Can Dogs Eat Plantains?

We know that doggies most often prefer meat-based foods. At times, it is also seen to eat some fruits like clementines. But, a very few dog owners know that some special herbs can also be beneficial to their pups, and one of these herbs is plantain.

Plantain is a type of plant, generally available in wild areas. This is very hardy weed and may often be noticed in the crevices and cracks of some walkways, in gaps of highways and also on dusty roads. The good fact is that this weed is full of vitamins and many other things and is available readily.

How do plantains look?

Plantains appear as large bananas, and have the awkward curved moon shape. Though their look is parallel to banana, they are noticeably dissimilar to bananas because they possess quite starchier feels and considerably less sugary taste.

Bananas are obviously smaller than them. Plantains may be easily distinguished by seeing the color, and a few of them possess clearly dark colored peels.

Benefits obtained from the plantains

Plantain may give a positive effect on the urinary and digestive tract. Besides, it can also function well for the skin of your dog. It has also some anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Thus, your dog will remain safe from the general food-related microbes, such as, Bacillus subtilus.

Plantain may alleviate the signs of constant bowel syndrome and diarrhea. However, it is also valuable as lubricant, allowing the doggies in passing the swallowed foreign things, like toy squeakers. Plantain husks and seeds are also able to provide nutritional fiber, besides working as some laxative.

Plantain Lily

It may also be called as hosta, a big plant that prefers shade, and it is usually seen in the beds of flowers. This has wide green leaves, on which you can see yellow or blue colors or white spots. The leaves may develop from middle point. The flowers with a blue or yellow tint or white markings, that grow thickly from the center; the blooms are violet in color and develop on big stems, growing above leaves. According to some study, the flowers and the leaves may be poisonous to the dogs. Saponins, which are present in the parts, create a foamy gas within the dog’s stomach. It may lead bloating along with gastric torsion in few cases. When you have found that a dog has consumed the plant, you can immediately take it to the vet immediately.

Thus, though the fruit, plantain is not a risk to the pup, plantain lilies may do so. These plants can be a danger not only to the doggies but also to the horses and cats. Watch for any sign (like loose stools) of the consumption of plantain lily in your beloved pup.

How to utilize the plantain

You obviously want to give plantain to your dogs, and that is why you need to know how you should serve it. In order to prepare fresh juice from plantain, pass the complete plant through any blender or juicer with a little quantity of hot water. And you may strain the fluid or utilize it in normal form. Keep this in refrigerator for one or two weeks.

For any internal diseases, offer your doggie one teaspoon of the liquid for 20 pounds weight of the body. Commercial plantain supplements may also be obtained in liquid and capsule form.

Plantains have very rare adverse effects though using them in huge amounts may lead to skin rashes, or some allergies, particularly when the pet is prone to some plant allergy. When you are not certain about it, you may use only little amount of plantain to your dog’s skin prior to introducing it to the internal part of the dog’s body.

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