Can Rats Eat Almonds?

Rats are really not a common pet you can own, but if you already do, then you are probably looking for the best ways to feed your little furry friend. In the sea of all the different food options out there, some of them are recommended and some are a big NO.

Even though some of these foods are extremely healthy for people, they are not good for animals, and in this case, rats. You can also see our article on apples for more information.

Almonds nutritional information

Almonds are a very healthy food, and that you probably already know. They contain high amounts of fat and protein, and other beneficial nutrients.

They provide double-barreled protection that fights diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Almonds reduce glycemic acid of the meal so the more almonds we consume the lower will our GI be.

Almonds are also a good way to protect your heart. They have a high antioxidant effect, which gets rid of all the bad things in our bodies, and also contributes to our dietary intake of antioxidant components.

They are also high in vitamin B2, vitamin E, phosphorus and the most importantly ¼ of a cup contains 11 grams of fat. But don’t be worried, it is actually the good fat or monounsaturated fat.

Feeding rats with almonds

Rats can eat almonds, nothing life threatening will happen to them, but the main problem is that he might get obese. Almonds and other nuts contain a large amount of fat, it is not the bad kind, but never the less it will make them a bit bulky. When you connect obesity with other diseases, such as cardiovascular problems and diabetes, then feeding your pet with foods that will make him fat, doesn’t sound like such a great idea.

Almonds contain 72% fats and 18% of that are saturated fats. They also contain a significant amount of calcium and fiber. The main issue here is the large amount of fat.

Your pet might find this big amount of fat overwhelming and therefore almonds should be avoided. If you want your pet to intake all the healthy nutrients from almonds, then you can give it to him, but in very small amounts. It should be minimal, so that he doesn’t get sick.

If you decide to give him almonds, and you notice anything strange, then inform your vet right away.

Food allergies are also a possibility, since food intolerance in animals can vary from different types of foods. So it is best not to experiment on your pet if you are not so sure about the food you are giving to him.

In the end it is up to you to decide, whether you want to give your pet almonds or not. They are not deadly but they are not that good either. Think about food allergies and possible food intolerance. You can ask your veterinarian for advice if you are not sure about your choice, and then feed your pet without being worried.

Almonds are a really healthy food, rich in very important beneficial components, but in this case, they are not recommended in your rat’s diet, and should be avoided. You can also read about rats and chocolates next.

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