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Can Cats Eat Yogurt?

Mysterious and elegant, with their soft and delicate fur, silent, gentle pace and captivating big eyes, cats are extraordinary living beings. There are stories and myths about them and numerous fun facts about their bodies and skills. Cats have been adored and praised since ancient times, but also feared or disliked. Their quite independent nature makes them both attractive and too proud for many people. While some people are fonder of more obedient pets, others are completely enchanted with cats and their amazing characteristics.

Despite the common opinion on cats as selfish and indifferent beings, the reality speaks differently. A cat taken as a pet could be extremely attached to its owner and be loyal and compassionate friend. Cats are very intelligent animals that won’t let you do with them whatever you want, especially if they are not in the mood to play or cuddle. However, they do love cuddling! There is hardly a pet that enjoys resting in its owners lap more than a cat. Just remember, you can do it safely only if your beautiful feline let you so!

So, you’ve learned something about cats’ nature. Each feline needs to be treated with care, love and respect. They can feel your emotions and the love you give them. Be extremely gentle and careful with these beautiful animals and get well informed on their needs, if you consider getting a cat. They are independent and agile, but once you take a cat as a pet, you should be ready for a serious, lifetime commitment. All cats are demanding as pets. They require some essential conditions to grow and live healthy and feel good. The most important things are your devotion and patience. They are essential for taking care of any animal and cats are not an exception.

Feeding felines

Felines require good, balanced and healthy diet plan. You surely know they are natural hunters that eat small prey animals. Cats usually hunt mice, little birds, rats, some other rodents and similar species and even more ‘exotic’ prey, like snakes and such. So, meat is their natural food and it covers almost one hundred percent of their natural menu. Felines’ body is literally made for processing proteins of animal origin. Cats utilize valuable material from animal meat, which makes them grow and stay strong and agile. Those proteins are the most important ingredients needed for healthy development of their organism.

Beside animal meat proteins, cats don’t require much of other nutrients. They are very picky animals and they won’t eat anything in front of their noses, unlike dogs that are quite voracious. Take cinnamon and cats, for example. Since your pet most probably won’t have to hunt for food, there are excellent options to feed it healthy. Commercial cat food is the best choice and it should take up the most of your lovely feline’s daily menu. Cat food you could purchase in any pet store is carefully designed to meet felines’ essential needs. Those products contain all the essential material for cats’ healthy growth and development.

You can safely feed your cat granules and some vacuumed or canned products occasional. Those delicious meals usually contain the fines meat from chicken, turkey, rabbit and such, which is very beneficial to cats.

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Beside purchased food, cats don’t require much more, but you can prepare some food at home. This usually means you can cook some good quality meat and treat your cat once in a while. Other viands are not necessary, but some of them could be given to cats occasionally. You should forget on your spicy snacks, sweets or meal leftovers, of course. They are harmful to cats and can cause serious health problems to your pet, if it finds it tasteful and starts craving for them.

Healthy yogurt

We are all familiar with popular depiction of cats as milk addictives, but that picture is completely wrong! Cats are not crazy about milk as many people think. Diary products are not their natural food. They don’t crave for milk, unless they are kittens still feeding from their mother’s breasts. An adult cat’s body is not adapted for processing milk and utilizing nutrients coming from dairy products. In fact, most of cats are naturally intolerant to lactose, an integral part of milk’ composition, meaning cows’ milk and such. Scrambled eggs are fine, but eggs with milk wouldn’t be.

However, yogurt is slightly different than plain milk. It contains active friendly bacteria that are very good for our bowels and our digestive tract. Yogurt is considered very nutritional and beneficial to humans. It is a dairy product that provides a full pack of useful nutrients and there are rare individuals who have problems with it. Yogurt is gentle to digestive system, it recovers intestinal flora and energize our bodies. It works similar with cats, as well.

Yogurt could be a good treat or addition to your cat’s diet plan. Of course you should keep to its regular food, but some healthy yogurt won’t do our dear feline any harm. On the contrary, it could be good for its digestion and even help with digestion issues, if any. You can mix it with your pet’s food, if it likes it or give it plain. If you wonder why cats can safely eat yogurt and not other diary products, it is because of the probioticts it contains. Probiotics actually break down undesired lactate element, which prevents lactose intolerance problems in humans and animals, as well.

So, yogurt is good and healthy food for your lovely feline, as long as it is given in its plain form. So, avoid those yogurt-based desserts, sugared yogurt with additions like fruits, chocolate and such. Cats have problem with digesting sugary food, so keep to plain yogurt.

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