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Can Dogs Eat Honeydew?

Honeydew is very tasty. It has a special sweet taste, almost similar to watermelon, but even sweeter. We can only find in the summer season, and besides it’s rich taste, it is also very healthy for us. It has many beneficial components that replace all those vitamins and minerals we take daily.

Honeydew is very healthy for humans, so if you are a dog owner you are probably wondering what about your little furry friend. Can he only watch you enjoy this tasty treat, or can he also grab a bite of his own. The answer is yes! It is safe for your canine friend, and it can also be very beneficial for his health. You can also learn about dogs and whether they can drink tea here.

Nutritional facts about honeydew

Honeydew is one healthy treat. There is no doubt about that. Here beneficial components are huge.

It contains a large amount of vitamin C, or 34% of the recommended daily intake of this powerful vitamin. Damaged cells can become inflamed if we don’t neutralize them so vitamin C is the best option. Cardiovasculary diseases are common effects , if damaged cells are not neutralized. Vitamin C also has a powerful anti-oxidant effect which kills toxins in our body.

Our heart, muscles and blood vessels need potassium, and honeydew is rich in this beneficial nutrient. Potassium can carry an electric charge that stimulates and regulates muscle contractions. Potassium also prevents our blood vessels, and makes them stronger and more resistant to outside effects. One cup of honeydew melon has 388 mg of potassium, so about 8%of the recommended daily intake.

This fruit is also high in vitamin B6, which works as a coenzyme that activates chemical processes in our bodies. He help create serotonin, and regulates sleep and mood. One cup of honeydew contains about 12% of recommended daily intake of this important vitamin.

If you lack in fiber or your dog, then honeydew can be a grat and healthy source. Fiber that is found in honeydew slows down the absorption of carbohydrates and also lowers the amount of cholesterol in our blood. In one cup of honeydew, you will find 1.4 grams of fiber. Which is a significant amount.

Honeydew in dog’s diet

Honeydew is very healthy. It is rich in every important nutrient and can provide us with daily amount of vitamins our body needs. This also goes for dogs, but of course in limited amounts.

If your canine friend has fiber deficiency, then you can incorporate honeydew in his meal and boost his immune system. Don’t go overboard or you will cause him diarrhea, vomiting or stomach ache.

Dogs usually enjoy this sweet treat, and it is also a good way to give him something sweet without being worried about hurting him. Honeydew can’t be used as a main course. This can only work as a treat for your dog, since it can’t provide everything your canine friend needs in a meal.

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Potentional danger can come from giving your dog a big amount of this fruit. Since it also contains sugar, it should be measured very carefully. Try smaller amounts at first and if he seeems to react just fine, then you can increase the amount.

He can also get a loose stool, because honeydew does contain a lot of fiber and their digestive systems are not used to big amounts of fiber. Seeds from this melon should also be removed since they are harmful to dogs and humans as well.

The rind can also be tough on your dog’s stomach, so it is best to remove it. So, offer him only the fleshy part of honeydew melon, so he can be safe and enjoy his treat.

Always use fresh honeydew, and avoid things you buy in stores that are mixed with milk and sugar, since these ingredients can hurt your furry friend.

Using honeydew regularly in your dogs diet is not necessary but it is also not bad. Just make sure to measure the amount you give him, so he doesn’t feel sick from it. You can also cool it down a little and give him as a treat during hot summer days. This will also provide him enough liquid as well.

Do or don’t?

In the end it is up to you to decide whether you want to give your dog honeydew melon. There is no doubt that it is very nutritional and it can provide him with all the immune system boosting components. It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, and most importantly fiber.

Downside to this fruit is the fact that honeydew can only be given in small amounts or it might cause stomach problems like diarrhea, vomiting or abdomen pain. Make sure to use only fresh fruit in your dog’s diet, so any type of mixture, like shake or something similar to that is not allowed. They can contain sugar and milk and they are not good for your furry friend.

If you decide to give your pet this fruit, go with small amounts and then if he reacts ok, you can go with larger portions. If you, however, notice anything strange in his behavior then make sure to check in with your vet to see if something is wrong. Food allergies are not excluded, so always keep an eye on him.

In the end, this fruit falls into „safe for dogs“ category, so you can try giving it to him, and he will definitely benefit from it. No toxication has ever been reported, so you can go ahead and treat him if he’s been a good dog. You can also read our article on whether dogs can eat raspberries.

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