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Can Rabbits See In The Dark?

If you own this little furry friend, then you have probably wondered what happens when you turn off the lights and go to sleep. Your little bunny stays all alone in the dark without any source of light coming his way. What does he do then? Is he even able to see around him or does he rely on his other senses to move around?

The answer to this question will probably cheer you up, since rabbits are animals that can see and move around in the dark with some restrictions. Although they can see in the dark, their sight is restricted and they are not able to see everything clearly like during the day.

In this article we will talk more about his sight and how exactly does he see in the dark. You can also head to our article that discusses whether swimming is good or bad for rabbits.

Rabbits sleeping routine and natural habitat

This is a very important factor to consider when you think about rabbit’s eyesight. They don’t belong to the category of daytime nor nighttime animals. This means they can sleep or be awake at any time, and their sleeping routine can change.

If you own a rabbit and you see him awake during the day, this doesn’t mean he will be asleep all night. So if you are worried about him, you can leave him the lights on so he doesn’t have to rely on his nighttime sight.

Another concerning thing is his nature. Rabbits use daytime to work and night to socialize and rest in a way. Since they are one of the most sensitive creatures on the Earth, too much light and too much dark can be dangerous. Also, rabbits that have been exposed to the light too much showed signs of weight gain, sickness and eyesight damage.

This is why leaving the light on during the night can be confusing for them, and they might even alter their sleeping routine completely. Best way to deal with any problems, regarding your pet’s habits and requirements, is to ask for advice from your vet. He will explain to you how you can resolve these issues in the best possible way for your furry friend.

Rabbit’s eyesight evolution

When you look closely, rabbit’s eyes are located on the sides of his head. This means that rabbits don’t see like we do. They can actually see 360 degrees around them. This was developed in order to protect them from predators and larger animals, and this gives them an opportunity to escape danger.

Having this kind of positioning of the eyes, keeps rabbits blind in the part where their nose is located. So they actually have a blind spot. When you are showing something to him or giving him food, make sure to avoid aiming in front of the rabbit because he won’t be able to see it.

They also have problems with determining the distance to the object because their eyes are set too far apart. Their ability to see things in larger distances is better than the ability to see things up close. They are actually farsighted and if you place something near the, they will have trouble determining what it is.

So, your bunny probably sees you as one big blur, and he is not able to sharp edges of objects close to him.

Due to their position of the eyes, rabbits use up and down movement of the head to determine the distance of the object and this method is called parallax. This allows them to see how much the object moves, and how close he actually is to them.

Rabbits are also color blind, or partially color blind. This means that they can see only certain colors, and that they don’t perceive things the same way we do.

Night vision

Rabbits are also partially color blind. Their vision of objects is not very clear and they can mostly sense and ear things better than to see them.

During the night rabbits, especially in their natural habitat, rely completely on their senses. This way they protect themselves from danger and are able to escape predators. Human eyes are not very adaptable to the darkness, but since rabbits can only rely on their senses, their eyesight is significantly stronger than human.

They also have stronger sense of smell and they can hear things with higher pitched tones than humans. This allows them to hear predators, like birds and other animals, and escape on time.

Light off or on?

Now that we know a little bit more about rabbit’s eyesight, it is safe to say that rabbits do see in the dark. However, their eyesight is not that great. When your little furry friend is in a cage, it is okay to keep him in the dark because he can’t hurt himself.

If you prefer leaving him to wonder around freely, then it is best to leave a light source for him so that he is completely safe. This method of keeping the bunny is not very recommended, because he might end up running away or breaking something around the house, even with the light on.

Light source doesn’t have to be strong, just keep in mind that they are sensitive and complete darkness or too much light can make him feel uncomfortable.

To be sure about your choice, it is always best to ask for advice from the veterinarian. He can help you decide what is best for your bunny so that he is safe and happy.

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