Can Rabbits Eat Grapes?

Two, most common pet’s species are cats and dogs. In fact, people are usually divided as cat’s and dog’s person. However, most people like having a bit more different pet. One of them is a rabbit. It is easy to understand why, if you know that rabbits are amazing creatures. They are friendly, soft, good friends and even looking them is funny. Of course, we must mention the amazing movement of rabbits. They're easy to bathe and maintain as well.

All of this means that rabbits are different than other animals, so their diet is different as well. In fact, it is completely different than those for cats and dogs, so rabbit owners should be careful.

Adding Grapes to a Rabbit’s Diet

Most rabbit owners want to give human food to rabbits. It is perfectly clear, why, due to the fact they want to make relation between them and their pets closer. If you have a rabbit, you must know that some food, despite the fact it looks delicious, isn’t good for rabbits.

In fact, it can be fatal for them, so it must be eliminated from their diet. Keep in mind that rabbits don’t like sugar and they shouldn’t eat food rich in sugar. It is better not to feed them with this type of food, but if you want to give them treats, it is possible. Don’t forget that only small amounts of that food are allowed. Larger amounts must be avoided.

The most common question is related to rabbits and grapes. Due to the fact, grapes are delicious and they even look nice, most rabbit owners like to feed their pets with this type of fruit. At the first sight, there is no danger, because grapes come from the nature, so wild rabbits find it all the time.

However, the situation is different. Grapes is rich in sugar (very) so it can be harmful to your pet. In fact, a large amount of it can cause diarrhea and other issues. Feeding a rabbit every day with grapes, will be fatal, and it must be avoided. On the other side, feeding him occasionally is a much better choice. A rabbit will treat this as a treat and he will be happy. The fact is, all rabbits like grapes, due to its sweet taste. The situation is different with smaller rabbits. Their digestive system isn’t fully developed so this fruit should be avoided at all cost. Keep in mind that they require different diet than adult rabbits, so don’t feed them on the same spot with the same food.


If a rabbit eats too much of grapes, certain health issues will form! Grapes has a high concentration of sugar, so it will promote the growth of bad bacteria in the digestive system in a rabbit and reduce the number of good bacteria. All of this means that sugar from the grapes will be quickly absorbed and your rabbit will get gasses, diarrhea and other digestive tract issues. At the same time, the good bacteria won’t be able to produce vitamin B as before, so health of a rabbit will be compromised. In most cases, severe health issues may form, but in some rare cases, fatal outcome is possible as well.

If you feed your rabbit everyday with grapes, this issue may appear. On the other side, if you give a small amount, as a treat, it will be harmful. Keep in mind that if your pet accidently eats too much of grapes, taking him to a veterinarian is mandatory. This issue can be fatal, as aforementioned, so at home, you cannot do a lot of things in order to get it right. Although, there are many help and tutorials on the internet what to do if this happens, the best choice is to take your pet to a veterinarian. He will know what to do and this problem will be quickly solved.

Smaller rabbits are even more sensitive to high sugar levels, so they must be fed with smaller amounts as well. Keep in mind that they can develop the same issues as adult rabbits, so they should be taken to a veterinarian, if this happens as soon as possible.

Combining Grapes With Rabbit’s Diet

If you like grapes and you want to share it with your pet, it is possible. However, you will have to know several things before. The main fact is the amount of grapes. One tablespoon per day is more than just fine. Don’t forget that fruit shouldn’t take more than 10% of a rabbit’s diet. There are some people who claim even higher amount won’t cause any issue, but this isn’t true and it must be fixed at 10%.

The best diet, you can give to your rabbit is very simple. Each day a rabbit should eat about its body weight of hay. Use only the best hay that has the most nutrients. In addition, divide it from bedding. If you have more than one rabbit, make sure everyone gets the equal portions, due to the fact hay is important for the mood and health of a rabbit. Fresh greens should be given in the morning and at evening. In this case, you can use gapes, just make sure to use small amounts. In no case, give large amounts of fresh greens, no matter which fruit you use. Most fruit doesn’t have some special effect on the health of a rabbit, but it is a great addition to a diet and they should be given daily. Once a day (usually afternoon) a rabbit should get rabbit nuggets (1 tablespoon). This applies only if your pet is heavier than 3.5 kg. As usual, makes sure all your rabbits get the equal amount, if you have more than just one rabbit.

Additional Facts that Should be Taken Into Account

As you know by now, feeding rabbits with grapes is possible, but in smaller amounts. Another issue in this case, is that pesticides can be harmful to rabbits. In Italy, wild rabbits eat a lot of grapes in vineyards. Several studies have proved that organic grapes is better for them than conventionally grown, simply due to the fact pesticides have a negative effect on their health. In any case, grapes treated with pesticides should be avoided. Luckily, you can get organic products in any organic store, so this should be your only choice.

Pesticides are harmful to animals, insects and even humans, so food treated with them should be avoided. Rabbits have sensitive immune system, so these chemicals can be fatal. In any case, avoiding them is a wise decision.

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