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Can Dogs Eat Cheerios?

When you are introducing any new food into your dog’s diet you have to do it slowly. Also, you have to be well informed if a certain food is safe for your dog or not. As we all know, a dog’s digestive system is different from ours and it is not able to tolerate certain foods that we eat. Because of that, you have to take care of your dog’s health and provide him balanced and healthy diet.

In this article we will tell you something more about Cheerios and its impact on a dog’s health. Can you feed your dog Cheerios or you should find some other treat? Can Cheerios cause any side effects to your dog? Read carefully this article and you will find out.

What Is Cheerios?

Cheerios is an American brand of breakfast cereals that consists of pulverized oats. Cheerios is available in a variety of flavors, such as original, banana nut, multigrain, honey nut, chocolate, berry, apple, cinnamon and others. Cheerios contains dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals and it is considered a healthy food.

But, there are some varieties of Cheerios that contain high amounts of sugar, so you have to be careful. It is best to eat Cheerios in moderation. But, is Cheerios suitable for your dog? Just continue reading and you will find out.

Is Cheerios Safe for Dogs?

You may be worried if your dog has eaten a certain amount of cheerios. But, there’s no need to panic immediately. Cheerios is harmless for dogs and it can be a great healthy snack for them. But, remember that only a small amount of Cheerios can be safe for your dog. Most dogs love the crunchiness of Cheerios, but you should not give them an entire bowl of it.

Cheerios contains whole grain oats which is not normally eaten by dogs. They need animal proteins derived from meat, in order to stay healthy. As we have already said, Cheerios is not harmful for your dog, if eaten in small amounts. But, you should also provide your dog foods that are beneficial for him. If your dog doesn’t get enough nutrients that he needs, he may become sick.

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Our recommendation is to use Cheerios as a reward for good behaviour of your dog or during training. But, most important is to limit the amount of this cereal that you give to your dog. Once or two times a week is more than enough for your canine friend. You should not feed your dog Cheerios over the long term. Use it once in a while and your dog will stay healthy. Cheerios can also be beneficial for your dog because it is rich in dietary fiber and it will prevent any gastrointestinal problems in your dog.

Have in mind that when you give your dog Cheerios, you are introducing something totally new into his diet and your dog must get used to it. Start with very small amounts and watch carefully the reaction of your dog. If there are any side effects, such as diarrhea or vomiting, you should stop feeding your dog this cereal. We have also a warning for you. If your dog is gluten intolerant, you should not feed him Cheerios. If you want to avoid any health risks, it is best to find some other delicious treat for your dog. Although it is generally safe, Cheerios is definitely not the best way to feed your dog.


As you have seen in this article, your dog can enjoy the crunchiness of Cheerios but not very often. You should feed your dog Cheerios only as an occasional treat. It should not be a part of a regular dog’s diet. Remember that it is better to give your dog some healthy canine-formulated treats that will provide him with all necessary nutrients. And while we’re at it, dogs should stay away from pickles, too.

As we have already said, Cheerios is harmless for dogs if used occasionaly, but it is not the best choice. Have in mind that dogs should get the majority of their protein from animal sources. Remember that you are responsible for your dog’s health and you have to take care of his diet, in order to provide him long, healthy and happy life. You can learn more by reading our articles on lemons and other fruits that you can think of of giving your dog.

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