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Can Rabbits Eat Bananas?

We already know that bananas are very healthy food. They are rich in many important nutrients and are usually used as a snack between meals. They are avaliable in the summer, and spring but we can find them in the winter as well, due to mass production of this healthy fruit. They are a tropical fruit that grows around Ecuador, and due to it’s popularity it is available all around the world.

Many nutritionists suggests consuming bananas on regular basis because not too many fruits contain this much beneficial components.

When it comes to rabbit owners want to be sure in the foods they give to their little pets. They don’t want to experiment with foods they are not comfortable with. So, they often doubt fruits especially, since not all of them are okay in rabbit meal plans. But, as far as bananas go, they are safe your little furry friend. And you will find out why exactly it is actually recommended to give them to your bunny.

Nutritional information-bananas

This yellow fruit is very healthy, as you already know. Cardiovascular benefits for our health are provided by bananas. They are a great source of potassium, and essential minerals that regulate our blood pressure and heart functions. He keeps our heart strong and provides enough energy throughout the day.

Number of studies have shown beneficial effects of potassium rich foods on lowering blood pressure. Fiber content of bananas is also big. In this case we have soluble fiber that is very important in helpful in lowering heart disease risks. This is due to it’s effect of lowering bad cholesterol in our blood, and preventing it to cause cardiovascular troubles in our blood vessels.

Bananas are a very sweet fruit, but they only contain about 14-15 grams of sugar. Medium size banana contains 3 grams of total fiber, and fibers regulate the speed of digestion. Other big component in bananas are pectins. Some components in pectins are water soluble and other aren’t. Pectins help our digestion as well, and the ones found in bananas are water soluble.

Fructooligosaccharides in bananas are fructose containing carbohydrates that are not broken down by enzymes in our digestion. This process helps to maintain the balance of friendly bacteria in our digestive tract, so they are very beneficial. They contain a lot of vitamin B6, manganese, vitamin C, dietary fiber, biotin and copper. These components make our body healthy, keep our bones strong and boost our immune systems.

Most athletes use bananas in their nutrition, because they are very nutritional. They can provide them with enough minerals vitamins and potassium, and the most important, with enough energy.

So they are very beneficial to our health, and these benefits can also be applied to rabbits.

Giving bananas to rabbits

Rabbits are very low maintenance. They are pretty easy to feed, and bananas are an excelent choice. This fruit can be used as a treat in your rabbits diet and even peel won’t hurt him. For vegetables, broccoli is also an easy choice.

When giving him peel, be careful, of course, and don’t go overboard. You can even ask your veterinarian before feeding him bananas, but I am sure he will agree.

A lot of rabbit owners are amazed about how much their pets enjoy eating bananas and banana peels. They shouldn’t be given bananas in large pieces, only a thumb size is enough. Bananas and banana peel is starchy, so it might cause your rabbit a bit digestive problems if given in large amounts. Their digestive systems are designed to digest cellulose and not foods that are high in fat and carbohydrates. So this fruit should be used as a treat, in the first place, and not as a meal.

Too much banana can give your bunny a runny stool, or make him vomit and have diarrhea, so always be careful. Aside high protein content, bananas are also high in sugar. So if he gets to much of it, it might be hard to catch him, or get him to calm down. Since they can get sugar rush, just like us.

Bananas are also very nutritional so you have to be careful about getting your bunny confused about the fact, what is his meal and what is a treat. So it is best to give him bananas when he’s had a lighter meal, so that he doesn’t eat too much for that day.

Giving too much snacks to your rabbit might cause him to „wire-out“ of eating greens, and if that happens you will have a hard time getting him used to green meal plan again.

They are recommended when you have a baby rabbit around the house and you want him to get all the nutrients he requires in that fragile age.

In the end it is your choice, whether you should give your pet treats or not. Fruits like bananas are perfectly okay to give to rabbits. They are very healthy and nutritional and can be given only in small amounts. If you are not sure about this treat, then ask your vet and find out for sure. Always start with smaller pieces and then gradually offer him bigger amounts.

Bananas are an excellent treat, there is no doubt about it. They are avaliable, and healthy. So, your only concern is that your furry friend will get to hooked up on them, that he won’t eat anything else, and by that I mean his regular greens. Limit the treats, and let your little pet enjoy his healthy snack. You can also read all you need to know about rabbits being fed with swedes next.