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Can Dogs Eat Hazelnuts?

Most of us are likely to believe the fact that our pets, like cats and dogs are able to consume anything that we eat. We enjoy giving our dogs kiwi and other fruits. Often, we do not consider twice on providing them some bite of the cookies or such things, which we generally prefer. However, dogs or any pets cannot metabolize foodstuffs in the same manner as our body does. Of course, some of the common foods that we consume with no problem may hurt our dogs or also kill them. One of these foods is the hazelnuts. Many pup owners cannot understand whether the hazelnuts can cause any allergic reaction to the dogs.

The Nutrients and Effectiveness of the Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts have an extremely high amount of energy. They are loaded with several nutrients, which can ensure the best possible healthy to your pets. Hundred grams of these nuts have almost 628 calories. These nuts have fatty acids that are mono-unsaturated, and they can help in increasing the good cholesterol levels of the body. Thus, the nuts are beneficial to the doggies and human as well. The studies have also proved that the blood lipid condition can also be enhanced with these hazelnuts.

The nutritional fiber, minerals and vitamins that are also present in the hazelnuts can prevent your pups from the different ailments like cancers.

Another important point is that the nuts have no gluten. Thus, they can be one of the safest options of the food sources for your dogs. If you like to prepare some gluten-free for your dogs, you can go for these kinds of the nuts.

Hazelnut oil gives lovely aroma. It has outstanding astringent features. You may try to well protect the dog’s skin with the application of this oil. At the same time, you can also make use of this oil for the purpose of cooking anything.

Precautions While Giving Hazelnuts

It is to be noted that sometimes the packed nuts, available in the market are salted. In some cases, they are oversalted. Thus, here, you may have the concern about the consumption of the excessive amount of the sodium, while your pups are chewing the nuts. This high amount of salt may lead to the poisoning of the sodium ion. On the basis of the amount of the salt that has been taken and the age and weight of your dogs, the signs may be limited only to vomiting. Sometimes, it may also cause tremors and seizures, which are really dangerous.

While you are giving hazelnuts to your pet, there is another precaution that you have to take. Especially, when you have a small pup, the hazelnut may lead to the risk of choking. Or, sometimes, it may also bring about some intestinal difficulty.

Moreover, in some hazelnuts-based products, there is theobromine that can be risky to your doggies. Thus, they are not safe for pups.

Though hazelnuts have some positive effects, there are some other nuts which may not be always helpful for your dogs-

Almonds – Doggies like the savor of almonds, mainly the aromatic variety.

Though not poisonous, almonds may not be digested easily and can thus cause upset stomach of your dog.

Black Walnuts – They have poison, known as juglone that may lead to the vascular syndrome in mainly the horses. However, they do not seem to cause issues in case of the dogs. But, rotten walnuts may have tremorgenic mycotoxins that bring about the neurological disease.

Japanese Walnuts – These walnuts consist of no level of toxicity; but, they may lead to gastric intestinal distress or also some other difficulties.

Thus, hazelnuts are comparatively better than many other nuts.