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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Oranges?

A happy and joyful creature always signifies that it has a healthy body. And to offer this healthy condition to your little pet, guinea pig, you have to concentrate on the appropriate and balanced diet. It is only the diet that is able to give everything, needed by your small pet. While considering the tasty and new treats of the guinea pig, some people ask question to themselves – Should I offer oranges to guinea pigs?

An orange is a fruit with full of flavors, and it is found mainly during the chilly season. It is perhaps one of your yummy perks, you can enjoy every day. But, is it right to share a bit of orange with the pet?

It can undoubtedly be said that your fuzzy pet, guinea pig will surely have the benefit from the oranges. Thus, whenever you buy a number of oranges for your purpose, you may try to save some pieces for the lovely cavy also. The guinea pig of any species will be extremely thankful for it because the citrus fruit offers it the highly essential vitamin C. In fact, this is the best option to keep the fur ball always busy and occupied.

Many vets, who deal with guinea pigs, recommend the oranges for the pets as this fruit is enriched with vitamin C. At times, feeding the guinea pig with only a small quantity of oranges may bring development of the little body due to the effect of this vitamin. Oranges have also the ability to save the animal from the common ailments because guinea pigs often experience immobility and arthritis.

The body of the fluffy animals is not able to produce the valuable vitamin with their own body mechanism. Fortunately, fresh oranges may assist to accomplish this significant task for them. While you keep on feeding the cavy these fresh oranges regularly, it possibly will not suffer from the deficiency of vitamin C as well as the other annoying health disorders that are at times related to the animal.

Sugar Content of Orange

Fresh fruits and clean vegetables are vital dietary supplements for the cavy’s diet, and these veggies comprise cucumbers, pears, and some other similar items. Though the orange is truly filled with the needed vitamin C, this fruit is also much sugary, as some other fruits. In order to keep the intake of sugar of the pet under control, you have to always offer the oranges in reasonable amount.

At the same time, you must consider that the oranges contain sufficient citric acid. It is a reason, for which, you may go for moderate amount. An orange is also much acidic that may harm the intestines of the guinea pigs, when they have eaten excessive of it.

Prepare the Fruit Before Giving it

After buying any fruit or vegetable from the market, you cannot directly keep it inside the guinea pigs’ cage. There is one step that you have to cover before providing the oranges to your pet. You should not forget to rinse the fruit with water carefully. Then, another thing, which you have to do, is that you must thoroughly extract all the seeds, which are present in the orange. After that, make some slices of the oranges to have the manageable pieces.

Then, take out the peel or rind. When you present the guinea pig with several pieces of orange at a time, the small animal may not be able to eat all of those bits instantly. It may leave those things in the cage. As a result, the food may be spoiled. It is essential to ensure that the pet has not accessed any foodstuff, which is not in fresh condition. Also read about blueberries as part of your pet’s diet.

Slow Modification of Diet

While you believe that the guinea pig in your household requires the consumption of oranges to have the vitamin, you may offer it the fruit little by little but confidently. Try to start with very small portion of the orange. Do not be abrupt or sudden with any modification of the foods, because it could cause some unpleasant disorders, such as, diarrhea along with tummy pain. The poor pet would feel quite worse. Before giving oranges or any other thing to the little pet, you may better inform your vet only to be more careful. Also see our article on grapes.

Can the Cavies Take Orange Juice and Leaves?

Orange juices are not recommended for the cavies because they are extremely sugary and sweet. The only drink that you can give to the animal is the fresh water. On the other hand, in case of orange leaves, there is no restriction. You can offer it, if your pig likes to gnaw it.

Keep in mind, that major things, which your cavy wants is timothy hay of good quality, clean and fresh water, and vitamin C enriched pellets for the guinea pigs. In this way, you can keep the pet healthy and happy.

The main idea is that the oranges may be the outstanding natural foods for the hairy animal. But, as all the components must be offered reasonably, the same rule is applicable for oranges and apples also. Feeding the small creature huge numbers of oranges may lead to stomach disorders, diarrhea and indigestion. Thus, you are advised to serve the cavy with some occasional snacks of orange, which will truly improve its health. Besides, the furry pal will be highly welcome you for this appetizing treat.