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Can Cats Have Autism

Can Cats Have Autism?

If you are a cat owner, then you probably know that cats can have different diseases that people have, such as asthma, diabetes, strokes, or even cancer. One of the most common questions of cat owners is if cats can have autism.

First of all, it is important to know that cats are very different from humans. The truth is that cats are not able to see what we can see and also they have a different way to perceive the world.

Also, social behavior of cats is different from ours, so cats are not able to socialize like we do. But, there is no doubt that cats can show some symptoms of autism, so there is a question “Can cats be autistic or not?“

If you continue reading this article, you will find out the answer to this and similar questions. We will tell you if it is possible for cats to be autistic and we will try to explain you the autistic symptoms that cats may have. But, first of all, we will tell you a few words about autism in general.

What is Autism?

You may have heard of autism, but you don’t know what actually it can be. We can say that it is a mental disease or disorder and it is usually considered as a very problematic behaviour.

Most important characteristics of autism are inappropriate social interactions, repetitive behavior and also communication disorders. It means that people who suffer from this mental condition have many difficulties to develop communication with other people and to have social relationships.

It is important to say that autism is not the same disorder as Down syndrom and there are not physical signs of this disorder. The child usually shows the symptoms of this disorder in early childhood, often before the third birthday. The symptoms are usually developing slowly, but when parents notice them, they should seek medical help for their child.

There are different opinions about possible causes of autism. We can say that the main causes of autism are genetic factors, but the environment can also have a big impact on this disorder. Sometimes the autism is caused by using drugs and alcohol during pregnancy, but it may also be caused by different infections that mother had when she was pregnant.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for the autistic disorder, but there are some ways to help children who suffer from it. It is important to help those children develop communication and social skills and also self-confidence.

Sometimes it happens that a person who is suffering from autism has become successful in many areas of the life. Everything is possible and most important is to treat this disorder from the early age and to give the children love and care.

Now when you know what autism is and how it can be manifested among people, we will tell you if this disorder may also affect cats.

Can Cats Have Autism?

It is true that cats may show many symptoms of autism like humans, but it doesn’t mean that they are autistic. So, the answer to this question is no. Cats cannot have autism, even though they may have some symptoms of this disease.

In fact, a cat may develop some kind of disease that may be similar to autism, but it is unlikely to diagnose a cat to have this disorder.

So, the answer is no. Cats don’t have autism in the real sense of this word, but they can show different symptoms of this mental disorder. Now we will discuss about these symptoms and we will try to explain them.

If your cat is too quiet or if your cat is meowing and purring only when you are there, you may think that your cat is suffering from autism. But, you have to know that some breeds of cats are very “talkative“, while others are quiet and they are active only when they are with their owners.

Also, one of the most common symptoms of autism in humans is impaired social interaction. But, you have to know that some feline breeds are not social at all and they need to be independent. There are some breeds of cats that love to be alone. If you notice that your cat is antisocial towards people but also towards other animals, you don’t have to worry. It is completely normal for some cat breeds to avoid social interactions and it is a matter of their temperament.

It is known that autistic people sometimes may show extraordinary intelligence, so if you notice that your cat is very intelligent, you can think that is suffering from autism. But, you have to know that some feline breeds are very intelligent and some others may focus on one thing only. It doesn’t mean that your cat is autistic, so you can relax.

Sometimes autistic people have some sensory disorders and they may lack of focus. If you notice that the moves of your cat are not coordinated or that your cat cannot focus on something, you may be afraid, but this behaviour is completely normal.

It is also possible that your cat is suffering from depression or that it has infections. Also, your cat may refuse food, so in this case you may be worried. Your cat may have a problem with social interaction and you should take it to the veterinarian, but you can be sure that your cat is not autistic.


After reading this article you can be sure that your cat cannot be autistic. Even though cats may have some symptoms of this disorder, it doesn’t mean that they are really autistic. It is important to know that each cat is different, so you should not be afraid if your cat acts improperly in some situations.

However, if you notice some serious symptoms, you should take your cat to the vet and find the best treatment for her. But, you should know that autism is not disorder that may affect cats, so you don’t have to worry.

We are sure that this article has been useful for you and that it helped you understand better behavior of your cat. Read more of resources on cats such as whether felines can eat shrimp next.