Can Dogs Eat Fries?

Dog owners often think that dog’s regular diet could be boring, so they want to give them something unusual, like fries. People enjoy eating salty, greasy and hot fries and they usually want to share them with their dogs.

Most dogs also like gobbling up fries, so they often grab them from their owners. But, most veterinarians think that giving fries to dogs is a bad habit. Are French fries really unsafe for dogs? Why shouldn’t dogs eat fries and which effects they can have on dog’s health? The answers to these questions you will see below. But, first we will tell you something more about fries and their nutritional value.

More About Fries

Fries or french fries taste good and it is really hard to resist eating them. Fries are made up of potato with added oil and salt. They are often served with ketchup or some other topping, like mayonnaise or vinegar. They are often fried in deep oil, but they can also be cooked in an oven. They are considered unhealthy food for humans but also for animals. Fries contain large amounts of fats and other processed ingredients. Also, they are rich in calories and they can make us fat. Studies have shown that fries are not good for dog’s health and you should avoid giving them to your dog.

Why Aren’t Fries Safe for Dogs?

Although dog’s digestive system is different from ours, dogs are able to process fries, but fries are not what the dogs actually need. Most veterinarians advise that you shouldn’t give fries to your dog. Fries don’t contain protein, which is necessary for dog’s health. Fries taste good, but they don’t have nutritional value that dogs need.

Also, fries are loaded with saturated fats which can make us and our dogs fat and they can clog our arteries, too. Dogs need healthy fats, which are not found in French fries. They contain only bad fats which also cause high cholesterol levels and pancreatitis. Fries contain large amount of salt, which is not good for dogs. It is known that salty food can even lead to salt poisoning and it can be very dangerous. The symptoms that your dog is poisoned with salt are vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy and excessive thirst. If you notice some of these symptoms with your dog, you should contact a veterinarian as soon as possible.

If your dog has already eaten some french fries, you don’t have to panic. One meal rich in fats won’t do any harm to your dog, but it is not recommendable to give fries to your dog very often. Fries can be safe for dogs only when they are used in very small amounts. You can give occasionally a small portion of fries to your dog, but you shouldn’t substitute dog’s regular meals for french fries. If you constantly throw fries to your dog, that could lead to many health problems.

Final Thoughts

Generally, dogs should not eat french fries and other food which contains a lot of salt or saturated fat. We have seen that small portions of fries once in a while will not do any harm to your dog, but actually there’s no point in giving fries to your dog. They are practically useless for dogs and they have no nutritional value for them.

Also, fries can cause some health issues which sometimes can be fatal. We recommend you to give your dog some other food like melons instead of fries and your dog will be certainly satisfied. And what is the most important, your dog will be much healthier.