Can Dogs Eat Melon?

Dogs are our best friends. They are even more than that – many people consider their cuddly pets members of their families. Well, dogs surely deserve such a treatment. They have been our loyal companions for millenniums. Nowadays, dogs are still popular all around the world. They are not just our pets. Those skilful and kind animals are often used as helpers in some really demanding professions, such as police service, rescue actions and medical care, as well.

A dog can be an amazing pet. Puppies are cute, playful and funny; they grow with us and experience all our joys and sorrows. Dogs are quite sociable and affectionate living beings. They don’t like to be alone, on the contrary. A dog is not a toy to play. It is a living creature and you should treat it with tenderness and patience. If you’re thinking of getting yourself a pup, get ready for a long-term commitment, not a temporary fun.

In order to have a happy, healthy and satisfied pet, you need to meet all its essential needs and more. Don’t even think of getting a dog if you know you won’t have time enough to play with it, to groom it, feed it and walk it out. A dog requires your full attention, especially when it is still a pup. So, provide it a space big enough, a lot of activity, regular vet check and good, healthy meals.

Healthy diet for dogs

Having spent a really long time by humans’ side, dogs got used to various types of food. They were eating only meat once, but sharing food with humans made them adapted to food other than meat.

However, their digestive system still differs from ours and they cannot eat food made for humans. Sweet corn may look harmless to dogs, but experts disagree. If you have doubts about your dog’s nutrition plan, seek an expert’s advice and determine what the nutritional needs of your pet are.

Once you’ve learned what your pet needs you can choose among various high quality dog food products. Every pet store has to offer a great deal of different types of dog food. There is an excellent choice of dry canned and vacuumed food, as well as dog treats and else. Those products are formulated to meet each dog’s individual needs, depending on its age, gender, level of activity, size, health condition and breed.

You can safely use purchased dog food as regular and basic meals. Enrich it with some good homemade meals and some fresh vegetables and fruits. It is good for your dog’s digestion, in the first place. Some extra nutrients will certainly do well for your dog’s health if served in moderation and with precautions. But it does not hurt to double-check. For example, curry shouldn't be fed to dogs.

Fresh cooling melons for dogs

Most f people love melons and gladly enjoy its juicy, sweet taste during hot summer days. Melons are packed with valuable vitamins and minerals, so they are considered super healthy. We eat them raw and cold, but also used them in desserts. All in all, we can’t wait for melon season to begin. Can we share some delicious melon slices with our canines? Are melons good for them?

The answer is yes, melons are dog friendly fruit. In fact, your four-legged friend can benefit from it, just as you do. Melons are quite high in water content, which is extremely beneficial during for summer season. It will keep your dog hydrated and make it feel refreshed. Don’t forget for some fresh water, of course. A bowel of fresh, pure and cool water should be always available to your pet.

Melons are good for dogs, but they are not meant to replace its regular food. Melons are to be considered a good, healthy treat, just as other fruits. Fruits are quite sugary or dogs. Their digestive system is not designed to process sugar the way humans’ can. Too much sweet food could get your dog health problems, from diarrhea and vomiting to more serious health conditions, such as obesity and diabetes.

When feeding your pet melons, serve it without seeds. We don’t eat them, as well. They are not digestible and can get stacked in both ours and our pet’s intestinal tract. You could assume it is not the happiest scenario, for sure. You should avoid all melon recipes, smoothies, cakes and such, of course. They contain added sugar, spices and a lot more. All those are harmful to dogs. You can feed your dog a few slices of fresh, delicious melon once in a while. As long as you stick to the regular nutrition plan for your dear canine, based on dog food, some juicy melon won’t be a problem at all.

Melons are dog friendly and they can benefit your four-legged buddy, taken as an occasional treat once in a while. Even of your dog really loves their taste, stick to really small portions. It could be good for your pet’s digestion and provide it more of valuable vitamins and minerals.

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