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Can Dogs Eat Honey?

Taking care of a dog is an amazing, funny and incredible experience. It is like having one family member more; dogs are great friends and life-long companions. They need their owners’ full attention, so, if you think it is an easy task to please this lovely creature, you’re wrong. Dogs are demanding pets, but they offer so much in return.

However, if you are a passionate dog lover, you’ll enjoy taking care of your dear pet. Dogs inspire us by their pure innocence and friendly nature, although they are sometimes rough and even intimidating. It is all about the way we train and nurture our pets and whether we make them feel comfortable and good in our company or not.

Dogs were domesticated long time ago. Since first human societies, these animals have been very helpful and supportive of humans. In fact, they helped us survive some of the most difficult times of our civilization uprising. There are numerous beliefs and stories about dogs, in many different cultures over the world.

Most of dog related stories have one thing in common; dogs are usually considered faithful, loyal, devoted and dear animals. It is not surprising we consider them friends, rather than just pets. If you have a dog, you know what we mean. If you are thinking of getting one, you are about to experience some amazing times and get yourself a caring and loveable friend.

Dogs are cute and friendly, but only if you take good care of them. You certainly want your pet to be satisfied and joyful. It is important to provide it with some basic things and add some pleasing spices to your pet’s life in your home. Dogs need a proper medical care, proper diet and physical activity. They require good living conditions, according to their individual needs. Your love, devotion and attention are a must.

Nutrition plan for a dog

Nutrition plan is one of the most important things in every pet’s life. All animal lovers and owners know a great part of their pet’s health and development relies on a proper diet plan. Once you got yourself a dog, you surely want to know how to feed your pet, in order to make it feel good, grow and develop normally and stay healthy. The first thing you should know and of which you are most certainly aware of is that dogs are omnivores.

However, many people are wrong to think this means dogs can eat just about anything. Well, that is not entirely truth. Can dogs eat crab, among other things? It’s likely you’ll have to research that first.

Dogs require varied food. A long time ago, some of the first dog species were exclusive carnivores, just like wolves. Their eating habits had changed over time, along with their evolution process. Dogs got adapted to various types of food, including both foods of animal and of plant origin like asparagus. It had happened because they became our friends and got used to some of our habits. However, dogs didn’t turn into humans, so there are many types of food we eat and dogs are unable to process and digest.

When we say dogs eat varied food, it excludes all of junk stuff we eat and some people give their pets, just because they enjoy the taste. Well, think of your own diet. You know some products are bad for you and you keep them in moderation or you’re at least trying to. Dogs are unaware of the harm people food could do them. Snacks, sweets and such are very bad for dogs, so avoid them, completely.

Choose some high quality commercial dog food. Granulated, canned or vacuumed products are the best choice for your pet, because such products contain proper proportions of all of the essential nutrients your pet needs. It is important to determine which product is the best for your pet, in particular. Seek for a veterinarian advice and organize your dog’s diet plan.

Sweets and treats

When it comes to treats, people are often too easy on them. Many people frequently feed their dogs leftovers from their own table, their cookies, crackers, cakes, bakery products and so on. Maybe they think it is ok to give their pet a lick of ice cream or a small chunk of chocolate. An extremely small portion of such products won’t kill your pet, if you give it once in a long period of time, but why would you do that at all? Dogs don’t need such food, even if they sometimes look like they are dying just to get a bite.

Sweet food is bad for dogs, period. Animals are unable to digest sugar as people do. Too much sugar is harmful for all living beings, including dogs, of course. Dogs’ bellies are particularly sensitive to sugar. It does them no good at all. It upsets their digestive system, makes them sick and gets them stomach ache. If your pet eats too much of sugary food, it would most certainly get diarrhea or other stomach issues, not to mention it is bad for its teeth and cardiovascular health.

All sugary products are to be avoided, meaning all products containing sugar, not just sweets. If you want to treat your dog, give it some fresh fruits. Fruits contain sugar, but they also contain other valuable elements, they are generally lower in calories and far healthier than snacks. Fruits are also to be given in moderation, of course.

A tablespoon of honey

There has been a lot of discussion over the subject of honey in pet’s nutrition. Honey is generally considered very good and healthy; we know how it works for us. You may wonder is it ok to give your dog some honey, since it is proven very beneficial to humans. The answer is yes. Honey is good for dogs, but only in small amounts, of course. It could do good to your pet and help it keep healthy and agile.

Honey is full of amazing healthy properties. It is a great natural immune booster, it has anti-inflammatory properties, it is good for skin and hair, for respiratory system, for energy and a lot more. Honey is a powerful source of energy; it is high in calories, but it is far better processed and utilized in both humans’ and dogs’ bodies. It is recommended for older dogs, in particular. A tablespoon of honey per day could help them keep vital and healthy and maintain their skin and fur good appearance. The only secret is not to go overboard.

Consider honey a natural supplement in your dog’s diet plan. Create a well-balanced nutrition scheme that would suit your pet. Organize it depending on your dog’s individual characteristics. Honey could be included in your dog’s nutrition and help your pet remain strong and healthy.

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