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Can Cats Eat Peanuts?

We adore them or we don’t like them at all! Cat have been worshiped and praised since ancient times of human civilization. They are considered deities in magnificent Egyptian Empire and mythical harness to Nordic goddess Freya. Cats are also praised in Asian cultures and all around the world.

There are also superstitions about evil spirits and witches turned into cats. Seeing a black cat is often connected both with misfortune and good outcome, depending on particular country. All in all, cats are amazing, captivating beings. They are independent, intelligent, very skillful and cunning, but could also be wonderful pets.

Cats can be both loners and sociable. They are able to take care of their own without any problem, but could easily adapt to human environment and household. Their ability of hunting pests made them extremely popular throughout human history. Nowadays, cats are amongst the most popular pets in the world. Despite their individualistic characteristic, if you take it as a pet, you need to be ready to provide it all the necessary care and attention. Your cat needs to be active and nurtured in a right way.

Cats communicate using body language and they will express their needs by many signals. They can be really whimsical and let you touch them only if they are in mood for cuddling and playing.

However, some cats are very gentle and attracted to their owners and they love to cuddle all the time! If you treat your cat with tenderness and love and provide it all the necessary conditions, you’ll make a great companion. Cats are not a temporary fun; they require long term commitment and care.

Feed your cat correctly

Cats are carnivores and they don’t need any other type of food then meat to fulfill their nutritional needs. In wild, cats would chew some grass they consider fine to handle stomach problems, if any. Do not feed your cat any food that is not advised by experts. For example, consuming grapes can cause kidney failure in cats. Purchased cat food is an excellent option and the best choice. It is formulated to provide your pet all the valuable ingredients it needs.

When it comes to frequency, an adult cat needs approximately two servings a day. This means that two meals of dry, canned or vacuum packed cat food a day would be sufficient. Keep in mind fresh water should always be available. Most cats wouldn’t even taste food that is not fresh. It could eat leftovers from its granules, but don’t expect it to eat what was left from canned food or something else. To enrich your pet’s diet, feed it occasional servings of freshly cooked meat, high-quality fish, liver, eggs or some fresh cheese.

Are peanuts good for cats?

Peanuts are not on cats’ regular menu. However, some owners would feed their cats almost everything, which is completely irresponsible and dangerous. Just follow the experts’ advices and you’ll have a happy and healthy cat.

What about peanuts? Cats eat mostly protein food, which is essential for their energetic and hunter nature. Peanuts are very high in proteins, which seems fine. On the other hand, peanuts and similar viands contain way too much fat. Cats don’t need it, not even as a treat. If your cats tried peanuts and liked it, you could consider using them as an extremely occasional treat. You can give it a couple of peanuts, raw, unsalted, unsweetened, and unshelled. Two or three peanuts once in a while most likely won’t do your cat any harm.

Avoid all other peanut products, especially spreads like peanut butter. It is full of fats and additives, which can be very bad for cats. However, it seems cats won’t eat too much of it, even if you make mistake and offer it to them. They have naturally good eating habits and most cats feel what is good for their health. Unlike dogs, cats are picky and not such gourmets. They usually stick to their food. House cats can be used to eat different food, but try not to practice that.

Human food in general is not appropriate for cats. We are omnivores and they are not, so don’t offer your cat leftovers from your meals or delicacies and treats you like. When it comes to peanut butter, you know it is not supposed to be eaten in large amounts by humans, either. It is fattening and harmful both to us and our pets, if eaten in larger amounts. If you want your cat to be healthy and agile, don’t feed it peanut butter at all.

Cats can be allergic to peanuts, just as humans. If you ever decide to give your cat some peanuts, please pay great attention on its behavior and any possible signs of illness. Some cats could be completely unable to digest them, so peanuts would most probably get them sickness and diarrhea. If your cat experience vomiting after eating peanuts, just cut with it and do not even consider feeding them again. The tricky thing with allergies is that they need some time and repetitions to develop. So, if you fed your cats peanuts before, but it now begins to develop disturbing symptoms, such as sneezing, itching or swelling, it could be allergic reaction to peanuts. Take your pet to a vet and give them thorough account on food you were feeding it.

However, your cat may not even like peanuts at all. Some cats are just not interested eating it. They can even consider it toys and spend hours pushing and catching it around. You can observe similar behavior when cats are fed with raspberries.