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Can Birds Eat Popcorn

Can Birds Eat Popcorn?

Popcorn is a tasty treat that people love to eat, just like chocolate. There is almost nothing more enjoyable than snuggling up with your sweetheart and enjoying a big bag of popcorn while you watch a movie together. It is a wonderfully romantic time that can make any evening one to remember for a long time.

Many wonder if popcorn would be the same kind of tasty snack for their pet, especially their bird. They wonder if they are to feed the popcorn, either cooked or in its kernel form, will have a negative impact on their family pet.

Also, will it be a concern if they give popcorn to the birds that congregate at the park or outside their home. These are a lot of good things to wonder about, so an examination of the answer is in order.

Can Birds Eat Popcorn?

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If you go to a pet store or other kind of store that sells bird seed to put in the feeder or to give to your family pet, you will probably notice that in many cases that corn kernels are including in the bag of food. This should tell you right off that it is perfectly acceptable to give them this as a treat.In fact, the truth is that birds love popcorn. The kernels are not only good for their beaks, as they try to break them apart to eat the food, but they are the perfect kind of food for their nutritional needs. This is why you see them included in most feed bags. But food like boiled raisins are also okay for birds.

Consider that chickens can live on nothing but corn kernels. They are thrown out in the yard where the chickens peck them up and enjoy a hearty meal. This shows that popcorn is good for birds.

Can the Popcorn Be Popped?

This is a good question because most of the feed bags you see have popcorn that is still in the kernel form. So, time to look at this question.

Popcorn is perfectly acceptable for birds to eat if it has been popped. The birds have absolutely no problem with eating or digesting it, so it is perfectly fine to give it to your family pet or to wild birds at the park or around your home.

One warning first, however. Many microwave popcorn brands come with other ingredients added to the popcorn, like artificial butter, seasoning salt, or caramel. This is not good for the bird at all. In fact, the best situation is only to give the bird plain popcorn.

If you are going to cook the popcorn on the stove, then it is best to use vegetable oil to cook the popcorn. This will ensure that the oils do not have an adverse effect on the birds at all. This is especially true if you give the birds popped popcorn on a regular basis. You want to make sure you only use vegetable oil in this case.

Now you know the reality of feeding popcorn to birds, so go ahead and give them this tasty treat.

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