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Can Cats Eat Dates?

Dates are fruit that originates from Middle East, and we recognize them for their distinguishable taste. Dates are mostly dried and eaten that way, but we can find them in fresh form as well. They grow in warm places, and we can’t find them growing in the northern countries. If you are a cat owner, and your cat loves eating dates you have probably wondered if they are good for your cat. You already know that sugar is not at all good for cats, and that we can find sugar in fruit. So, to make this introduction shorter, dates are not recommended for cats, and here is why.

Dates-nutritional information

This fruit is extremely healthy for us. They contain large amounts of copper, fiber and manganese. All of these components infect our health in their own way, and we need to take certain doses of these nutrients every day. Dates are also rich in vitamin B6 and potassium, so if you are lacking some of these components just grab few dates and enjoy your snack. Because of these healthy components, dates have an anti-inflammatory effect, they keep our digestive system healthy and they reduce our blood pressure. Only downside to dates is that they contain a lot of sugar, and because of that they are not recommended for people with high blood sugar or for those who are trying to lose some weight. Sodium-rich food like shrimps also aren’t good for cats.

Dates in cat’s diet

We have concluded that dates are high in sugar, and this is the main reason why they are not recommended for your cat. Dates are also not toxic for them, so if your cat eats dates and loves it try to limit their intake and give it to them as a treat. They can also have laxative effect because of the high amount of fiber in them, so your cat might experience vomiting, nausea or diarrhea. If you don’t want your feline friend to get too chubby, then it is best to avoid giving him dates. They have a lot of calories and sugar and can make your cat gain weight in no time. Cat needs about 300 calories per day max, so keep that in mind. Their digestive systems are not used to eating foods like dates, so it is better to trust your regular cat food than to experiment with other foods. Dates can also cause your pet to choke. They have a soft texture on the inside which is very sticky, and sometimes they can get caught on your cat’s throat and stop their breathing. Also, if you care about your cat’s dental health, dates are not a good choice. A lot of sugar will make your cat’s teeth prone to cavities and then you will have yourself a real problem. In the end it is up to you to decide whether you want to treat your cat with dates from time to time or not. Since they are not poisonous your feline friend will be okay. Only her teeth, her stomach and her weight might become a problem. Are dogs cleaner than cats, or is it vice-versa? Learn about that and more here on Petsolino.

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