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Can Dogs Eat Eggplant?

The most important factor, when it comes to your dog is the diet. All dogs like to eat and food is more than just important for them.

At the same time, it is a bit complicated, due to the fact dogs organism is very different than ours, so they have different requirements. In general, human food isn’t bad for dogs, but it should be given to them in moderation.

On the other side, some human food is bad and it shouldn’t be a part of their diet. In any case, this depends on a food, so it is mandatory to know everything about a specific food before you feed your dog with it. In this case, we will be focused on the eggplant. You can also read our article on green beans and dogs.

Eggplant and your best friend

In any case, tomatoes and eggplants are similar plants and you may know that feeding a dog with tomatoes is still in question. Most experts claim that you shouldn’t feed your pet with tomatoes due to the fact they contain certain chemicals that are bad for your pet. On the other side some dogs like tomatoes and they can eat a lot of it. The situation is the same when it comes to eggplants.

In general, they are a great addition to your dog, simply because they are healthy and they are delicious. However, should you feed your dog with this food is more than just complicated. In addition, you must start with smaller amounts and monitor the condition of your pet. In most cases, there won’t be any issues, but in some, rare cases, a dog may develop certain issues that will have a negative effect on the health of him.

Introducing eggplant to your pet

It is recommended to start with a very small amount of eggplant, simply because some dogs may be allergic to the chemicals found in this plant. In any case, the smallest amount possible is the safest, so this factor should be taken into account. In addition, after you have fed your dog with this food, pay attention to your pet.

Even better, you can get him to a veterinarian and test him, just to make sure can he can eat eggplant. If he isn’t allergic, then you can feed him with eggplant and it is definitely something you should do, because eggplants are rich in nutrients. As aforementioned, you can test him by yourself, just makes sure you give him a small amount of this food.

Some dogs may hate eggplant

While eggplant is good for your dog, some dogs don’t like it. If your dog is one of them, you can try to mix it with other food, while your pet gets used to eggplant.

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On the other side some pets never want to eat this food, so you cannot and you shouldn’t feed them with it.

In any case, this depends on your dog, so every situation is different. Most experts claim that if your pet hates tomatoes, he will hate eggplant as well, so this is one criteria you can use. Keep in mind that it isn’t a great decision to feed your pet with the food in question if he doesn’t like it. Simply move to another food and start feeding him with it.

Use organic eggplant

As you now know, eggplant isn’t toxic for dogs. Simply said, it is safe for most dogs, unless your pet is allergic to this food. On the other side some eggplants are a much better choice. This applies to organic eggplants, due to the fact they are grown in a different way than conventionally grown plants, so they are a safer and a much better choice.

Due to the fact they are grown without use of pesticides and herbicides, they don’t contain these chemicals, so they have less negative effects. Maybe organic eggplants are expensive, but they are a much better choice and most experts claim that you should feed your dog only with organic products.

In general, organic products are a much better choice for you as well and they should be taken into account, if you are looking for the best possible diet. In addition, this applies to dogs as well, so they should eat organic products, simply because they have a lot more benefits and they are healthier. If you like your dog, you will choose organic food.

The bottom line

When it comes to eggplants, the situation is simple. You can and you should feed your pet with this food. On the other side if your dog is allergic to eggplant, it shouldn’t be a part of his diet.

In any case, you can try with smaller amount of the eggplants and monitor for the effects. In addition, organic eggplants are a much better and safer choice, so they should be used, rather than conventionally grown eggplant. Looking to mix things up for your dog? Read about plantains if you’re out of ideas!

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