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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Pineapple?

For all those who love cuddly little animals, guinea pigs are very good choice to take as pets. They are tiny, sensitive and friendly little furry balls that love to spend time with their owners. Guinea pigs originate from South America and had become very popular in Europe. They are amongst the most beloved pet animals in the world! Those little rodents are gentle and sociable. If you choose to adapt it, we’re sure you’ll make a wonderful and dear new friend. Guinea pigs are not as demanding as bigger animals, but they still need a lot of your care.

Guinea pigs are talkative and sociable. They produce a wide repertoire of sounds to communicate with each other and with other living beings. By the sounds they produce, you could easily guess whether they are content or not. Guinea pigs love to play and cuddle, but they are not toys.

So, don’t knead it all the time or such. They are not suitable for little children, since they are small and fragile. Some would suggest it is best to take a pair of these animals. That ways they would always have company and feel joyful. They dislike spending time alone.

If you decided to get this cuddly little animal, make sure you provide it all the necessary living condition, meaning clean and spacious cage, regular food and water supplies, health care and a lot of exercise and playtime.

Tips on feeding guinea pigs

Guinea pigs belong to a wide family of rodents. All of them are equipped with constantly growing sharp teeth that they have to keep in good shape. It is very important to get your little guinea fellow to supply it with fresh hay. It is good both for digestion and their teeth.

In addition to hay, fresh grass s also recommended. So, hay and grass should be the base of your pet’s diet. You should always make sure grass is completely free of pesticides or other chemicals.

Beside hay, guinea pigs need food that contains a lot of vitamin C. This nutrient is essential for their good health. Guinea pigs are particularly submissive to scurvy, a disease caused by the lack of vitamin C. As you surely already know, fresh vegetables and fruits are the best sources of this vitamin and other beneficial ingredients. So, add fresh veggies and fruits to your pet’s menu; guinea pigs enjoy the occasional cilantro. Keep it in moderation to prevent the risk of diarrhea and similar stomach problems, caused by too much of raw food.

As for other stuff, guinea pigs don’t crave for them. Well, they are very curious about different types of food and would most likely try everything. No matter what though, they should stay away from onions.

However, it is not good idea to treat your piglet your snacks, sweet and leftovers. Those are full of harmful material that could easily endanger your pet’s sensitive organism. Keep your snack for yourself and feed your pet healthy treats only.

Exotic pineapple as a treat

Raw fruits are important in every guinea pig’s diet. Fresh fruits contain valuable amounts of essential vitamin C, so most of them are welcome.

However, you should be cautious. The main concern are amounts of fruits. Lots of them are very sugary and acidic, so it is important to keep it in moderation. That way your piggy would benefit from fruits nutrients, without getting stomach or other heath problems.

Exotic and juicy, pineapple is very healthy and popular fruit. It is full of good vitamins and minerals, particularly beneficial vitamin C. While some guinea pigs find t too strong, some of those little buddies really enjoy their taste. If your guinea pig shows interest in eating pineapple, you could consider adding this delicious fruit to your pet’s diet plan. Pineapple is not toxic to guinea pigs. In fact, it is usually recommended. On the other hand, it is high in sugars, so it is of high importance to regulate the amounts.

Pineapples are beneficial to all guinea pigs, due to their vitamin C content. As you already know, this element is inevitable for safe, healthy and normal growth of your pet. It should always have supplies of vitamin C and pineapple is very good source of it. So, just pay attention on serving size and frequency and make pineapple a healthy and delicious treat for your pet.

The recommended portion is usually one cubic inch piece of pineapple at a time. We speak of pure raw pineapple flesh, of course. Remove the skin and the leaves and never feed your pet sweetened or preserved pineapples. Too much sugar is dangerous, so the pure fruits itself should be given in small amounts. Pineapples should be given only as a healthy treat.

So, treat your pet small cubes of pineapple once in a while, meaning about couple of times per week. Always choose fruits free of pesticides and chemicals. The best option is to use only organically grown fruits.