pumpkin, green beans, carrots, peas, spinach, and other high fiber fruits and vegetables could round out his diet. Since these are unprocessed human foods, don’t give him too much at first. Introduce the new food in small amounts and see how your dog reacts, and his stomach. Hopefully, with a high fiber diet, you will see much improvement in your dog’s anal glands. Again, if you think something’s wrong, consult your vet.

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