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Can Hamsters Eat Raspberries?

If you want to have a dear, cuddly pet, but you don’t have enough time or space for larger and more demanding animals, such as dogs and cats, you should choose a hamster.

Hamsters are ideal pets for the whole family, except for very small children. They are easily tamed and get used to new environment. Hamsters are playful, cuddly and curious, which make them completely adorable. On the other hand, they do not need special conditions or extra care.

Hamsters sleep during the day and play at night, since they are nocturnal animals. They need to be active, so the best advice is to put the wheel for running into their cage. You should also let your hamster out of the cage once in a while and play with it. Hamsters can be sweet and dear, but can also be aggressive and bite, if you irritate it, especially when sleeping.

However, hamster can be great little friend and it would quickly develop confidence and trust to you and your household.

What do they eat?

Hamsters love grains and plant food, but they are omnivores. Grains should take up most of their menu, with some addition of seeds and nuts. You can purchase already prepared mixtures in pet stores, but you can easily make it yourself. Hamsters also love strawberries and other fresh fruits and vegetables, which should enrich their diet plan. Be careful about the choice and amounts of raw fruits and vegetables, because of sugar, acid and water content.

You can also give them some meat or boiled egg once in a while, or add some ready-made snacks for hamsters. Veterinarians do not advise giving remains of human food, especially those containing sugar or too much salt. Hamsters are prone to obesity and diabetes, since their tiny bellies simply cannot process so much sugar. Wet food should also be given in smaller amounts, because it gets them stomach problems.

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Sweet raspberries for your hamster

Hamster mix you can buy in pet store or make yourself should be the base of your pet’s healthy nutrition. It is balanced to give your hamster all the necessary ingredients.

However, you should enrich its diet with several servings of fresh fruit and vegetable a week. List of suitable fruits is long and it includes apples, melons, bananas, raspberries, blackberries, cranberries, strawberries, cantaloupes and mango. You should avoid citrus fruits, since they are acidic and they could irritate your little friend’s sensitive belly. So, raspberries are considered hamster-friendly fruit.

Raspberries are amongst fruits your hamster can safely enjoy. Fresh raspberries would make a delicious treat for your cuddly little friend, just take care of amounts. A tablespoon of fruit is sufficient at a time. Make sure you thoroughly rinsed raspberries before feeding your pet and cut it into very small bites.

However, different species do not tolerate fruit the same, so some of them are even more sensitive to any sugars from fruits. Raspberries are not good choice for Chinese, Russian and Winter white dwarf hamster.

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