Can Rats Eat Apples?

Did you know rats let out joyful sounds, similar to human laughter, when feeling happy and content? That is just one of many interesting and amazing facts about these cute, tiny animals. Those gentle and adorable creatures are getting more and more popular as pets. They are cuddly and playful, very clever, curious and funny little fellows. Rats have been wrongly accused to be extremely dirty animals for so long. Their actual nature is totally different. They don't like to be dirty and messy at all. Some interesting researches show they are even cleaner than cats!

Rats could be really great pets. They are not dangerous at all and they enjoy being in company of other rats, other animals and humans, as well. Once you take this soft furry ball as a pet, you would certainly make a wonderful friend. Rats are easy to tame and trains and they love to perform tasks people give them, such as running through the maze or climbing some constructions, due to their active and playful nature. On the other hand, they are not clowns or acrobats, but sensitive and gentle living beings that need our love and attention.

Rats are not so difficult to take care of. However, they surely need some basic conditions for normal and healthy development. Provide it a cage big enough and keep it clean and tidy.

Make sure your pet always has supplies of fresh water and food. Give it something to nibble, because it has constantly growing teeth, like other rodents. Spend some time playing and cuddling with your pet, it would love it! It is also advised to get a pair of rats, so each would be satisfied and always have a buddy to play with. They are sociable little fellows and they dislike being alone.

How to feed those cuties?

Rats require different types of food. In nature, they would eat all sorts of viands, so you need to keep your pet's menu balanced and diverse.

However, there are some basics, of course. Rat pellets, seeds and grains mixtures purchased in pet store are the best option to be served regularly, as a basic food. It shouldn't take up the whole of your pet's diet, of course. Recommended viands to add to your rat’s diet plan are fruits and vegetables, in the first place. Small portions of meat, dairy products and even some of your leftovers could be added occasionally. You can even feed your rat with tomatoes.

Feeding your pet food other than this or going overboard with the food of one type would most likely cause your gentle little fellow stomach problems or more serious health issues.

Grains, obviously, would lead to obesity, if given in larger amounts. Almonds might be healthy but nothing is good when exceeding the recommended amount. Too much raw fruits and vegetables could cause diarrhea, so be cautious. Rats are not naturally prone to overeating, but it is best you control its intake.

Healthy apples as a treat

Rats eat fruits. Fruits are full of nutritional ingredients rats' digestive tract can utilize, so it is the most welcome. Rats need varied diet and fresh fruits and vegetables are always recommended to be regularly used to enrich their diet plan. An apple is a symbol of health and life. Is it also healthy for your tiny friend?

Yes, apples are recommended to be given as a treat. Their pulp and skin is nutritional and healthy for rats, so you shouldn't avoid them at all.

On the other hand, apple seeds could be dangerous, since they contain traces of cyanide. If your pet eats too much of it, it could get poisoned and you surely don't want even to imagine that scenario.

So, remove the seeds, slice it or chop it and serve it to your pet as a treat! Don't feed a rat too much raw apples, to prevent possibility for diarrhea. The same applies to all sorts of fruits.

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