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Can Dogs Drink Coconut Water?

Dog food provides all the necessary nutrients for dogs and there’s no need to add some other foods to dog’s diet. But, many dog owners love introducing new foods in their dogs’ diet. In that case, dog owners should be careful because not all the foods are safe for dogs. In this article we will talk about coconut water.

Coconuts are generally safe for dogs. They are not on the list of foods which are toxic to dogs. But, you must have in mind that coconuts contain medium chain triglycerides that can lead to digestion problems, such as stomach ache, bloating or diarrhea. The most important is to give coconuts to your dog only as occasional treat. One of the healthiest coconut products is certainly the coconut water.

In this article we will say something more about coconut water and we will see is this beverage safe for dogs. You can also head over to our article dedicated to chickpeas as dog food.

More About Coconut Water

Coconut water is a clear liquid which is found inside coconuts. Coconut water is consumed as a beverage and it is a tasty alternative to water. Coconut water is rich in nutrients and it has many health benefits for people. Thanks to its high content of fiber, coconut water helps in digestion and reduces the risk of acid reflux. Coconut water can supress the appetite and it is a great choice for all those who want to lose weight.

Also, coconut water can be applied on the surface of the skin, in order to clear up and tone the skin. Many body lotions, facial creames, shampoos and conditioners contain coconut extract. There’s no doubt that coconut water is very beneficial for people, but what about dogs? Can they also drink this healthy water?

Is Coconut Water Safe for Dogs?

The answer is yes. Not only is coconut water safe for your dog, but it has also many health benefits. Coconut water is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and electrolytes. Due to its rich nutritional content, coconut water is very good for dogs and they should drink it.

Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Coconut water is refreshing and tasty beverage which can give energy to your dog. Coconut water keeps your dog hydrated all the time. Coconut water improves digestion in dogs and can prevent many gastrointestinal problems. This water also reduces the risk of many urinary infections, because it is a natural diuretic. If you include coconut water in your dog’s diet, it can clear skin conditions and also sweeten dog breath. Some researches have shown that coconut water can also ease the arthritis in dogs. It is recommendable to use a coconut water as a reward or treat when you are training your dog. You can also add some coconut water in your dog’s food. This is the preferred method for most dog owners who want to introduce coconut in their dog’s diet. Dogs simply enjoy drinking coconut water.

How Much Coconut Water can Be given To Dogs?

Although coconut water is healthy for dogs, don’t overdo the amount. Coconuts are also rich in fats, so drinking too much of coconut water can lead to obesity of your dog. If you give coconut water to your dog for the first time, be careful and watch the reaction of the dog.

If there are no symptoms, it means that your dog has digested well the coconut water. But, if your dog starts vomiting or if he has a stomach pain and loose stools, you should stop giving coconut water to him. Maybe he has drunk big amount of this water or he is simply sensitive or allergic to coconut products.

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