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Can Dogs Eat Pecans?

The common saying about dogs and humans, which suggests they are our best friends, contains a lot of truth within, indeed. There is a great connection between dogs and humans, originating from prehistoric times when we needed each other to survive in the wild, ruthless world. We shared food, shelter and provided each other support in those unpredictable days. Since that time, dogs have stayed by our side. Nowadays, they are worldwide popular pets.

Dogs are kind and affectionate animals, in general. They are used to company of other dogs and other living beings, so they don’t like to be alone. Dogs are used to rely on their relatives and friends, just as wolves. Therefore, they tend to be completely loyal to their human families. A dog taken as a pet will be your faithful friend forever. It can feel your joy, your pain and sadness. It can experience the same emotions as well. So, be kind to your pet and take a good care of it.

Dogs are quite demanding pets, regardless of a particular breed. Each dog requires the best possible living conditions you could offer. It needs a lot of space, regular medical care, good and healthy nutrition and a lot of physical activity. So, provide it a good home, take it to see a vet regularly, walk it out and play with it, groom it according to is individual characteristics and feed it well, of course.

Feeding dogs

We’ve already mentioned dogs have been living by our side for millenniums. They were all carnivores once, but a long period spent with humans make them used to various types of food, other than just meat. They can even enjoy a drink of coconut water! Dogs’ digestive system can process different viands, but that doesn’t mean you can give your pet anything. Dogs’ intestinal tract is different than ours so you need to feed your pet food made especially for dogs.

There are great commercial food products, designed for all kinds of pets. Being the most popular pets in the world, dogs can enjoy really amazing offer for each of their needs. You can chose between high quality canned, vacuumed and dry food, as well as various types of dog snacks and other. Purchased food is good option, because it is formulated to meet all the essential nutritional needs of a dog. Those products provide your pet proper proportions of proteins, minerals, vitamins and other compounds your pet needs on a daily basis.

Adding some homemade meals, fruits and vegetables and a few more viands is recommended. It promotes dogs’ digestive system and it could be pretty useful because of additional nutrients.

However, get well informed on dog friendly viands and always prepare it according to an expert’s advice. Given in moderation, food other than your dog’s regular meals could do it good.

Dangerous pecans

When it comes to food that is not on your dog’s regular menu, you need to be careful. Pay special attention on amounts and frequency of adding it to your dog’s meal or serving it as a treat. Many owners think their dog can eat anything they give it. Well, dogs are big gourmets and they would most likely eat virtually anything you feed them. However, there is a great difference between good and bad human snacks for dogs.

Pecans are not recommended for dogs (and so is tofu). In fact, they can be quite dangerous to your pet. Well, one or two tasty pecans without shell won’t really hurt it, but your dog shouldn’t really eat it at all. Dogs like all kinds of nuts, because they are not aware of what is bad for them. Your dog would most probably eat a full bag of pecans, but it could cause it serious stomach problems. Pecans in their shells could be a real horror for both you and your pet. Pecans have hard shells, which can block your dog’s intestines or cause a choking hazard. If your pet is chocking, try to remove the shell from its mouth and call a vet, immediately. If you can’t make it and the situation is life threatening, experts suggest a modified Heimlich maneuver of giving a sharp rap to your dog’s chest, in order to dislodge the shell.

Pecans are also too high in fat. Fatty food can be very dangerous for dogs. It can get obese and became seriously ill. Eating fatty foods like pecans in large amounts could seriously damage your pet’s health.

In addition, too much nuts, such as pecans, could lead to diarrhea, vomiting and other intestinal problems. There is an extra warning on salted pecans. You probably know salt is poisonous to dogs, if taken in large amounts. They don’t need salty food at all, so avoid it completely. Don’t fall for puppy eyes and feed your dog pecans. Keep your snacks for yourself, they are not dog friendly!