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Can Cats Eat Potatoes?

They have been adored and respected since ancient times of our civilization. Cats are personification of purity, elegance, freedom and independence, but they are also our protectors and guardians of our homes. Ancient Egyptians worshiped cats and raised them to the position of deities. Cats kept snakes and other dangerous creatures away from their homes and temples. In addition, cats act like they are aware of their irresistible charms, so it is not surprising great Egyptian rulers considered them godlike.

Cats are still our beautiful and skillful companions. They are natural hunters, so they protect our houses and supplies from pests. There is probably no countryside household without its cat or cats. Cats are also popular as city people pets. They are adaptable and they can live a good and satisfying life in the apartment, without going outside. If you have all the necessary conditions to satisfy your cat, it will be perfectly happy living in the apartment, as well.

All cats need a lot of care. Despite being independent, if you take it as a pet, you need to nurture it proper way. They are demanding and not so easy to tame as dogs, for example. Cats are very intelligent and mistrustful beings, so you need a lot of time and patience to earn their trust.

However, a cat can easily learn house rules and be obedient. Cats are also friendly and cuddly animals, they love to play with their owners and some of them will spend hours purring in your lap. There is really no animal which is as adorable as this gentle and soft fur ball.

Feeding a cat

If you got yourself a cat, you need to provide it all the necessary care it requires. Beside living space, activity and medical care, nutrition is one of the most important things when it comes to your cat’s health and development. Cats need only few essential nutrients to fulfill their basic daily needs. They mostly need proteins and fresh water. Milk isn’t even necessary as they are lactose intolerant, although cats can drink almond milk as a substitute. So, meat is basic food for cats. Proteins of animal origin are needed to keep cats’ body in a good shape. Its organism is designed to digest meat food and no other.

When it comes to feeding a cat, there are two options. You can feed it purchased cat food from pet stores, which is warmly advised. On the other hand, you can feed it some homemade food, but you need to be extra careful. You should choose some quality meat and never serve it raw. As for other viands, cats don’t actually need them. Even if you think your cat would like something from your daily menu, it is recommended to avoid feeding it leftovers from your own plate. Your food contains ingredients your cat doesn’t need and that can even be harmful.

Can I give my cat some potatoes?

When it comes to vegetables, your cat doesn’t lack any nutrients it contains. Well, a cat needs some minerals and vitamins, but it can get it all from food products designed especially for cats. Additional vegetable is not necessary. Actually, it can be poisonous and dangerous for your pet.

If you grow potatoes in your garden, keep an eye on your cat, when it sneaks and lurks around. Although cats don’t eat plants, you can sometimes catch them chewing some leaves and herbs in order to heal their stomach and reduce bloating or else. Well, potato plant can be dangerous. Leaves of unripe potatoes and their skin contain dangerous compound called solanine. The function of solanine in plants such as potato is to protect it from pests and animals who would like to eat it before it reaches its full size.

Cats are small beings, so they don’t need too much solanine to get poisoned. It can be extremely dangerous to kittens that are more likely to chew things they are not familiar with, even if it doesn’t taste amazing for them. Solanine from raw and unripe potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants and similar vegetables can cause severe digestion problems, stomach ache and badly affect cats’ nervous system. So, keep it away from your kitty. If it gets poisoned, it will most likely get diarrhea, start vomiting and get disoriented. Visit a vet immediately!

Plain, cooked potatoes are not toxic to cats, but they are certainly not to be given in large amounts. Potatoes are healthy for us and they contain valuable nutrients for sure, but our cats’ don’t need them. Too much cooked potatoes lead to obesity and all other health conditions connected with it. Cats’ bodies are not meant to process carbohydrates from food such as potatoes, so too many of them would just make them gain weight and feel ill.

Potatoes treats and snacks we eat are hazardous for your cat’s health. So, don’t try to treat it some chips, French fries or baked potato skin. All of them contain too much oil and salt, not to mention additives and various spices that make them taste so delicious to many people. Sugar is not great, too. Fruits like strawberries shouldn’t be eaten by cats and pose no benefit at all.