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Can Dogs Eat Fruit?

They are playful and very affectionate pets. Dogs are some of the most beloved pets in the world and that’s not without the reason. There is hardly a pet more loyal and devoted to its owners than dogs. This relationship traces back to the very beginnings of our history and beyond. Dogs are our faithful friends, loyal companions and dedicated assistants in many jobs. There are even some globally famous dogs with deeds incorporated on pages of our civilizations’ achievements.

Dogs are trustful and loyal pets. They are sociable animals that love to be around people. Dogs are used to human company and they can develop unbreakable connections with their owners. There are numerous accounts on dogs’ incredible deeds of support and help towards their humans. Those amazing animals are often used in some pretty dangerous professions, such as police and rescue teams’ services. They are also very popular with children and often considered family members in many homes.

Once you’ve decided to take a dog, get ready to introduce it to your home. You should offer it good living conditions and care. Never take a dog if you think you might not have time enough for taking care of it. Keep in mind it needs your constant attention and company. A dog needs a lot of physical activity, in order to grow and develop healthy. It needs grooming, a space big enough for its needs, proper and regular medical care and good food. If you fulfill all of it, you’re ready to make a new friend.

Food for dogs

Dogs eat different types of food, unlike cats, for example. They were carnivores also, but time spent by humans’ side made their bodies adjusted to various types of viands. All dogs need a good proportion of proteins, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients to grow and stay healthy.  No, they cannot eat everything, although they are most likely to have anything you serve them! A well balanced diet plan is essential for your dog’s muscles, bones, intestines, brain functions, fur, eyes and the whole body.

Dogs should eat food made especially for them. So, you can feed it ready made products for dogs as well as some good, home cooked meals. Most of experts would suggest using purchased food as a basic, regular food and adding some homemade food to enrich your dog’s diet. There is really a great deal of good products for dogs. Nutritional needs of a dog vary depending on its age, gender, breed and health condition. Seek for an expert’s advice and chose the best for your dear pet.

Your dog’s diet plan should be enriched with some home cooked food as well. Always make sure it is prepared in a proper way, which usually means well cooked and free of spices and additives. Remember dogs’ digestive system is different than ours, so it can’t process human food, such as processes meat products, snacks and sweets, for example. On the other hand, occasional servings of fresh fruits and vegetables are welcome.

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Fruit as a healthy treat

Dogs eat fruits and they usually like it all. However, you need to get well informed on dog friendly fruit and amounts and frequency of serving it. Fruits are good for dogs’ digestion in general. Most of fruits are full of dietary fiber, which is great for bowel movement. Therefore, fruits could be a natural remedy if your dog suffers from constipation, for example.

On the other hand, fruits are high in sugar and some of them are quite acidic, which is really bad for dogs’ intestinal and blood composition. Their bodies don’t digest sugar the way ours do, so too much of it could seriously damage their health. While we could eat a whole bunch of cherries at a time, for example, without facing any problem, it is not safe for dogs.

Too much fruits mean too much sugar, so it should be served in moderation. Baked goods like pretzels are also not recommended for dogs. The best way to incorporate fruits in your dogs’ diet is to give it as an occasional treat. If you stick to the regular plan, a handful of some healthy fruits should not be a problem, on the contrary.

Dog-friendly fruit

So, we concluded fruit could be beneficial to dogs, served in small amounts and not too frequently. However, not all fruits are safe for dogs. Let us see which are good and which aren’t. Your dog can safely have some apples, bananas, watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, pears, peaches, raspberries and mango.

You should avoid grapes, cherries and avocado. Grapes proved to be toxic to both dogs and cats. Avocado pit, skin and leaves also contain toxins that cause vomiting and diarrhea in dogs. Avocado flesh contains less of it, but it is still not recommended. Cherries’ pits contain cyanide, and that is why this delicious fruit is to be avoided.

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