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Can Cats Eat Cereal?

Cats often mingle around us when we eat. They are asking for another treat, even though they just had their meal. Seems like it is in their blood to always circle around food and we can’t do nothing about it. They also like to explore around the house and while they are doing that, they can find leftovers and pieces of food that can be dangerous for them.

Cereals in cat’s meal plan

The main ingredients in cereals can be different sorts of seeds and fruit. Some of them can contain a lot of sugar, which is harmless in moderation but dangerous for cats when consumed a lot (also applies even to fruits such as dates) and others can be pretty good for our health. Determining the ingredients in cereals is important for your pets health. Certain types of cereals can contain a lot of sugar and fruit, and then they are dangerous for your feline friend. Sugar is very bad for cats and this goes for fruit as well, because of the fructose or natural sugar. Sugar will make your feline friend become chubby and also there is a possibility your cat might get diabetes. Cereals can also contain a lot of chocolate and other components that are not good for cats. Chocolate can cause vomiting, diarrhea and increase of urination. In more serious cases, chocolate can cause heart tremors, hyperactivity and other symptoms. This is why cereals with chocolate and sugar in them are definitely a big no. Cereals can also contain seeds and nuts. We all know that cat’s digestive system is not made for processing these sorts of foods, so cereals with a lot of seeds and nuts are definitely not suitable for cats. Also, nuts contain a lot of fat and because of that they are not good for cats in the long run. Possible consequences are again vomiting, diarrhea and other digestive problems. In longer periods of time, nuts can cause serious digestive problems for your cat so it is best to avoid them. Fruit in cereals are mostly dried fruit like raisins. They can be very dangerous because of their high sugar amount. They can also cause kidney failure and make the condition worse for cats that already have certain kidney problems.

What if your cat eats cereals?

If your cat seems to like cereal and doesn’t seem to have problem with that, then you can give them to her occasionally. Avoid giving her sorts that contain a lot of sugar or a lot of dry fruit. If you thought that mixing milk with cereal is a good idea for your cat, it is not. Cats can have a hard time processing lactose, so you will get a cat that vomits or has diarrhea. Overall cereals are not dangerous or life threatening. Certain components in cereal can be troubling for your feline friend, but toxic threat is not very possible. If your cat has eaten cereals that contain a lot of sugar or nuts and dried fruit, then make sure to inform your veterinarian about that. If her symptoms get worse, it is probably best to take her to the vet. So, a small amount of cereals is not dangerous, but also not recommended cat food. Read our article on whether cats can eat turkey here.

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